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Weglot's Customers

There are 46 ecommerce online stores in our database currently using Weglot to grow their business. Read on to discover how these stores are leveraging Weglot to achieve success.

BlendJet® Portable Blender logoBlendJet® Portable BlenderBlendJet is an e-commerce website that specializes in selling portable and rechargeable blenders. The company's main product, known as the BlendJet One, is designed to make blending on-the-go easy and convenient, allowing users to create delicious smoothies, shakes, and other blended beverages wherever they are. **Product Features** The BlendJet One blender is wireless, lightweight, and USB-rechargeable. It comes with a 2000mAh battery that can blend up to 8-12 beverages on a single charge. It also has a built-in strainer and a watertight seal to prevent leaks. The blender is available in various colors to suit individual preferences. **Pricing and Shipping** BlendJet offers competitive pricing for its products. The BlendJet One blender retails for around $39.95 but may offer discounts through various promotions or special deals. Shipping rates and delivery times depend on the destination country, and international shipping is available. **Reviews and Reputation** BlendJet has received numerous positive reviews from customers praising its ease of use, portability, and blending capabilities. The brand has a significant social media presence and often shares recipes, tips, and customer testimonials across its platforms. **Support and Warranty** BlendJet provides customer support via email, live chat, and a detailed FAQ section on its website. Additionally, they offer a 1-year warranty on their blenders along with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for customers who are not completely satisfied with their purchase.Psycho Bunny logoPsycho BunnyPsycho Bunny is an online retail brand that offers a wide range of men's and women's clothing, including polo shirts, T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and accessories like hats and socks. The brand is well-known for its iconic logo featuring a rabbit with crossed bones behind it. Psycho Bunny emphasizes high-quality materials and craftsmanship in their products, often using Pima cotton for increased softness and durability. **Product Categories** - Men: Polos, T-shirts, Wovens & Flannels, Sweaters & Outerwear, Bottoms (shorts and pants), Hoodies & Sweatshirts - Women: Tops (polos and tees), Dresses & Skirts, Bottoms (pants and shorts) - Boys: Polo shirts for kids - Accessories: Hats, Socks, Bags & Gadgets **Style Guide** Psycho Bunny features a style guide section that offers several curated seasonal looks to inspire customers' wardrobe selections. It also provides information about the proper fit of their clothing to ensure customers can find the right size. **Customer Service and Shipping** The brand offers comprehensive customer service through multiple channels such as email, phone support, and live chat on its website. It also provides a sizing guide to make it easier for customers to choose the appropriate size. Psycho Bunny ships internationally and offers free shipping on orders over a specified amount. **Return Policy** Psycho Bunny has a 30-day return policy for full-priced items purchased directly from their website. Items must be in new condition with original tags attached.Bartesian logoBartesianBartesian is an innovative company that offers a premium cocktail machine designed for home use. The Bartesian device creates perfectly mixed cocktails at the touch of a button, using recyclable capsules containing the essential cocktail ingredients such as bitters, extracts, and juice concentrates. **Key Features** - Easy to use: Simply insert a capsule, select your preferred strength, and watch as the machine mixes the perfect cocktail. - Customizable: Adjust the strength of each drink to suit individual preferences – from mocktails to strong cocktails. - Premium Ingredients: The capsules contain high-quality ingredients without any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. - Variety of Cocktails: Bartesian offers a diverse range of capsule options to enjoy classic and contemporary cocktails. **Subscription and Pricing** Bartesian provides flexible options for purchasing their cocktail capsules. Customers can choose between one-time purchases or opt for a more convenient monthly subscription plan to receive regular deliveries. **Compatibility and Availability** The Bartesian cocktail machine is available in the United States and Canada through their official website or from select retailers. The device is compatible with various 750ml liquor bottles – including vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey – which are not included with the machine.Feature logoFeatureFeature is a well-known online retail store that specializes in providing the latest trends in streetwear, high-end fashion, and exclusive sneakers. Launched in 2010 with a brick-and-mortar store in Las Vegas, Feature has become a central destination for fashion enthusiasts looking for rare and limited-edition items. **Product Offerings** The site offers a wide range of premium clothing, footwear, and accessories from top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and New Balance. They also carry items from luxury brands like Off-White, John Elliott, and Aime Leon Dore. Feature is renowned for its collaborative projects with brands that produce exclusive designs only available on the site. **Shopping Experience** Feature provides a seamless navigation layout and detailed product pages with accurate descriptions and high-resolution images. Users can easily search for products using filters such as brand, size, color, and price range. They also offer secure payment options like PayPal and major credit cards. **Shipping and Returns** Feature ships worldwide by partnering with international carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS. They offer varying shipping rates based on the destination country. The site also has a well-defined return policy where customers can return unworn merchandise within 14 days of receiving their order for store credit. **Customer Service** Feature values customer satisfaction highly by providing fast response times through multiple channels including email and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Their FAQ section helps address common concerns while their dedicated customer service team remains available to assist with specific inquiries.Tupperware® Official Site logoTupperware® Official SiteTupperware is a well-established brand known for its high-quality food storage containers and kitchenware products. The brand has a strong presence globally, with its products sold across various countries. **History** Tupperware was founded in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper, who developed the first-ever plastic containers with airtight seals. Tupper's innovative design transformed how food could be stored and preserved, ultimately building a strong reputation for the brand. **Products** Tupperware offers an extensive range of products that cater to food storage, meal preparation, and cooking. These include classic kitchen storage containers with their signature airtight seals, lunch boxes, water bottles, cutlery sets, cookware, bakeware, kitchen gadgets, and various other accessories. **Sales Model** One unique aspect of Tupperware is its direct selling ("party plan") approach. Independent sales representatives, known as "Tupperware Consultants," host home-based parties where they demonstrate and sell the products. This allows customers to see and feel the products before purchasing them. Additionally, Tupperware's website also offers e-commerce capabilities for customers to shop online. **Environmental Commitment** Tupperware prides itself on its commitment to sustainable practices. Their products are designed for reusability and durability, which helps reduce plastic waste. The company also maintains an ongoing effort to reduce its environmental footprint through responsible manufacturing processes and product designs.Spartan Race logoSpartan RaceSpartan is a brand focused on organizing obstacle course races (OCR) and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. The brand aims to push participants' physical and mental limits through challenging courses that typically include mud, water, and various obstacles. **Types of Races** Spartan offers different race categories to cater to participants with varying fitness levels and experience: 1. **Spartan Sprint**: A beginner-friendly race with a distance of 3-5 miles and 20+ obstacles. 2. **Spartan Super**: An intermediate-level race covering 8-10 miles with 25+ obstacles. 3. **Spartan Beast**: A challenging race for experienced participants, spanning 13+ miles and featuring 30+ obstacles. 4. **Spartan Ultra**: The most demanding race, covering 30+ miles and over 60 obstacles. 5. **Spartan Kids Race**: Designed for children aged 4-13 years, these races include age-appropriate obstacles and distances. **Training Programs** To help racers prepare for their events, Spartan offers various training resources, including at-home workout plans, virtual races, training guides tailored to specific race types, and an online community called "Spartan Connect." They also have certified coaches who offer personalized coaching services. **Spartan Apparel and Gear** Spartan's online store offers a wide selection of branded apparel, accessories, footwear, and fitness equipment designed to aid racers in their training and events. **Global Community** The Spartan community comprises racers from across the world. The brand hosts global championship events and promotes camaraderie among its members through social media platforms and local meet-up groups.ToolsToday logoToolsTodayToolsToday is a leading online retailer of industrial-quality cutting tools, machinery, and accessories. They cater to a wide range of industries including woodworking, metalworking, plastic fabrication, and sign making. The brand is known for offering high-quality products from well-known manufacturers such as Amana Tool, Bosch, SawStop, Laguna Tools, and many more. **Product Categories** ToolsToday offers a diverse selection of products categorized under the following sections: CNC Router Bits, Saw Blades, Planer and Jointer Knives, Shaper Cutters, Drills and Boring Bits, Profile Knives, Tools for Metal & Plastic Fabrication, View All Categories (power tools and machinery). This extensive selection makes it easy for customers to find the right tool for their specific needs. **Featured Collections** The website also features special collections such as Premium Architectural Paneling & Wainscot Bits Sets for detailed woodworking projects and Signmaking CNC Tool Kits for professionals in the sign-making industry. **Educational Resources** ToolsToday aims to provide helpful resources to its customers by offering educational articles and videos focused on various topics related to cutting tools and techniques. These resources assist customers in using their products safely and efficiently. **Customer Service** The brand takes pride in its excellent customer service. They offer phone and email support to assist customers with any inquiries or concerns about their products. Additionally, free shipping is available on orders over $35 within the contiguous United States.MaryRuth Organics logoMaryRuth OrganicsMaryRuth Organics is a health and wellness brand that specializes in providing high-quality, organic, and sustainably sourced supplements and health products. Their product line is aimed at supporting individuals in their pursuit of **Product Categories** MaryRuth Organics offers a diverse array of products across various categories such as: 1. *Liquid vitamins and minerals* - including options like Liquid Morning Multivitamin Essentials+, Liquid Nighttime Multimineral, and Organic Vitamin B12 in liquid form to aid in maximum absorption. 2. *Gummies* - offering a variety of flavors and nutrients such as Organic Elderberry Gummies for immune support or Vegan Omega-3 Gummies for brain health. 3. *Capsules and softgels* - including options like Organic Moringa Capsules, Vitamin K2+D3 Softgels, Minerals Capsules, and more. 4. *Probiotics* - featuring products aimed at supporting digestive health, such as their Organic Liquid Probiotic or Soil-Based Probiotic capsules. **Health Goals** Their products target various health goals like immune support, gut health, beauty support (hair/skin/nails), energy boosters, stress relief, and sleep support. **Quality and Sourcing** MaryRuth Organics is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients for their products. Many of the ingredients are USDA certified organic, non-GMO, vegan or vegetarian-friendly. Additionally, the brand adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines to assure the quality of their products. **Education and Blog** The MaryRuth Organics website also provides educational resources on health topics through its blog, featuring articles about nutrition tips, product usage guides, and lifestyle advice related to health and wellness.BELLAMI Hair Extensions, Clip logoBELLAMI Hair Extensions, ClipBellami Hair is a popular online retailer that specializes in high-quality hair extensions and accessories. With a wide range of products, the brand aims to cater to diverse needs and preferences to help customers achieve their desired look. **Product Offerings** Bellami Hair offers a variety of hair extension types, including clip-in, tape-in, sew-in (weft), and I-tip (bead) extensions. They also provide hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and heat protectant sprays, as well as styling tools like curling wands, straighteners, and blow dryers. **Hair Quality** The brand is known for its 100% Remy human hair extensions that are available in various lengths, colors, and textures. Remy hair ensures that the cuticles are aligned in the same direction, resulting in minimal tangling and smooth appearance. **Collaborations** Bellami Hair has collaborated with celebrities and influencers like Kylie Jenner to create exclusive collections inspired by their personal styles. These collaborations add an extra layer of trendiness to their product offerings. **Customer Support** Bellami Hair provides educational resources such as tutorials and hair tips on its website to assist customers in choosing the right products. They also have a dedicated customer support team that promptly addresses user queries and concerns. **Shipping and Returns** The brand offers international shipping with various options for faster delivery times. Additionally, they have a return policy which allows customers to return unused items within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.The Beard Club logoThe Beard ClubThe Beard Club is an online platform dedicated to providing high-quality beard care products and grooming essentials for men. They offer a wide range of products, including beard oils, balms, washes, and various grooming tools. Their main goal is to help men maintain, grow, and style their beards easily, effectively, and affordably. **Product Categories** The product line is divided into several categories: - Beard Oil - Beard Balm - Growth Vitamins - Beard Wash - Brushes & Combs - Trimmers & Scissors **Subscription Service** The Beard Club offers a monthly subscription service where you can customize your own beard care kit by choosing the products you need. Subscribers benefit from discounted prices compared to one-time purchases. **Shipping & Returns** They provide shipping services to most countries worldwide. Shipping fees may vary depending on the destination. The Beard Club has a 60-day return policy for unused or lightly used products. To return a product, customers need to contact their customer support for guidance. **Blog & Community** The website also features a blog that contains valuable tips, tutorials, and articles related to beard care and grooming. This allows its users to access resources on different aspects of their facial hair journey. It helps build an active community where members can exchange tips, advice, and experiences among fellow beard enthusiasts.EnChroma logoEnChromaEnChroma is a brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing glasses that aim to improve color vision for people who have color vision deficiency, commonly known as color blindness. The company was founded by Dr. Don McPherson and Andrew Schmeder in 2010, with the objective of transforming the lives of people suffering from color blindness. **Products and Services** EnChroma offers a variety of eyewear products, including indoor glasses, outdoor glasses, and glasses specifically designed for children. Their lenses are designed to enhance color perception by filtering specific wavelengths of light. The technology used in EnChroma glasses is called Digital Color Boost™ which increases the ability of the eyes to distinguish colors. **Color Blindness Test** EnChroma provides an online color blind test that helps users identify their type of color vision deficiency, including red-green (most common), blue-yellow, or total color blindness. The test results will recommend the appropriate EnChroma glasses suited for their condition. **Scientific Foundation** EnChroma's technology is built on a solid scientific foundation, backed up by research and understanding of human color vision. The company frequently collaborates with universities and institutions to further develop its products and continue refining its technology. **Customer Support and Shipping** EnChroma offers customer support through its website, providing assistance with product selection, features, and returns or exchanges. They ship their products worldwide, ensuring that people around the globe can access their life-changing eyewear solutions.City Experiences logoCity ExperiencesCity Experiences is a brand that offers various travel experiences and activities for exploring destinations in a unique way. The brand focuses on providing unforgettable excursions, guided tours, sightseeing, and dining experiences for travelers in major cities across the United States. **Experiences Offered** City Experiences organizes boat cruises, land-based tours, themed excursions, history-focused experiences, and even dining cruises. Some popular offerings include hop-on-hop-off bus tours, scenic city cruises with dining and entertainment options, harbor tours in various destinations, and cultural immersion activities. Their website also offers gift cards, group bookings, and special discounts for corporate events or large gatherings. **Destinations** City Experiences operates in a diverse range of popular tourist destinations across the United States such as New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Paris, and London. They also provide services in smaller cities and locations with unique regional attractions. **Booking Process** Travelers can browse the experiences offered by City Experiences on their website using filters for destination, activity type or date. Detailed information about each experience is provided to help users decide which activities would best suit their interests. Once a suitable experience or tour is found, users can make their reservation through a secure online booking system. **Customer Support** City Experiences prides itself on exceptional customer service. Their website features an extensive FAQ section as well as a contact form to request assistance or ask questions related to bookings or specific experiences.Sugoi Mart logoSugoi MartSugoi Mart is an online store that offers a variety of authentic Japanese products, ranging from snacks and candies to toys and collectibles. The store's primary focus is to bring unique and exciting items directly from Japan to customers worldwide, especially those items that may be difficult to find outside of the country. **Product Categories** Sugoi Mart offers a wide selection of products, which can be found under various categories such as: 1. Snacks - Japanese candies, savory treats, and limited edition snack items. 2. Drinks - A variety of beverages including tea, soda, and energy drinks. 3. Toys - Exclusive toys from popular brands like Bandai, Gashapon, and Takara Tomy. 4. Collectibles - Unique products related to popular anime series and characters. 5. Beauty - A selection of Japanese skincare and beauty products. 6. Lifestyle - Various goods for daily use, including Japanese stationery and home decor items. **Shipping & Payment** Sugoi Mart ships its products internationally to a variety of countries. The shipping fees depend on the destination country and the size or weight of the package. They accept multiple payment methods like major credit/debit cards, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. **Lucky Bags** In addition to their regular store offerings, Sugoi Mart also features "Lucky Bags" which contain a surprise assortment of curated items in specific categories. These bags offer customers the opportunity to discover new favorite products while enjoying a bit of excitement from the mystery element.Marchesa logoMarchesaMarchesa is a high-end fashion brand known for creating elegant, unique, and intricate gowns and dresses. It was founded in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, who met while studying at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. The brand name was inspired by the socialite Marchesa Luisa Casati. **Product Offerings** Marchesa's collections include Marchesa Couture, which features statement-making dresses and gowns for red carpet events, galas, and black-tie functions, as well as Marchesa Notte, a more affordable option that still maintains the brand's essence. In addition to these main collections, they also offer bridal gowns, fine jewelry, and fashion accessories. **Celebrity Clients** Marchesa has garnered a strong following among high-profile celebrities, with its creations being donned by stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Sandra Bullock, and Anne Hathaway for major award shows like the Oscars and Golden Globes. **Philanthropic Work** Aside from fashion design, the brand is involved in charitable endeavors. In 2019, Marchesa partnered with Olivia Palermo for a collaborative series of ready-to-wear clothing with proceeds benefiting Dress For Success Worldwide Central. **Shop Online** You can browse and shop from their collections on their official website that offers international shipping. They have an online store locator to help you find authorized physical retail stores carrying their designs around the world. Additionally, some luxury department stores and boutiques also stock Marchesa pieces.Source BMX logoSource BMXSource BMX is a leading online retailer that specializes in BMX bikes, parts, accessories, and clothing. Established in 2003, the company is headquartered in Hastings, UK, and has since expanded to have brick-and-mortar locations in the UK and Germany. They pride themselves on offering a wide range of BMX products to suit various riding styles and skill levels. **Product Range** Their product lineup includes complete bikes, frames and forks, wheels and tires, handlebars and grips, pedals and cranks, chains and sprockets, brakes and brake accessories, as well as BMX-specific clothing and safety gear. They carry top brands such as Cult, Federal, Odyssey, Primo, Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa, Tall Order, United, Verde, Wethepeople and more. **Custom Builds** Source BMX also offers custom build options to customers who want a unique bike tailored to their specific preferences. From selecting the frame and components to picking the colors and graphics on the bike - they provide an opportunity for riders to create their dream BMX machine. **Rider Events & Support** To support BMX culture and scene improvement, they organize numerous events such as contests or jams in which riders of all ages can come together or compete for awards. They're also involved in local skatepark building projects. **Delivery & Return Policy** They offer worldwide shipping with free delivery options available for orders over certain amounts depending on the destination country. Customers also benefit from a 90-day hassle-free returns policy if they're not satisfied with their purchase. Source BMX has built a strong reputation within the BMX community for offering quality products at competitive prices alongside excellent customer service.Lovisa US logoLovisa USLovisa is a fashion jewelry and accessory brand that offers stylish and affordable pieces designed to suit various styles and occasions. Founded in 2010 in Australia, Lovisa has since expanded its presence to multiple countries and operates both online stores and physical retail locations. **Product Range** Lovisa offers a wide variety of jewelry items, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and body jewelry. They also provide accessories such as hair accessories, sunglasses, hats, and bag charms. The brand regularly updates its collections to keep up with the latest fashion trends and often launches limited-edition pieces to provide fresh options for customers. **Pricing** Lovisa is known for offering fashionable jewelry at affordable prices. The brand often provides attractive discounts and promotions, making it easy for customers to purchase multiple items to complement their outfits. Prices vary depending on the specific item and product line but are generally budget-friendly. **Shopping Experience** The Lovisa website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear categories for various products. Customers can quickly search for specific items or shop by collection. The website also offers an informative blog featuring styling tips and fashion ideas. **Shipping & Returns** Lovisa ships internationally and provides various shipping options depending on the location. The standard shipping fee may apply, but the brand occasionally offers free shipping promotions. Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to return products in their original condition for a refund or exchange. **Customer Service** Lovisa cares about customer satisfaction and provides multiple channels to obtain support. Customers can contact their support team via email, social media platforms, or through an online form available on the website.Sparkle In Pink logoSparkle In PinkShop cute kids clothes and accessories at Sparkle In Pink! With our variety of kids dresses, mommy + me clothes, and complete kids outfits, your child is going to love Sparkle In Pink! Shop today!ecoATM Gazelle logoecoATM GazelleSell your old cell phone, tablet or other device for cash today! Our automated kiosks are located across the country. Sell your phone for cash today!UK Needle & Thread Holding LTD logoUK Needle & Thread Holding LTDShop for the most timeless dresses, skirts, tops, jackets & knitwear at official Needle & Thread store. Free shipping over £300. Free UK returns within 30 days.Couture Candy logoCouture CandyShop Couture Candy's 2022 selection of women's dresses and gowns. We offer a variety of collections and styles from top designers at affordable prices!Marucci Sports logoMarucci SportsFueling a new level of performance with industry-leading Baseball and Fastpitch gear elite athletes want and need to be successful.TThe M JewelersNumber 1 in Personalized Jewelry Worldwide Nameplate Necklaces, Custom Rings, Custom EarringsJeffree Star Cosmetics logoJeffree Star CosmeticsJeffree Star CosmeticsClick & Grow logoClick & GrowThe Click & Grow Smart Indoor Gardens are the most advanced and easiest indoor gardening solutions. Enjoy fresh herbs grown in your own indoor garden all year round.NAD Electronics logoNAD ElectronicsAudio/Video components for Home Theatre, custom installation, music and hi-fi applications including amplifiers, AV receivers, Music Streamers, BluOS enabled products, Tuners and Masters Series.Smallwoods logoSmallwoodsSmallwoods helps you create custom home décor in minutes. From custom framed signs to canvas prints, Smallwoods has the custom option that fits your style. Whether you're looking for a sentimental holiday gift or something unique to hang in your own home, the Print Shop is the place to find it.SSocial StatusUpscale street fashion and sneaker boutique carrying Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Off White, Bape, Rhude, AwakeNY, Stone Island and many others.DDashWith quality products, Dash helps people improve their health and wellness.PPlugable TechnologiesAn industry leader in USB, USB-C, and Thunderbolt docking stations and peripherals, Plugable can help you connect this with that.PPop on VeneersStart loving your smile with removable veneers that Pop right over your existing teeth. Cover missing teeth or other dental concerns without shaving your natural teeth. Do it all from home! Your 100% custom made Pop On Veneers will be designed from your dental molds and your smile will be delivered to your doorsteps.SelfDecode logoSelfDecodeSelfDecode offers a DNA test kit with the most comprehensive personalized genetic health insights and more. 150+ DNA health & trait reports.BBELLAMI PROFESSIONALBELLAMI PROFESSIONAL 100% Cuticle Remy Human Tape In, Sew-in, Keratin Tip, I-Tip Hair Extensions in 42 of the Hottest Hair Colors. 18" to 22" Hair Lengths!BBOXRAWFor Your Journey Of Greatness. Shop Men's & Women's Boxing Sportswear & EquipmentCCreality3D® PrintersCreality® 3D Printers Online Sale, Up to Extra $50 Coupon. Get original Creality 3D printers at the lowest price. Free shipping and 1-year warranty. The best printer under $200 Ender-3, largest print size CR-10 MAX, new arrival Ender3 pro. Creality sweet discount for you.RRéalisation ParA clothing label by Alexandra Spencer & Teale Talbot. Shop the anywhere, anytime, go-to collection of silk, printed dresses, skirts & tops. World wide shipping.JJJJJoundJJJJound launched in 2006 as a digital mood board intended to examine the recurring patterns in timeless design. Since its inception, JJJJound has grown in the last decade into a collaborative design studio that aims to inspire through the creation of items with purpose and longevity.LLuca FaloniDiscover our timeless menswear collection crafted from luxurious materials by skilled artisans in Italy. Enjoy free shipping & 30-day returns.RReserve California› Web › WebWelcome to ReserveCalifornia™. With 280 park units, California is home to the largest state park system in the nation. In an effort to enhance the ... › Web › Customers › Web › CustomersSSwitchBot InternationalInterested in home automation? Use our products to control existing home appliances from your smartphone or using voice commands to make life smarter. Home security, smart lighting, power management, we've got it all.FFiidoCreate more unique rides style with Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters from Fiido. Stand out in the own way!SStrathberryShop the Strathberry collection. Discover luxury handbags, leather tote bags and designer purses. Designed in Scotland, UK and handcrafted in Spain.IImmigration Service DeliveryyesNNkukuDiscover our collection of beautiful, ethical and eco-friendly handmade homewares & lifestyle products. Visit us in-store or online at NkukuQQuadernoQuaderno is an automated tax compliance software that calculates and tracks VAT, sales tax, and GST for online businesses. Try Quaderno today risk-free.RRETROSUPERFUTUREThe finest since 2007. Hand Made in Italy - Contemporary trend leading eyewear company.TThe Modern ShopModern lighting, furniture & accessories in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We carry brands such as Tom Dixon, Jonathan Adler, Moooi, Foscarini, Normann Copenhagen, Muuto, Flos, Menu, Frost, Zone, Skagerak, Umbra, Bodum, Vitra, Resident, Rich Brilliant Willing, Dusen Dusen, Fatboy, Frama DK, Georg Jensen, Hubsch, Frost & More!

Weglot Integrations

Weglot has integrated with 29 ecommerce software/apps in our database. Keep reading to find out how these apps are utilizing to achieve success.

GemPages Landing Page Builder logoGemPages Landing Page BuilderBuild, customize and optimize your store for conversion with a powerful visual editor to sell betterBoost Product Filter & Search logoBoost Product Filter & SearchBoost Conversion rate & Optimize ROI with Advanced Product Filter and Smart Search appTrack123 Order Tracking Upsell logoTrack123 Order Tracking UpsellAll-in-one shipment and tracking page management, help you boost sales and improve work efficiency.PreOrder Globo | Back in Stock logoPreOrder Globo | Back in StockPowerful solution for: pre-order, back in stock, restock alert, coming soon, presale, backordersWhatsApp Chat Widget SeedGrow logoWhatsApp Chat Widget SeedGrowDisplay WhatsApp click-to-chat widget/button on all product page, collection page, blog, and more!Candy Rack | All‑in‑One Upsell logoCandy Rack | All‑in‑One UpsellThe ultimate upsell & cross-sell app. Drive more sales with pre and post-purchase checkout upsells.In Cart Upsell &Cross Sell ICU logoIn Cart Upsell &Cross Sell ICUNo pop up upsell offers that look native to your UI on the product page & cart to boost sales.SSearchPie: SEO Booster & SpeedSEARCH PIE is a powerful and user-friendly app that helps boost Google visibility and site speedCurrency Converter Plus logoCurrency Converter PlusThe professional solution to go international, with tons of unrivaled features and ready for MarketsBundles Upsell | PickyStory logoBundles Upsell | PickyStoryThe complete platform to bundle & upsell with AI-driven personalized offers at the right time.Clean Size Charts: Size Guide logoClean Size Charts: Size GuideSize chart and size guides for apparel brands who care about ROI. Boost sales and reduce returns.Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals logoLoyalty, Rewards & ReferralsLaunch a beautiful and feature rich rewards program to create deeper connections with customers.Helpful Product Reviews App logoHelpful Product Reviews AppHelpfulCrowd video product reviews makes building trust & making more sales faster and easier!Debutify Reviews logoDebutify ReviewsDebutify Reviews makes collecting, managing, and displaying customer photo and video reviews easy.Easy Specification Charts logoEasy Specification ChartsEasily create specification charts for all your store products. Supports metafields & customization.Flash Incentives — Cart Upsell logoFlash Incentives — Cart UpsellIncrease cart value by upselling customers at just the right moment.FlashSearch‑AI Search & Filter logoFlashSearch‑AI Search & FilterMost powerful product search & filter app that creates a better shopping experience & boost salesHK Pickup: Store & SF Express logoHK Pickup: Store & SF ExpressOffer delivery and retail store pickup or SF Express (順豐速運) supported pickup options for Hong Kong.11‑Click Sticky Add To Cart BarSell more with Fast Checkout, Always Visible Sticky Bar & Sticky Add To Cart buttonCevoid: Collect & display UGC logoCevoid: Collect & display UGCShowcase customer, influencer, and UGC creator content through shoppable galleriesMakappi ‑ Mobile App Builder logoMakappi ‑ Mobile App BuilderQuickly turn your store into a Mobile App without writing a single line of codeFFuze Post Purchase UpsellCreate powerful upsell and cross-sell funnels. This can increase conversions, AOV and CLV.Sufio: Professional Invoices logoSufio: Professional InvoicesSufio is a powerful invoicing solution trusted by over 5,000 merchants in 75 countries.BBloggle Powerful Blog BuilderEasily build beautiful & fast blog posts. Boost your SEO, embed products, and monetize your blog!Mobile App Builder ‑ Drobile logoMobile App Builder ‑ DrobileLaunch a 5-star mobile app for your brand in 48 hours. No coding required.RTL Master Plus: עברית \ عربي logoRTL Master Plus: עברית \ عربيMake your store suitable for Arabic or Hebrew, with RTL layout, Automatic Translate, Fonts and more!Facebook Instagram Tiktok feed logoFacebook Instagram Tiktok feedCreate highly configurable multi-language/currency product feeds. More sales on Facebook/InstagramCourses Plus logoCourses PlusTurn your store into online courses platform.Yoast SEO ‑ SEO for everyone logoYoast SEO ‑ SEO for everyoneYoast SEO gives you the tools to make SEO easy and grow your store's organic traffic and sales.