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Glamour UK logoGlamour UKGlamour UK is an online magazine that focuses on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion topics. It provides the latest news and information on makeup, skincare, haircare, and style trends, as well as featuring celebrity interviews and profiles. The website caters to a primarily female audience and offers expert advice on various aspects of beauty and fashion. **Content Sections** The site contains several sections, including: - *Beauty*: Makeup and skincare product reviews, tutorials, trend updates, celebrity beauty secrets, and more. - *Fashion*: Latest fashion news, styles, trends, shopping guides, celebrity looks, and runway coverage. - *Lifestyle*: Articles on health, fitness (including workout routines), travel inspiration, relationships, work-life balance tips, and personal growth. - *Entertainment*: Interviews with celebrities from film, TV, music, and culture sectors. It also covers the latest in entertainment news and upcoming events. **Social Media Presence** Glamour UK maintains a strong presence across different social media platforms like Instagram (@glamouruk), Twitter (@GlamourMagUK), Facebook (Glamour Magazine UK), Pinterest (Glamour UK), YouTube (Glamour UK), and TikTok (@glamouruk). These channels allow audience engagement through exclusive content such as videos and articles tailored specifically for social media logomms.comM&M's is a popular brand of chocolate-covered candies produced by Mars Incorporated. The official website for M&M's ( primarily focuses on promoting their products, while also offering a range of other features and functionalities for users to explore. The site is colorful and visually appealing, designed in line with the brand's playful and vibrant identity. **Product Range** The website showcases various M&M's products, including milk chocolate, peanut, caramel, and other limited-edition flavors. It also highlights seasonal offerings and promotional items. **Personalization** One of the unique offerings on the site is the ability to create personalized M&M's. Users can customize their candies by choosing their colors, adding images or text, and selecting packaging. This service is popular for special occasions such as weddings or birthday parties. **M&M's World Stores** The site provides information about M&M's World stores located in various cities worldwide. These stores offer exclusive merchandise like clothing, toys, and collectibles that celebrate the M&M's characters and various themes. **Social Media and Promotions** The website also encourages users to engage with the brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Users can stay updated on promotions, special events, and new product launches by following these channels. **Recipes** Additionally, offers a range of recipes incorporating M&M's products to inspire users who love cooking or baking with these delightful chocolates.House & Garden logoHouse & GardenHouse & Garden is a well-known British interior design and lifestyle magazine-turned-website that focuses on home decor, gardening, architecture, and general lifestyle topics related to creating beautiful living spaces. The website started as an extension of the print magazine, which was first published in 1947. **Content and Categories** The website covers various categories such as decorating, gardens, recipes, travel, and shopping. These sections offer articles on design inspiration, practical tips for improving your living spaces, gardening techniques and landscape ideas, delicious recipes to try at home, travel inspiration for stylish getaways, as well as shopping guides for finding unique home accessories. **The List** One of the key features of House & Garden is "The List," an online directory that connects visitors with design professionals such as interior designers, architects, and landscape designers. This resource provides users with a curated selection of professionals who can help with designing or improving their living spaces. **Podcast and Videos** House & Garden also produces a podcast called "The Calico Club" and offers video content through their YouTube channel. The podcast features interviews with well-known figures in the design world sharing their experiences and insights about trends in design and interiors. **Social Media Presence** House & Garden has a strong social media presence with accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These platforms allow them to engage with their audience directly while sharing inspiring images and resources from their website.Tatler logoTatlerTatler is a British magazine and website that focuses primarily on high society, fashion, and lifestyle. It was founded in 1709 by Richard Steele and it is now owned by Condé Nast Publications. The magazine and its online platform are known for their coverage of various parties, events, and social gatherings attended by influential members of high society. **Target Audience** Tatler caters to readers interested in the lives of the rich and famous as well as those who enjoy keeping up with the latest in fashion, beauty, travel, and culture. It appeals to a mainly upscale, affluent audience. **Content** Tatler features engaging articles on fashion, lifestyle, events, beauty, and travel. Additionally, readers can find exclusive interviews with notable personalities and insightful think pieces on contemporary culture. The digital platform also offers image galleries from various high-society events. **Events** Tatler covers a wide range of events attended by members of British high society including charity galas, award ceremonies, fashion shows, and exclusive parties. They also report on royal gatherings or other elite functions. **Print Magazine** The print version of Tatler is released monthly and provides its readers with captivating stories on the luxury lifestyle that accompany richly detailed visuals.Mopar Parts logoMopar PartsMopar is the exclusive source for original equipment parts and accessories for Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Chrysler vehicles. The brand name Mopar is a combination of "MOtor" and "PARts". It was founded in 1937 and has been a leader in providing exceptional service, parts, and customer care throughout the automotive community. **Product Offerings** Mopar offers a wide range of products, including genuine OEM parts, performance parts, accessories, and merchandise. Their inventory contains replacement parts like brake pads, filters, wiper blades as well as performance-enhancing products such as exhaust systems, suspensions, and tuning components. They also provide accessories to personalize your vehicle's appearance, from floor mats to custom wheels. **Service Support** In addition to their product offerings, Mopar provides professional service support through certified technicians at authorized dealerships. They offer various services like oil changes, tire rotations, and comprehensive vehicle inspections. Vehicle owners can schedule service appointments online or by visiting their local dealership. **Warranty** Mopar provides warranties for its products to ensure customer satisfaction. Parts purchased from Mopar have warranty coverage for a specific period based on the part's category. They also offer extended service contracts and complete vehicle protection plans that cover your vehicle beyond the standard manufacturer warranty. **Mopar Connection Magazine** For enthusiasts eager to stay connected with Mopar news and events or learn more about vehicles' restoration and customization, the brand publishes Mopar Connection Magazine. The publication contains technical articles, interviews with industry insiders, event coverage, and project car features.Vogue Business logoVogue BusinessVogue Business is a digital publication that focuses on the global fashion industry, providing news, analysis, and insight for business professionals in the industry. Created by Condé Nast International, Vogue Business aims to be a resource for fashion decision makers and innovators. The platform covers a wide range of topics in fashion, including retail, tech, sustainability, culture, and more. **Content** The website offers a mix of news articles, in-depth reports, trend analysis, and expert opinion pieces. These are written by experienced journalists and industry insiders to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the world of fashion. **Newsletter** Vogue Business also offers a newsletter that provides subscribers with essential insights and updates about the global fashion industry. Interested users can sign up for the newsletter through the website. **Membership** To access premium content and exclusive features on Vogue Business, users can subscribe to a membership plan. Members enjoy benefits such as unlimited access to all content, access to Vogue Business intelligence reports, priority invitations to events, and personalized content recommendations. **Social Media Presence** Vogue Business maintains an active social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.British GQ logoBritish GQGQ Magazine UK, also known as British GQ, is a popular men's lifestyle brand providing insights and information related to fashion, style, grooming, technology, travel, fitness, culture, politics and entertainment. The online platform showcases latest trends, reviews, advice from industry experts and interviews with influential personalities. **Content and Features** The website offers a variety of categories such as Fashion & Style, Grooming, Watches & Jewellery, Technology & Gear, Cars & Bikes, News & Politics, Sports & Fitness, Culture & Entertainment and Travel & Food. It frequently publishes articles on these topics and in addition to this content they host events such as the GQ Men of the Year Awards. **Subscriptions and Newsletter** GQ Magazine UK is available in both print and digital editions with subscription offers for readers to choose from. Users can also sign up for the free newsletter to receive updates on new articles directly in their email inbox. **Social Media Presence** GQ Magazine UK is active on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sharing their content and engaging with their audience. Their content often features exclusive interviews or coverage from events. **Collaborations** The brand collaborates with various celebrities and figures to create engaging content for its audience. It often features exclusive interviews with prominent figures from diverse fields such as sports stars or notable celebrities.Vogue France logoVogue FranceVogue France is the French edition of the internationally renowned fashion and lifestyle magazine, Vogue. Originally launched in 1920, it has grown to become one of the most influential and prestigious fashion magazines in the world. The website of Vogue France offers readers a comprehensive coverage of the latest fashion trends, beauty advice, cultural insights, and industry news. **Content** Vogue France features a wide variety of content on their website to cater to the diverse interests of their readers. Some main sections include: - Fashion: Showcasing the latest fashion trends, runway shows, designers, and styles. - Beauty: Tips, product recommendations, and advice on skincare, makeup, haircare, and wellness. - Culture: Updates on exhibitions, films, books, music events and other cultural news related to fashion. - Lifestyle: Lifestyle topics such as food, travel, fitness, and interior design. - Vogue Collections: Coverage of international fashion weeks from various countries including Paris Fashion Week. **Online Shop** Vogue France also operates an online store featuring carefully curated selections of clothing, accessories and beauty products from different brands. Both established labels and emerging designers can be found within their shop. **Social Media** They maintain a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to engage with their audience by sharing the latest updates about fashion events all over the world.VOGUE India logoVOGUE IndiaVogue India is the Indian edition of the internationally renowned fashion and lifestyle magazine, Vogue. Launched in 2007, it has since become a leading source of fashion, beauty, culture, and lifestyle content for a discerning Indian audience. Vogue India showcases the latest trends in fashion and beauty while featuring exclusive interviews with celebrities and influencers from India and around the world. **Content** The content on Vogue India spans various categories such as Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Culture. It includes trending news, photo spreads on celebrity style, runway shows from leading designers, detailed discussions on beauty products along with tips and tricks for makeup and skincare enthusiasts. The website also offers expert advice on subjects like health, wellness, fitness, bridal style, travel destinations, food & drink recipes, and more. **Monthly Issue** Vogue India publishes a monthly print magazine featuring carefully curated content reflecting both international trends and the Indian perspective. Each issue may have unique themes or special features depending on events or seasonal trends in the fashion world. **Online Presence** Apart from its print publication, Vogue India has an active online presence through its website and social media platforms. The website serves as a daily destination for updates on fashion shows, celebrity interviews, product launches, cultural happenings, etc. Users can also follow Vogue India on various social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook to stay up-to-date with their latest content. **Vogue Initiatives** Vogue India actively engages with various social initiatives focusing on women empowerment and environmental sustainability among others like 'Vogue Empower' and 'Vogue Green'. This adds a sense of purpose to their brand by driving awareness on pressing issues while continuously inspiring their readers to make an impact.WIRED UK logoWIRED UKWired UK is the British edition of the popular technology and innovation magazine and online platform, Wired. It focuses on reporting groundbreaking technologies, thought-provoking content, and innovations across various disciplines such as business, culture, design, and science. The publication offers informative articles, high-quality journalism, and captivating visuals to keep its audience engaged. **Content** Wired UK features a wide range of content, including news articles, long-form reports, and opinion pieces about technology trends and advancements. It covers topics like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, space exploration, biotechnology, gaming, virtual reality, electric vehicles, and more. **Podcasts** The platform offers a variety of podcasts catering to audiences with different interests within the tech industry. These podcasts cover technology news highlights, interviews with leaders in innovation, insightful discussions on significant digital trends and industry secrets. **Events** Wired UK hosts several events throughout the year to promote innovative ideas and bring together the brightest minds from various fields. These events include conferences, panel discussions, workshops on various topics such as security and AI. **Subscription** Wired UK offers both print magazine subscriptions and digital access options. Readers have the choice between print-only subscriptions or a combination of print and digital access at a discounted rate. The digital subscription includes unlimited access to online content for desktops and mobile devices.Alfa Romeo USA logoAlfa Romeo USAAlfa Romeo USA is the official website of the renowned Italian automobile manufacturer, Alfa Romeo. The site provides comprehensive information on Alfa Romeo's current vehicle lineup, including sports cars and SUVs. **Vehicle Models** The website showcases the latest models available in the United States, such as the Giulia, Stelvio, 4C Spider, and their high-performance Quadrifoglio variants. Visitors can explore each model's technical specifications, features, pricing, and customization options. **Shopping Tools** Visitors can utilize various shopping tools on the website to research and compare vehicles. These include an online inventory search, payment estimator, trade-in evaluation tool, and access to finance application forms. **Offers & Incentives** The website displays a dedicated section for special offers and incentives available to prospective buyers. These may include lease deals, financing options, and discounts for military personnel or college graduates. **Dealer Locator** A dealer locator tool is available for those who wish to find an authorized Alfa Romeo dealership in their area. Users can enter their zip code or city to get a list of nearby dealerships along with contact information and directions. **Customer Support** Alfa Romeo USA offers customer support through various channels like telephone assistance, email contact form, and live chat on the website. Additionally, a comprehensive FAQ section is available to address commonly asked questions related to warranty coverage, maintenance schedules, and sales inquiries. **Merchandise** The website also features an online store where visitors can purchase Alfa Romeo-branded merchandise such as clothing items, accessories, and collectibles that allow enthusiasts to showcase their love for the brand.Vogue logoVogueOgni giorno Vogue Italia seleziona per te il meglio della moda italiana e internazionale, i nuovi trend e le news più interessanti.Vogue Japan logoVogue Japanファッション誌『VOGUE JAPAN』の公式サイト。世界の最新ファッションやコレクションをはじめ、ファッションモデルやビューティ、ジュエリーなど、様々なニュースやトレンド、新作情報をご紹介。海外セレブやモデルのスナップ写真も掲載。気になるセレブの愛用品をチェック。CASIO logoCASIOWe will promptly provide the newest information regarding popular CASIO products, such as G-SHOCK, Watches, Electronic Musical Instruments, Calculators, and Medical Devices.Vanity Fair logoVanity FairVanity Fair Magazine España. La revista Vanity Fair España: actualidad, famosos, la Casa Real, moda, cultura... aquí empiezan las mejores conversacionesBritish Vogue logoBritish VogueSubscribe to The Get: A weekly newsletter featuring the Vogue Editors' hand-selected products you need in your life right nowSign up ...Nintendo Official Site logoNintendo Official SiteVisit the official Nintendo site to shop for Nintendo Switch™ systems and video games, read the latest news, find fun gear and gifts with a Nintendo twist, and much more.Clicks logoClicksAsian Paints logoAsian PaintsGet hassle-free wall paint with one of the best paint colours by Asian Paint. Exclusive waterproofing solutions, interior wall paint, exterior house painting & paint colours by Asian Paints.Corona® USA logoCorona® USAFind all of the information on Corona® beverages and merch products here as well as delicious recipes. Click for more! logoVanityFair.itVanity tutto su celebrity, attualità, costume, moda, bellezza, cinema, musica, tv, benessere, viaggi, food e gossip株式会社ニトリ logo株式会社ニトリ家具・インテリアの通販ニトリネットではベッド、ソファから収納、生活雑貨、キッチン用品、ネット限定まで幅広い品揃えを豊富なサイズで取り揃えています。11,000円(税込)以上で送料無料!店舗共通ニトリメンバーズカードでポイント獲得。DData Center KnowledgeData Center Knowledge is the leading source of news, analysis, and expertise for data center industry professionals covering data center design and strategyNNation's Restaurant NewsNation's Restaurant News delivers restaurant industry news, data and analysis on menu, marketing, operations and financing trends to senior decision-makers.AAviation Week NetworkProviding business-critical information, predictive intelligence and connections to the global aerospace, airline, defense, space, MRO and business aviation industries.WWealth ManagementExpert Advice for Growing, Protecting and Transferring Wealth.SSupermarket NewsSupermarket News delivers competitive intelligence, news and information for professionals in the food retail and grocery industry.BBEEF MagazineBEEF Magazinewwww.revistagq.comGQ España te enseña las últimas tendencias de moda masculina, zapatillas, series, películas, Netflix, tecnología, iPhone, Amazon, entrenamientos y negocios.llululemon Hong Konglululemon makes technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and most other sweaty pursuits. As always, shipping & returns are free.BBeer HawkOrder beer online at the UK's best online beer shop with free delivery on orders over £50. Shop hundreds of craft beers and real ales shipped straight to your door.PPackaging DigestPackaging Materials, Companies, Equipment, Event and News룰루레몬 lululemon KR캐나다 밴쿠버에서 탄생한 룰루레몬은 요가에서 영감을 받은 프리미엄 기능성 스포츠웨어 브랜드예요.WWaste360Waste and recycling information, events, commerce and educationllululemon Australialululemon makes technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and most other sweaty pursuits. As always, shipping & returns are free.GGQ JAPAN『GQ』は20カ国/地域で刊行されるグローバル・メンズメディア。ファッション、カルチャーの今を世界各国の視点で発信。SSeatrade Maritime NewsDaily maritime news covering marine, shipping and offshore updates from the global maritime industry. Sign-up for the daily maritime newsletter.WWiredUn mondo migliore. Un mondo nuovo. Ogni giorno.