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Returns software

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What is returns software?

Returns management software refers to a type of software system that helps businesses manage the process of handling returns of products or goods by customers. It assists in streamlining and automating various aspects of the returns process, including initiating returns, tracking return shipments, processing refunds or exchanges, and managing inventory of returned items.

See how AfterShip helps save revenue from returns
Improve the returns experience21%increase in NPS
Recapture revenue18%lift in purchases driven from the return portal
Save revenue2xboost in exchanges vs returns
Reduce operational costs6hsaved in returns management
Boost returns efficiency97%decrease in time spent on the returns process
Decrease customer complaints12%drop in support tickets

How to choose returns software?

Identify your specific needs

Start by understanding your business needs, including factors like return volume, product categories, and desired automation level. AfterShip, designed for enterprises, provides complete return policy automation and comprehensive resolution solutions.

Identify Key Features

Seek software that provides key features including return order tracking, automated alerts, label creation, shipping carrier integration, and a customer portal for self-managed returns. With AfterShip's full suite of features, you can enhance your business efficiency and minimize return expenses.

Check Integrations and Compatibility

Make sure that the returns management software can smoothly connect with your current systems, including your e-commerce platform, inventory management software, and shipping carriers. AfterShip offers integration with over 39 international carriers and various 3PL systems.

Customer experience

It's important to include real-time tracking and automated notifications for better customer communication during returns. AfterShip is committed to enhancing the returns experience by offering a branded returns page, returns status notifications, and reliable tracking capabilities.

Analytics and Reporting

Reporting and analytics are essential for understanding customer behavior. AfterShip provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features to support data-driven decision-making.

Customer Support

Consider the level of support and training provided by the software provider. Ensure that they offer responsive customer support to assist you. AfterShip provides 24X7 chat & email, a dedicated account manager, and a 99.9% uptime SLA to resolve your inquiries.

Find your optimal software solution
This chart displays the market share of the top 10 Returns software in 2024, highlighting the most popular tools used by online merchants.1. AfterShip Returns leads with a notable 33.88% share.2. In second place, Loop Returns at 26.01% share.3. Meanwhile, ReturnGo at 13.78% share.