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There are 100 ecommerce online stores in our database currently using Sailthru to grow their business. Read on to discover how these stores are leveraging Sailthru to achieve success.

Architectural Digest logoArchitectural DigestArchitectural Digest is a reputable online publication and print magazine that focuses on architecture, interior design, landscapes, and art. It is recognized for its comprehensive coverage of iconic architecture, cutting-edge designs, home decoration ideas, and lifestyle trends. The brand is respected globally for its carefully curated content and stunning visuals that cater to professional designers, architects, enthusiasts, as well as those looking for design inspiration. **Content** The website offers a wide range of topics including architecture, interior design, celebrity homes, real estate, products or styles guides such as furniture and artwork, travel spots with impressive designs, as well as in-depth interviews with renowned figures from the design world. **Celebrity Homes** One of the standout features of Architectural Digest is the exclusive tours of celebrity homes. Famous personalities like actors, musicians or sports stars showcase their tastefully designed residences which provides readers with an interesting peek into their private spaces. **AD Pro** Architectural Digest offers a premium subscription service called AD Pro. This membership grants access to exclusive content such as expert insights and analysis of trends or business news in the design industry. It is tailored to overcome challenges faced by design professionals in their careers. **Print Edition** Aside from the website, Architectural Digest also offers a print edition which allows subscribers to enjoy their favorite content in a high-quality physical format. These magazines often serve as collectible items or coffee table books for many design enthusiasts.Glamour logoGlamourGlamour is a popular lifestyle and fashion website that delivers the latest news, trends, and inspiration in fashion, beauty, celebrity news, wellness, culture, and entertainment. Founded in 1939 as a print magazine, the brand has since evolved into a digital-first platform. **Content** Glamour features articles, interviews, trend reports, and videos focused on fashion, beauty, skincare, and makeup topics. In addition to this core content, the website also covers wellness topics such as health tips, mental health advice, exercise routines, and information about nutrition. Readers can also find articles about career advice and personal relationships. **Celebrity News and Entertainment** The website offers daily updates on celebrity news and entertainment for readers who want to stay updated on their favorite celebrities. This includes exclusive interviews or featured articles about new movies or television shows. **Accessibility** Glamour has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for readers to navigate through different categories of content. The website is also mobile-responsive, allowing users to access articles and videos from various devices. **Social Media Presence** The brand maintains an active presence on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Here they engage with their audience by sharing updates about the latest trends and showcasing the day's top stories in fashion, beauty, health tips, celebrity news etc.WIRED logoWIREDWired is a leading technology and innovation magazine that covers a wide range of topics including business, culture, gear, security, transportation, and science. First established in 1993 as a print publication, it has since expanded to include a robust online presence. **Content and Coverage** Wired features news articles, opinion pieces, in-depth reviews, and interviews with industry leaders, researchers, and trendsetters in various fields. The site is known for its high-quality journalism and attention to detail in covering cutting-edge technology trends and the latest scientific advancements. Moreover, Wired also publishes guides on a variety of tech products to help users make informed buying decisions. **Audience** Wired caters to professionals, students, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the latest advancements within the technology industry or the implications of those advancements on society. This diverse audience drives Wired's commitment to producing well-researched and versatile content. **Contributors** The site includes content contributions from experienced journalists as well as subject matter experts who provide authoritative analyses on different topics. Many contributors have backgrounds in technology-related industries or academic research, ensuring that Wired's content remains accurate and up-to-date. **Subscription** While some content on Wired is accessible for free without registration, they also offer a premium subscription model that grants users unlimited access to all articles and exclusive subscriber benefits. This helps support their mission of delivering unbiased journalism in the ever-evolving world of is a popular online platform that provides a wide range of content related to food, cooking, and all things culinary. The website is owned by the Hearst corporation, which also owns several other popular media outlets. Delish offers various resources, including recipes, cooking videos, meal planning ideas, and kitchen tips. **Content Types** Delish covers multiple content types for readers across different experience levels in the kitchen. From simple meal prep ideas to gourmet cooking tutorials, you will find a variety of content that caters to your specific needs. Some content types include: - Recipes: A vast collection of delicious recipes spanning diverse cuisines and diet preferences. - Cooking Videos: Ranging from fun cooking demos to detailed step-by-step guides for cooking and baking. - Meal Planning: Ideas for creating healthy and balanced meal plans for families or individuals with specific dietary requirements. - Kitchen Tips: Essential guidance on kitchen organization, pantry staples, and essential utensils. **Events and Competitions** Delish occasionally hosts events and competitions for its users. Participants can engage in friendly cooking challenges or attend virtual workshops on various topics. **Newsletter and Social Media** To stay connected with the latest content, users can subscribe to Delish's newsletter or follow their social media pages on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. To sum up, is an excellent online resource for anyone interested in exploring the world of cooking through recipes, videos, and tips for home cooks at any skill level.SELF logoSELFSelf is a health and wellness brand providing content related to fitness, beauty, healthy eating, and mental health. With the mission to empower and motivate individuals, Self aims to provide approachable, informative, and inspiring content for those who want to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. **Content Categories** The main content categories featured on Self's website include Fitness, Food & Nutrition, Health, Love & Relationships, and Beauty. Each category contains various articles, videos, and guides related to topics such as exercise routines, meal planning, mental health tips, skincare routines, and relationship advice. **Expert Advice** Self collaborates with professionals in relevant fields such as fitness trainers, registered dietitians, licensed therapists and medical experts. This ensures the information provided is credible and effective for readers. **Workout Videos** The site features a library of workout videos ranging from beginner-level exercises to advanced sessions. These videos are hosted by professional fitness trainers who demonstrate proper form and technique for various exercises. **Recipes & Meal Plans** Self offers a selection of nutritious recipes and meal plans curated by registered dietitians. These meal plans are designed to cater to different dietary preferences such as vegetarian or gluten-free diets. **Newsletters & Social Media** To stay updated with the latest content from Self, users can subscribe to their newsletters or follow their social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.Glamour UK logoGlamour UKGlamour UK is an online magazine that focuses on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion topics. It provides the latest news and information on makeup, skincare, haircare, and style trends, as well as featuring celebrity interviews and profiles. The website caters to a primarily female audience and offers expert advice on various aspects of beauty and fashion. **Content Sections** The site contains several sections, including: - *Beauty*: Makeup and skincare product reviews, tutorials, trend updates, celebrity beauty secrets, and more. - *Fashion*: Latest fashion news, styles, trends, shopping guides, celebrity looks, and runway coverage. - *Lifestyle*: Articles on health, fitness (including workout routines), travel inspiration, relationships, work-life balance tips, and personal growth. - *Entertainment*: Interviews with celebrities from film, TV, music, and culture sectors. It also covers the latest in entertainment news and upcoming events. **Social Media Presence** Glamour UK maintains a strong presence across different social media platforms like Instagram (@glamouruk), Twitter (@GlamourMagUK), Facebook (Glamour Magazine UK), Pinterest (Glamour UK), YouTube (Glamour UK), and TikTok (@glamouruk). These channels allow audience engagement through exclusive content such as videos and articles tailored specifically for social media users.James Avery logoJames AveryJames Avery is a family-owned jewelry company founded in 1954 by James Avery himself. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality, hand-crafted jewelry including charms, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. With a strong emphasis on faith-inspired designs and personalization options, their jewelry caters to various tastes and styles. **Product Categories** James Avery offers a wide range of jewelry products for both men and women. Some popular categories include: - Charms: Featuring various themes such as religious, nature, love, family, hobbies, and more. - Bracelets: Different styles such as charm bracelets, cuffs, bangles, and chain bracelets. - Necklaces & Pendants: Offering an assortment of styles including chains, chokers, pendants with initials or symbols. - Rings: Various types of rings like stackable rings, gemstone rings, wedding bands or statement rings. - Earrings: Designs for many tastes - studs, hoops, dangle earrings or ear cuffs. **Materials & Craftsmanship** James Avery uses high-quality materials like sterling silver, 14k gold (yellow, white and rose), gemstones (natural and lab-created), and enamel in their jewelry pieces. Skilled artisans craft each piece with precision to maintain the brand's reputation for fine design and attention to detail. **Store Locations & Online Shopping** The brand operates multiple retail locations across the United States. Customers can also shop online through their official website which offers secure transactions and accessible customer service. **Return Policy & Customer Service** James Avery provides a generous 60-day return policy from the date of purchase on unworn items if you're not satisfied with your purchase. Their customer service team is available via phone or email to address any questions or concerns customers may have.KILLSTAR - UK Store logoKILLSTAR - UK StoreKillstar is an alternative fashion retailer specializing in gothic, punk, and alternative clothing and accessories. Founded in 2010, the brand has gained popularity for its unique designs and inclusive size range. **Products** Killstar offers a variety of products including clothing, footwear, accessories, and home goods. The clothing encompasses t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, leggings, outerwear, and more. They have a wide selection of both men's and women's apparel featuring dark and edgy designs. Footwear options include platforms, boots, sneakers, and sandals. Accessories range from bags and wallets to belts and jewelry. Killstar also has an assortment of home goods such as bedding sets, blankets, pillows, and kitchenware. **Collaborations** The brand frequently collaborates with various artists, musicians and iconic horror film franchises. Such collaborations include working with exclusive designs inspired by Rob Zombie or the horror classics like "Beetlejuice" and "The Craft." **Shipping** Killstar ships products globally. Customers can choose from various shipping options based on their location. The processing time might vary during peak seasons or due to inventory status. **Return Policy** Killstar accepts returns within 30 days of receipt if the items are still in their original condition (unworn and unwashed). Customers are responsible for return shipping costs unless there was a mistake on Killstar's end. **Social Impact** The brand advocates self-expression and individuality in fashion for all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. They actively promote body-positive messages on their social media platforms and through their designs.Woman's Day logoWoman's DayWoman's Day is a lifestyle and women's interest magazine website that provides a variety of content, including family-friendly recipes, health and wellness tips, relationship advice, inspiring stories, and home decorating ideas. The site primarily targets women who are married or have children. **Content Categories** The site features several categories, such as: - Food & Recipes: Includes healthy recipes, meal planning tips, party ideas, and cooking advice. - Health & Fitness: Covers health news, workout routines, healthy eating tips, and mental wellness topics. - Home & Family: Features home organization tips, DIY projects, decorating ideas, and family-related advice. - Lifestyle: Offers relationship advice, personal finance tips, travel ideas, and self-improvement guidance. - Holidays & Entertaining: Provides seasonal decoration ideas and entertaining tips for various holiday celebrations. **Magazine Subscription** Woman's Day also offers a print magazine subscription alongside the website content. Subscribers receive access to additional exclusive content. **Social Media** Woman's Day is active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They provide additional content through these channels to stay engaged with their audience.Fashion Nova logoFashion NovaFashion Nova is a popular online fashion retailer known for offering trendy clothing, accessories, and shoes at affordable prices. Started in 2006, the brand has rapidly grown in popularity, becoming a go-to destination for fashion-forward shoppers seeking the latest trends and styles. **Product Categories** Fashion Nova offers a wide range of products catering to men, women, and children. The brand provides options such as dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, rompers, outerwear, activewear, lingerie, swimwear, and plus-size clothing. It also offers a selection of shoes and accessories like handbags, belts, jewelry, and sunglasses. **Collaborations** Fashion Nova is known for its collaborations with celebrities and influencers to create unique collections that resonate with their target audience. Some notable partnerships include Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Kylie Jenner, and Amber Rose. **Frequent Sales & Discounts** One of the widely popular aspects of Fashion Nova is its frequent sales events and discount promotions. Shoppers can often find substantial discounts on various product categories along with free or discounted shipping offers. **Shipping & Returns** Fashion Nova ships globally and offers various shipping options ranging from standard to expedited methods. The company has a 30-day return policy for items in their original condition with tags attached. However, certain categories like lingerie, cosmetics, final sale items are not eligible for returns. **Social Media Presence** Fashion Nova has a massive presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, with millions of followers. They frequently showcase new arrivals and promote discount offers on these platforms to engage their customers.Melissa & Doug logoMelissa & DougMelissa & Doug is an online retailer, specializing in educational toys that encourage imaginative play and creativity in children. Established in 1988, it has become one of the leading brands in the toy industry, with a wide range of products designed for various age groups. **Product Categories** Their product line includes toys targeted at specific age ranges, such as baby and toddler toys, preschool toys, and toys for older children. You can browse through categories like puzzles, arts and crafts, pretend play, outdoor play, wooden toys, stuffed animals, and more. **Educational Resources** In addition to their range of toys, Melissa & Doug offers educational resources like activity guides and printable worksheets designed for parents and educators. These resources help engage kids in learning while having fun with their toys. **Gift Finder Tool** One helpful feature on their website is the Gift Finder tool that allows you to search for the perfect gift based on a child's age, interests, or price range. This makes it easier to find suitable toys that meet specific requirements without spending too much time browsing. **Social Responsibility** Melissa & Doug demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility by partnering with organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics to promote healthy development in children. They are also dedicated to ensuring their products meet high safety standards by frequently testing them for compliance with regulatory requirements. **Returns and Shipping** They offer free shipping on orders over a specified amount within the contiguous United States. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, they have a 90-day return policy that allows you to return or exchange items for a refund.House Beautiful logoHouse BeautifulHouse Beautiful is an online platform that focuses on interior design, home decoration ideas, gardening tips, and lifestyle topics. It is an established brand with a long history, having started as a print magazine in 1896. Today, the website serves as a popular source of inspiration and practical advice for homeowners and design enthusiasts. **Content and Features** The website offers a wide range of content covering various aspects of home design and lifestyle topics. Key sections include: 1. Decorating & Ideas: This section presents articles covering color schemes, furniture arrangement, storage solutions, and design trends for different rooms in the house. 2. Garden: Here, you'll find articles on garden design, plant care tips, and recommendations for outdoor living spaces. 3. Renovation & DIY: This section includes how-to guides, renovation advice, and project ideas for homeowners who enjoy hands-on projects. 4. Lifestyle: Explore articles related to entertaining at home, travel recommendations, recipes, and personal stories from design experts. **Online Shopping** House Beautiful also features an online shop where you can find curated items sourced from various retailers. Products range from furniture to home decor accessories and are categorized by room or style. **Social Media Presence** In addition to their website, House Beautiful maintains a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. They share new content regularly to inspire their followers with fresh design ideas and relevant home decor logoHarlequin.comHarlequin is a well-known romance novel publisher with a large online presence. The website offers a wide variety of romance novels, including contemporary, historical, inspirational, suspense, and erotic fiction. Their target audience primarily consists of women and fans of the romance genre. **Books and Series** Harlequin offers a vast selection of books and series published under various imprints including Harlequin Intrigue, Harlequin Presents, Love Inspired, and many more. Readers can explore their favorite genres, authors, or specific book series. **Subscriptions** The website provides subscription options such as Harlequin Plus, which offers readers unlimited access to digital content for a monthly fee. Subscribers receive exclusive offers, discounts on print books and eBooks, as well as free previews. **Author Services** Harlequin is committed to helping aspiring authors succeed by offering writing resources such as writing tips, manuscript submission guidelines, and opportunities for new writers via contests like their annual So You Think You Can Write event. **Community** The website features a dedicated community section for readers to engage with fellow romance novel enthusiasts through forums and social media links. Additionally, users can join the Harlequin Books Goodreads group to discuss books and discover new titles. **Newsletter and Blog** Visitors can sign up for the Harlequin newsletter to receive updates on upcoming releases, author news, and special promotions. The website also hosts a blog covering various topics in the romance writing industry including author interviews, behind-the-scenes information, and book recommendations.Condé Nast Traveler logoCondé Nast TravelerCondé Nast Traveler is a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine that primarily focuses on providing travelers with information, inspiration, and advice pertaining to travel destinations, hotels, restaurants, and other travel-related experiences. It was founded in 1987 and has since become a renowned resource for avid travelers seeking high-quality content. **Content** The website features articles, slide shows, and videos that cover various travel topics such as destination guides, travel tips, hotel reviews, and culture-centric articles. You can find information on popular tourist destinations as well as hidden gems around the globe. They also release an annual 'Gold List' featuring the best hotels and resorts in the world. **Awards** Condé Nast Traveler holds annual Readers' Choice Awards to recognize top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, airlines, and cruise lines. The winners are chosen based on the ratings and reviews provided by their readers. **Travel Experts** The content on the website is curated by a team of experienced travel journalists, editors, photographers, and experts in the field who ensure that readers receive credible and useful information for planning their trips. **Newsletter and Magazine** Condé Nast Traveler offers a newsletter subscription so users can receive regular updates about new content published on their website. They also have a print magazine with monthly or annual subscription options available for those who prefer a physical copy of their content.Jaanuu logoJaanuuJaanuu is a contemporary medical apparel brand that specializes in providing healthcare professionals with stylish, functional, and comfortable scrubs, lab coats, and other accessories. The brand was founded in 2013 by a pediatrician and a former investment banker with the aim of revolutionizing the medical workwear industry by introducing high-quality, fashionable designs that elevate the professional image without jeopardizing function or comfort. **Product Offerings** Jaanuu offers a wide range of medical apparel products, including scrubs (tops, pants, jackets), lab coats, maternity wear, under-scrub tees, joggers, hoodies, face masks, and compression socks. The brand's collection comes in various styles like the Peplum Collection, Moto Collection, and Contemporary Collection to suit individual preferences. **Fabric Technology and Features** To ensure comfort and durability, Jaanuu uses proprietary performance fabric technology called "Jaanflex", which is moisture-wicking, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and has four-way stretch capabilities. The products are also infused with Silvadur antimicrobial technology that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the fabric. **Sizing and Customization** Jaanuu offers inclusive sizing options for both men and women ranging from XXS to 3XL, as well as petite and tall sizes. They also provide embroidery services for individuals or organizations who would like to add personalized monograms or logos to their apparel. **Shipping and Returns** Jaanuu ships their products internationally to various destinations. They offer a hassle-free return policy within 30 days of receiving an item, provided that it is unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and still has its original tags attached.Food52 logoFood52Food52 is a popular online platform for cooking enthusiasts and food lovers, offering a wide range of content building a strong community. Founded by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs in 2009, Food52 has grown to become an essential resource for individuals looking to enhance their culinary skills or seek inspiration for new recipes. **Content** Food52 provides various types of content, including recipes, cooking tips, product reviews, and kitchen design ideas. The site also features unique video series, showcasing cooking tutorials, chef interviews, and other cooking-related material. **Shop** The platform includes a curated shop known as the Food52 Shop, where users can purchase quality kitchen tools, appliances, cookware, serveware, and gourmet food ingredients. Many of these items are exclusive to Food52 or designed in collaboration with well-known brands. **Blog and Podcast** Food52 also has a blog that covers topics like food culture, history, personal stories from chefs and home cooks, as well as travel experiences related to cuisine. Additionally, they host a podcast called "The Genius Recipe Tapes" which features conversations with culinary experts about innovative recipes and techniques. **Community** One of the key aspects of Food52 is its strong community focus. Users can engage in discussion forums where they can exchange cooking techniques, share recipes or ask questions related to cooking and food. Recipe contests called "Community Picks" are also organized regularly allowing users to submit recipes for the chance to be featured on the site.Kitchn logoKitchnThe Kitchn is a popular online destination for home cooking tips, recipes, and kitchen design inspiration. Launched in 2005, it's a part of the Apartment Therapy Media family, which aims to help people create beautiful and well-organized homes and kitchens. **Content and Features** The Kitchn offers a wide range of content for home cooks and food enthusiasts. The major categories on the site include Recipes, Cooking School, Meal Planning, Entertaining & Gathering, Organizing & Cleaning, Kitchen Design & Renovation, and Tips & Techniques. There are articles covering various cuisines, diets (such as vegan or gluten-free), meal types (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and special occasions (holiday recipes or party ideas). **Cooking School** One notable feature of The Kitchn is its free online Cooking School. It offers 20 lessons that cover essential cooking skills and techniques such as knife skills, sauce-making, baking foundations, and more. Users can sign up for the course for free and learn at their own pace. **Newsletter** The Kitchn offers a daily newsletter covering recipes, cooking tips, kitchen organization ideas, as well as food news and trends. To subscribe, visitors can enter their email addresses on the website. **Social Media** The Kitchn maintains a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. They regularly post content including recipes, videos, kitchen tips, and design inspiration.Tory Burch logoTory BurchTory Burch is a luxury fashion brand known for its unique designs and stylish products. The main offerings of the brand include women's clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories, as well as fragrances and home products. **History** Founded by designer Tory Burch in 2004, the brand has quickly grown to become one of the leading names in luxury fashion. It was initially launched with a small boutique in Manhattan and has since expanded with a large number of boutiques across the world, including stores in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions. **Products** The product line of Tory Burch is quite extensive and caters to the different needs of their clients. Some of its popular product categories include: - Women's Clothing: Offering a wide range of clothing items such as dresses, tops, skirts, pants, jackets, knitwear, swimwear, activewear, and more. - Handbags: A collection of stylish bags including totes, crossbody bags, clutches, wallets etc. - Shoes: Providing various options like sandals, heels & pumps, flats, sneakers etc. - Accessories: Offering jewelry items like bracelets & cuffs bangles & rings , necklaces & pendants; scarves ; hats & gloves ; eyewear ; belts - Fragrances: A range of perfumes and fragrance-related products. - Home products: Including tableware and small accessories. **Ease of Use** Shopping on Tory Burch's website is quite easy as it offers easy navigation and filtering options for customers to find their desired products. The site also provides information about size guides and detailed images to make online shopping more convenient for users.Popular Mechanics logoPopular MechanicsPopular Mechanics is an American magazine and website that focuses on various topics related to technology, science, automotive, DIY projects, and outdoors. It was first published in January 1902 as a print magazine. **Content Coverage** Popular Mechanics offers a wide range of informative articles, how-tos, and news stories covering an array of topics, such as: - Automotive: Featuring car reviews, the latest automotive technology, maintenance tips, and industry news. - Technology: Covering gadgets, consumer electronics, home entertainment systems, and emerging technologies. - Science: Reporting on the latest scientific research and discoveries in physics, space exploration, and environmental science. - DIY Projects: Providing step-by-step guides on home improvement projects, woodworking plans, and other practical crafts. - Outdoor Gear: Featuring product reviews for camping equipment, outdoor tools, and survival gear. **Notable Regular Features** The website includes several notable columns such as _New Technology Breakdown_, which explains the latest technological advancements to users in an accessible manner; _Tested_, where the editors examine a wide range of products by putting them through real-world use before making their recommendations. **Subscription Options** Although much of the content is free to access online, some features are exclusive to subscribers. Subscriptions are available for the print magazine or digital edition. Paid subscribers get access to exclusive articles and podcasts in addition to ad-free browsing experience.Runner's World logoRunner's WorldRunner's World is a popular online destination for individuals who are passionate about all aspects of running, from casual joggers to professional athletes. The website offers a wide range of resources, advice, and inspiration for runners of all levels. **Content and Features** The site covers various topics related to running, such as training plans, nutrition tips, injury prevention, and gear reviews. It also shares inspiring stories from runners around the world and provides coverage of major running events. **Training Plans and Tips** Runner's World offers training plans for different race distances, from 5K to marathon, and caters to runners of varying experience levels. Additionally, they provide articles and advice on proper running form, pacing strategies, and tips for maximizing one's racing potential. **Nutrition and Health** A crucial part of running performance is maintaining proper nutrition and **Gear Reviews** The website reviews a range of running gear, from shoes to apparel to accessories like GPS watches. These reviews aim to help users find the best products that suit their needs and preferences. **Community Engagement** Runner's World encourages connection among its readers by hosting forums where users can discuss various topics related to running. The site also uses social media platforms to engage with its audience by sharing running-related content, such as articles, photos, and event updates.Decor logoDecorElle Decor is a leading home decorating and design magazine owned by the Hearst Corporation. Founded in 1989, it focuses on delivering fresh and inspiring ideas for interior design, architecture, and art. **Content and Features** The website offers a wide array of content centered on home decorating, design tips, trends, celebrity homes, and interviews with prominent interior designers. Users can find inspiration and guidance for various living spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and outdoor areas. **Shopping Guides** Elle Decor has curated shopping guides to help users choose from various products such as furniture, lighting fixtures, home accessories, rugs, and much more. These guides provide suggestions based on the latest trends and timeless styles while focusing on quality and affordability. **Elle Decor A-List** The Elle Decor A-List is a coveted recognition in the interior design world. This list features prominent designers who have made significant contributions to the field through their work. Users can explore the works of these esteemed designers for inspiration. **Newsletter Subscription** Users can subscribe to Elle Decor's free newsletter to stay updated on the latest decor trends, product releases, design tips, room makeovers, celebrity homes, and more.Running Gear logoRunning GearBrooks Running is a company specializing in running shoes and sports apparel. It was founded in 1914 and has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA. Their main focus is to provide high-quality products to support runners of all levels. **Product Offerings** Brooks Running offers a variety of products for both male and female athletes, including: 1. Running shoes: They provide various types of shoes, such as neutral, support, trail, and racing shoes, catering to different running styles and preferences. 2. Clothing: The brand offers running clothing like shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and bras to ensure comfort during physical activities. 3. Accessories: To enhance the running experience further, they also sell items like socks, hats, gloves, and bags. **Run Signature** One of the unique features provided by Brooks Running is their Run Signature service. It's a personalized shoe recommendation system that analyzes runners' biomechanics and suggests the most suitable shoes based on their stride patterns to reduce injuries. **Run Happy Promise** Brooks Running provides a "Run Happy Promise" for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase. It allows customers to return or exchange items within 90 days from the purchase date regardless of the item's condition. **Sustainability Initiatives** The company is committed to environmental sustainability by adopting practices like using eco-friendly materials in their products and reducing their carbon footprint. They also promote social responsibility through various community outreach programs and charitable collaborations.Road & Track logoRoad & TrackRoad & Track is a well-known American automotive enthusiast magazine and website, which offers a comprehensive range of content related to cars, motorsports, reviews, and automotive culture. The website is a valuable resource for car lovers and those looking for up-to-date information on their favorite vehicles. **Content and Features** The website covers various topics, including new car reviews, comparison tests, first drives of upcoming vehicles, racing news, and automotive event coverage. Additionally, Road & Track provides in-depth technical discussions on various car components and systems, alongside beautiful photography and engaging videos that complement the written content. **Motorsports** Road & Track provides extensive coverage of significant racing events like Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, sports car racing series like IMSA, and endurance races. The website offers pre-race previews, post-race analysis developments within the racing world. **Buying Guides** For readers who are considering purchasing a car, Road & Track offers comprehensive buying guides for different car categories. These guides include expert advice on the best vehicles to buy based on performance, reliability, price range, and other essential factors. **Industry News** The website also provides accurate and timely reporting on automotive industry news. This may include major vehicle announcements from manufacturers or any significant changes in global automotive trends and policies. **Road & Track Shop** The Road & Track Shop is an online store where visitors can purchase branded merchandise such as apparel, accessories, magazines subscriptions or issues. This shop exemplifies the brand's commitment to providing quality products to its logowww.nyandcompany.comNew York & Company (NY&Co) is a popular American retail brand, specializing in women's fashion apparel and accessories. The brand offers a wide range of products, from workwear and business casual outfits to stylish dresses, activewear, and accessories such as handbags, jewelry, and shoes. **History** New York & Company was founded in 1918 by Samuel A. Lerner and Harold M. Lane as Lerner Shops. The brand underwent several name changes before eventually settling on New York & Company in 1995. Over the years, it has become well-known for offering fashionable, high-quality clothing at affordable prices. **Collections** NY&Co features various collections that cater to the needs of modern women. These include the Eva Mendes Collection, which showcases chic, sophisticated styles designed in collaboration with actress Eva Mendes, and the Gabrielle Union Collection, which highlights bold and trendy pieces created together with the actress Gabrielle Union. **Sizes** The brand offers a comprehensive size range to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. Clothing sizes typically range from 00 to 20, with select items also available in petite and tall sizes. **Store Locations & Online Shopping** New York & Company operates both physical stores across the United States and a user-friendly e-commerce website ( that allows customers to shop the latest collections from the comfort of their home. In addition to regular sales events and promotions, NY&Co's website also features an extensive clearance section for shoppers looking for great deals on fashion-forward clothing and accessories. **NY&C Rewards Program** NY&Co offers customers a free rewards program called NY&C Rewards. Members earn points on each purchase which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. Additionally, members receive exclusive offers and early access to sales events throughout the logoBurton.comBurton is a well-known brand that specializes in snowboarding gear and apparel. Founded in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter, the brand has grown into an industry leader and played a significant role in promoting and developing the sport of snowboarding. **Product Range** The primary focus of Burton is on snowboarding gear, including snowboards, bindings, boots, and outerwear. Additionally, they offer a variety of clothing, accessories, and equipment catered to both men and women. Their product lines encompass all skill levels from beginners to professionals. **Sustainability and Social Responsibility** Burton is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. They have various eco-friendly initiatives, such as using renewable energy sources in their facilities, recycling waste materials, and designing products with sustainability in mind. The brand also promotes gender equality and supports various charitable causes related to sports, education, and environmental protection. **Team Riders** Burton sponsors professional snowboarders from around the world as part of their team riders program. These athletes showcase the brand's products on the international stage while competing in various snowboarding events. Some famous Burton team riders include Terje Haakonsen, Shaun White, Kelly Clark, and Mark McMorris. **Learn to Ride Program** The brand also has a Learn to Ride (LTR) program that aims at making snowboarding more accessible and enjoyable for beginners. Burton partners with many ski resorts and local instructors to provide beginner-friendly equipment rental packages and expert coaching for first-time riders.Rent the Runway logoRent the RunwayRent the Runway is an e-commerce platform that offers clothing, accessories, and home decor rental services. Founded in 2009, the company aims to provide affordable access to high-end designer fashion for women. By offering rentals from designer brands at a fraction of retail prices, Rent the Runway has revolutionized the way women approach shopping and dressing for special events. **Rental Process** Customers browse through the website's vast collection of dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, bags, and more from various designers. They can select items based on categories such as occasion, size, color, and designer. Once an item is chosen, customers can rent it for a specified period (usually 4 or 8 days) with the option to extend if desired. **Membership Options** Rent the Runway offers different membership plans tailored to different needs: Pay-as-you-rent allows customers to rent items without a monthly subscription; RTR Update offers one shipment per month with up to four items; RTR Unlimited provides unlimited rentals with a rotating wardrobe. **Return & Shipping** Shipping is primarily handled through UPS. After use, items can be returned via UPS drop-off locations using provided pre-paid shipping labels. Rent the Runway handles all dry cleaning and necessary repairs. **Sustainability** As part of its commitment to sustainability, Rent the Runway focuses on extending the lifespan of fashion items through rental services while reducing textile waste in landfills.Bicycling logoBicyclingBicycling is a popular website that caters to the cycling community by providing comprehensive information related to bicycles, cycling gears, and accessories, as well as tips and advice for both beginners and experienced cyclists. The website features informative articles, expert reviews, buying guides, fitness tips, and industry news. **Cycling News and Events** Bicycling keeps its audience up-to-date with the latest news in the world of cycling. This includes coverage of professional races, events, and important updates on various cycling organizations. **Bike Reviews and Buying Guides** The website offers extensive reviews of various types of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, and commuter bikes. Their buying guides help users make informed decisions based on their needs and budgets. **Gear and Accessory Information** In addition to bike reviews, Bicycling provides information on a wide range of cycling gear and accessories such as helmets, shoes, clothing, and tools needed for bike maintenance. **Fitness and Training Tips** Cycling enthusiasts can find useful fitness tips and training advice from experts to improve their performance. The website shares information on topics like nutrition, workout plans, injury prevention, and recovery methods. **Routes and Travel** Bicycling features articles on popular cycling routes around the world to inspire readers to explore new destinations. They also collaborate with travel agencies to offer cycling-specific vacations for those who want an immersive experience combining travel with their passion for biking.House & Garden logoHouse & GardenHouse & Garden is a well-known British interior design and lifestyle magazine-turned-website that focuses on home decor, gardening, architecture, and general lifestyle topics related to creating beautiful living spaces. The website started as an extension of the print magazine, which was first published in 1947. **Content and Categories** The website covers various categories such as decorating, gardens, recipes, travel, and shopping. These sections offer articles on design inspiration, practical tips for improving your living spaces, gardening techniques and landscape ideas, delicious recipes to try at home, travel inspiration for stylish getaways, as well as shopping guides for finding unique home accessories. **The List** One of the key features of House & Garden is "The List," an online directory that connects visitors with design professionals such as interior designers, architects, and landscape designers. This resource provides users with a curated selection of professionals who can help with designing or improving their living spaces. **Podcast and Videos** House & Garden also produces a podcast called "The Calico Club" and offers video content through their YouTube channel. The podcast features interviews with well-known figures in the design world sharing their experiences and insights about trends in design and interiors. **Social Media Presence** House & Garden has a strong social media presence with accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These platforms allow them to engage with their audience directly while sharing inspiring images and resources from their website.MATCHESFASHION UK logoMATCHESFASHION UKMatchesFashion is a global luxury fashion retailer offering a modern edit of designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women. Established in 1987 in London, the brand has grown to operate both online and through brick-and-mortar stores. **Product Offerings** The brand features a curated selection of products from over 450 established designers and emerging talents, such as Gucci, Prada, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga. The wide range of products includes clothing like dresses, suits, jackets, knitwear, activewear, and intimates; footwear like boots, sandals, sneakers, and formal shoes; as well as accessories like bags, jewelry, belts, sunglasses, and more. **Content & Editorial** MatchesFashion is known for its exclusive content focused on fashion trends, designer interviews, and styling advice. The site provides editorial features that showcase new arrivals and fashion collections to inspire shoppers. **Shipping & Returns** They offer international shipping to over 176 countries with express delivery options. They also provide free returns within 14 days of receiving the order. Complimentary home pick-up service is available for returns in selected locations. **Customer Service & Loyalty Program** The brand has a dedicated customer service team available 24/7 to assist with queries related to orders, products or styling advice. They also provide personalized shopping experiences through their curated edit called MyStylist. MatchesFashion offers a loyalty program called 'The Curator' that rewards members with points on purchases which can be redeemed online or in-store.Proflowers logoProflowersProFlowers is an online flower delivery service that specializes in providing fresh, high-quality flowers for various occasions. They offer a wide variety of flowers, plants, and gourmet gifts for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and more. **Product Range** Their product range includes flower arrangements, potted plants, gift baskets, chocolates, and other gourmet items to make any occasion special. They also offer a range of floral and plant subscriptions for regular deliveries. **Delivery Options** ProFlowers delivers nationwide in the United States and offers various delivery options including same-day service for select products. They work with local florists to ensure the freshest flowers are used in each arrangement. **Quality Guarantee** The company guarantees the freshness of their flowers and plants for at least seven days after delivery. If customers are not satisfied with the quality or duration of their purchase, ProFlowers will either replace the product or refund the purchase price. **Order Tracking and Support** Customers can track their orders through the ProFlowers website by entering their order number and billing zip code. The company also provides customer service through phone support, live chat, and email assistance to answer any questions or address concerns.Chairish logoChairishChairish is an online marketplace dedicated to home furnishings, vintage furniture, art, and decor. The platform provides a trusted and curated shopping experience for both buyers and sellers who share a passion for unique and high-quality pieces. Founded in 2013, Chairish has become a popular destination for interior designers, antique enthusiasts, and home decorators. **Buying Items** Buyers can browse through an extensive selection of items, ranging from vintage finds to original art and luxury furniture. Each item is vetted by the Chairish team to ensure quality and authenticity. Users can also take advantage of the "Make an Offer" feature to negotiate prices with sellers. Additionally, the platform offers a "View in Your Space" augmented reality tool, which allows shoppers to visualize how items will look in their homes before purchasing. **Selling Items** Sellers on Chairish benefit from an easy-to-use platform that connects them with potential buyers. Once an item is approved by the team, it becomes listed on the site with no upfront listing fees. The seller can then manage their listings, communicate with buyers, and coordinate shipping arrangements through the platform. Chairish charges a commission fee based on the final sale price of an item. **Trade Program** Chairish offers a Trade Program designed for professional interior designers and registered businesses. Members receive exclusive benefits such as trade-only pricing, tax exemptions on eligible purchases, dedicated support, and customizable project boards. **Shipping** The platform provides various shipping options depending on the item size and weight. For smaller items, Chairish offers parcel shipping while larger or fragile pieces require white glove or freight shipping services. International shipping is also available for certain items.Big 5 Sporting Goods logoBig 5 Sporting GoodsBig 5 Sporting Goods is a leading sporting goods retailer in the United States that offers a wide range of products, catering to the needs of fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. They have a strong online presence, as well as numerous brick-and-mortar stores located throughout the country. **Product Categories** The brand features products spanning various categories, including athletic shoes, apparel, and equipment. Major product categories available on their website are: 1. Footwear 2. Apparel 3. Fitness 4. Sports 5. Outdoor activities 6. Games & toys 7. Fishing & hunting **Popular Brands** Big 5 Sporting Goods carries products from reputable and well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Columbia Sportswear, Skechers, and many more. **Sales & Discounts** The retailer frequently features sales and discounts on various products, allowing customers to take advantage of special deals for a limited time. They also provide clearance sections for customers seeking discounted items. **Store Locator** Customers can use the store locator feature available on their website to find physical store locations near them. **Shipping & Returns** Big 5 Sporting Goods provides shipping options within the United States and offers a convenient return policy for customers who are unsatisfied with their purchases.Tatler logoTatlerTatler is a British magazine and website that focuses primarily on high society, fashion, and lifestyle. It was founded in 1709 by Richard Steele and it is now owned by Condé Nast Publications. The magazine and its online platform are known for their coverage of various parties, events, and social gatherings attended by influential members of high society. **Target Audience** Tatler caters to readers interested in the lives of the rich and famous as well as those who enjoy keeping up with the latest in fashion, beauty, travel, and culture. It appeals to a mainly upscale, affluent audience. **Content** Tatler features engaging articles on fashion, lifestyle, events, beauty, and travel. Additionally, readers can find exclusive interviews with notable personalities and insightful think pieces on contemporary culture. The digital platform also offers image galleries from various high-society events. **Events** Tatler covers a wide range of events attended by members of British high society including charity galas, award ceremonies, fashion shows, and exclusive parties. They also report on royal gatherings or other elite functions. **Print Magazine** The print version of Tatler is released monthly and provides its readers with captivating stories on the luxury lifestyle that accompany richly detailed visuals.ThirdLove logoThirdLoveThirdLove is an online women's lingerie and underwear retailer, founded in 2013 by Heidi Zak and David Spector. The brand specializes in offering comfortable, stylish, and high-quality bras, underwear, loungewear, and sleepwear for women of all shapes and sizes. **Product Range** ThirdLove's primary focus is on its innovative bra designs. They offer a wide variety of bras including t-shirt bras, push-up bras, wireless bras, plunge bras, strapless bras, and nursing bras. The brand is also known for offering half-cup sizes, designed to provide a more personalized fit for their customers. **Fit Finder Quiz** To further enhance the customer experience, ThirdLove provides a "Fit Finder Quiz" on their website. This quiz helps shoppers determine their perfect bra size by asking a series of questions about preferences, measurements, and fit issues. The quiz takes approximately 60 seconds to complete and aims to make the online shopping experience more successful for customers. **Try Before You Buy** ThirdLove offers a unique "Try Before You Buy" program for selected bra styles. Customers can try out the selected bra at home for 14 days before making a decision to keep or return it. This program allows customers to test the comfort and fit of their chosen product before committing to the purchase. **Social Impact** The company has a strong focus on social responsibility and sustainability. ThirdLove donates gently worn returned bras to women in need through partnerships with non-profit organizations like I Support The Girls and Good360.Herschel Supply Co. USA logoHerschel Supply Co. USAHerschel Supply Co. is a Canadian brand known for designing and manufacturing high-quality backpacks, bags, travel goods, and accessories. Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, the brand embraces a timeless design with a focus on details and functionality. **Product Offerings** Herschel offers a wide range of products, including backpacks, duffel bags, tote bags, wallets, laptop sleeves, and various travel accessories such as luggage tags and passport holders. They also provide headwear, apparel, and collaborations with popular brands like Disney and Major League Baseball. **Quality and Design** One of the key features of Herschel products is their quality materials and craftsmanship. They incorporate a variety of fabrics such as polyester, nylon, canvas, and leather depending on the product line. Additionally, the bags come in various sizes to accommodate different individual needs. **Warranty** Herschel offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for its products. This does not cover general wear and tear or damage due to improper use or accidents. **Shipping and Returns** The company ships orders domestically within Canada, the United States (including APO/FPO addresses), Europe (select countries), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea (via their official regional websites), as well as many other countries through their global shipping program. Herschel accepts returns within 30 days of purchase provided items have not been used.VERANDA logoVERANDAVeranda is an upscale American home and lifestyle magazine that showcases the world's most beautiful and elegant homes and their affluent interiors. The magazine focuses on interior design, architecture, gardening, and outdoor living, and offers its readers inspiring and practical ideas to create exquisite surroundings. **Content Categories** Veranda covers a wide range of categories such as: 1. Design & Architecture: Features stylish designs, latest trends, architects' insights, and stunning architectural masterpieces. 2. Gardens & Outdoor Living: Offers garden design tips, landscaping ideas, and inspiration for brilliant outdoor spaces. 3. Decorating: Provides guidance on decorating various spaces in your home according to specific themes or styles. 4. Lifestyle: Covers topics related to travel, entertaining, recipes, and fine living experiences. 5. Shopping & Resources: Gives recommendations for products and resources needed to execute various design projects. **Subscription** Veranda offers both print and digital subscriptions. A print subscriber receives bimonthly issues directly in their mailbox, whereas a digital subscriber gains access to the online version of the magazine. **Online Presence** Along with the print edition, Veranda maintains an online platform that features daily updates on design news, stunning homes, product discoveries, and exclusive interviews with top designers. Readers can also engage with Veranda via their social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. **Editorial Team** The magazine is driven by a team of talented editors led by Steele Marcoux who is the current Editor-in-Chief. Their combined expertise helps deliver fresh insights into luxury living and sophisticated interior design trends.Erin Condren logoErin CondrenErin Condren is a company specializing in personalized and customizable organization tools such as life planners, notebooks, journals, and stationery items. The brand offers a wide array of creative designs for customers to choose from or create themselves. **Product Range** The product range includes a variety of essential organization tools such as LifePlanners, note-taking accessories, address books, and wedding planners. Erin Condren also offers various related items like home décor pieces, stickers, and canvases. **Customization** Erin Condren allows customers to customize their products with personal touches like names, initials, or monogrammed elements for a unique look. Users can choose from multiple designs and color schemes to match their preference or style. **Education Store** To cater to teachers and students alike, Erin Condren provides educational-specific products such as lesson planners, student planners, and teacher accessories. These resources are designed to make daily classroom management easier and more organized. **Rewards Program** Customers can join the Erin Condren Rewards program to earn points through purchases, referrals, or promotional contests. These points can later be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. **Shipping & Returns** Erin Condren ships its products worldwide with various shipping options available. Customers can expect different delivery times based on their location. The company accepts returns within 30 days of purchase if the product is unopened and in new condition. However, personalized items cannot be returned due to the customization aspect.FTD logoFTDFTD is an online flower and gift delivery service with a long history of providing high-quality, hand-crafted floral arrangements, plants, and gifts for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. The company has a wide network of local florists who ensure efficient and same-day delivery services in some cases. **Products and Services** FTD offers a variety of products including fresh flowers, plants, gift baskets, gourmet food, sweets, and personalized gifts. They also provide flowers for events like weddings and funerals. Their selection ranges from classic roses to exotic orchids, ensuring customers find the perfect arrangement for their needs. **Delivery Options** FTD provides same-day delivery for select floral arrangements if the order is placed by specific cutoff times. Other products may have varying delivery timelines based on availability and location. International delivery is also available. **Special Programs** FTD offers a membership program called FTD Gold which includes benefits like free standard shipping, reduced service fees, and exclusive offers for a yearly subscription fee. They also have a corporate gifting program that caters to businesses looking to send gifts or flowers to employees or clients. **Customer Support** FTD has a dedicated customer service team available via phone or live chat to assist with questions or concerns about orders or their services. The company also offers a satisfaction guarantee policy: if customers are not satisfied with their order quality or delivery experience, FTD will work to find a resolution or provide a refund.Lovevery logoLoveveryLovevery is an innovative brand focusing on child development through play. The company designs and offers high-quality, stage-based play products and subscription boxes, intended for children from newborns to toddlers up to 36 months of age. **Mission**\ Their mission is to provide parents with well-researched, expert-supported play essentials that promote holistic learning and healthy development in children. They place emphasis on ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials. **Play Kits**\ Lovevery's play kits are the core of their offerings. These subscription boxes are designed and curated by child development experts. They are based on different age stages, delivering a range of safe and engaging toys, books, and materials to encourage purposeful play. **Toys and Products**\ In addition to their play kits, Lovevery also sells a variety of individual toys and developmental products such as activity gyms, block sets, puzzle balls, books, early-learning games, wooden toy collections, sensory tools, and more. **Blog and Community**\ Lovevery's blog enables parents to learn more about various aspects of parenting and child development. It shares insightful articles on topics like milestones, cognitive growth strategies, bonding with infants, benefits of playtime, seasonal activities for kids, etc. The brand has an engaged community on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where they share useful tips or news about upcoming products.Swanson® logoSwanson®Swanson Vitamins is an online retailer that specializes in selling high-quality vitamins, supplements, and natural health products. The company was founded in 1969 by Leland Swanson, and since then, it has become a popular destination for health-conscious consumers looking for affordable wellness solutions. **Product Categories** Swanson Vitamins offers a wide range of products, including vitamins and supplements, herbs and homeopathy, beauty and personal care items, sports nutrition, grocery items, and even pet health products. The website features both their own Swanson brand products as well as other popular brands in the industry. **Quality Assurance** The company is committed to providing top-quality products that are backed by rigorous testing and quality control measures. They implement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for their dietary supplements and also maintain a proprietary third-party verification system called Swanson QA. **Shipping and Returns** Swanson Vitamins ships to customers within the United States and internationally. Shipping times and costs may vary depending on the destination. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products, allowing customers to return any product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or replacement if they are dissatisfied with the quality or results. **Customer Support** Customers can reach Swanson Vitamins customer service through various channels – phone, email, or live chat – for assistance with product inquiries, placing orders, or discussing any concerns related to their purchases. The company seeks to provide excellent customer service to ensure satisfaction and build trust among its clientele.Purl Soho logoPurl SohoPurl Soho is an online shop and resource center for knitting, sewing, and craft enthusiasts. It offers a curated selection of high-quality yarns, fabrics, and crafting supplies that cater to makers and artisans worldwide. The site also provides an extensive library of free patterns and tutorials for knitting, crocheting, sewing, weaving, embroidery, and more. **Products** The product range at Purl Soho includes a wide variety of yarns made from different fibers like wool, cashmere, cotton, and silk. They also offer an assortment of knitting needles and accessories. In addition to knitting supplies, the site features beautiful fabrics for sewing projects such as quilting cottons, linens, Liberty of London prints, and Japanese fabrics. They also sell sewing patterns and kits. **Tutorials and Patterns** One of the main attractions of Purl Soho is their extensive library of free tutorials and patterns for various crafts. Their team of expert designers creates these projects by keeping both beginners and experienced crafters in mind. They cover a wide array of categories including garments, accessories, home items, holiday decorations, baby items, and more. **Blog** The Purl Soho blog is regularly updated with new patterns, tutorials, product launches, sale announcements, and other craft-related news. This keeps customers engaged with the brand while providing inspiration for their own projects. **Physical Store** Purl Soho also has a brick-and-mortar store located in New York City. At their physical location, customers can explore the full range of products and attend classes or workshops to enhance their crafting skills.Magnolia Bakery logoMagnolia BakeryMagnolia Bakery is a well-known bakery chain that specializes in classic American baked goods, particularly cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats. The bakery was established in 1996 in New York City and has since gained popularity, expanding to multiple locations across the United States and internationally. **Menu** Magnolia Bakery offers a wide variety of products made with high-quality ingredients. Their menu consists of cupcakes, cakes, pies and tarts, cheesecakes, brownies and bars, cookies, puddings and parfaits, and other specialty baked goods. They also provide seasonal items and holiday specials during specific periods of the year. To accompany treats, they offer coffee beverages like espresso, cappuccino, latte, drip coffee. **Online Shopping** The bakery allows customers to place orders online for various products such as custom cakes and cupcakes, gift boxes, bundles and packs of various baked goods for celebrations or events. The website also features an online subscription service called "Flavor of the Month," where subscribers receive monthly shipments containing specialty flavors not available in-store. **Locations** With multiple locations across the United States (including Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston), Magnolia Bakery has also expanded internationally to have branches in places like Tokyo, Moscow, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and more. **Careers** For those interested in joining their team, Magnolia Bakery offers career opportunities with positions across their corporate offices and retail locations. Job openings can be found on their website under the "Careers" section.LiveAuctioneers logoLiveAuctioneersLiveAuctioneers is a leading online marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers of rare and unique items, including fine art, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, and more. Established in 2002, the platform brings together auction houses, galleries, and dealers from around the world to offer live and timed auctions. **Auction Format** LiveAuctioneers provides both live auctions, where potential buyers can place bids in real-time during the auction event, and timed auctions, where users can place bids on items over a specified period of days. Bidders can participate remotely from any device with an internet connection. **Browse and Search** The website allows users to browse various categories of art, antiques, and collectibles or use its advanced search function to find specific items based on criteria like artist name, item type, or auction date. Users can also save search terms and set up email notifications for upcoming auctions. **Register and Bid** To bid on LiveAuctioneers, users must create an account on the website. Once registered, users can participate in live auctions via real-time bidding or place absentee bids for upcoming auctions. Additionally, the platform offers a feature called "Autobid," where users can manually set a maximum bid amount for an item and let the system automatically place incremental bids on their behalf. **Payment and Shipping** Payment methods vary depending on the seller's preferences but generally include major credit cards or services such as PayPal. Shipping arrangements are typically made between the winning bidder and the seller after each auction'seSalon logoeSaloneSalon is a custom hair color company that offers personalized hair coloring solutions for its customers. The website provides an online platform for users to create their tailor-made hair color by filling out a detailed questionnaire, which takes into account various factors such as skin tone, eye color, and hair goals. **Personalized Hair Color Formulas** The main attraction of eSalon is the ability to develop a unique hair color formula based on individual preferences and needs. The company features professional colorists who analyze the customer's submitted information and design a customized hair color mixture. **Products** In addition to personalized hair colors, eSalon offers other products such as shampoo, conditioner, tinted dry shampoo, and various hair styling tools. These products work in conjunction with the custom hair color to ensure optimal results and maintenance of healthy hair. **Pricing and Shipping** The price of eSalon's custom hair color starts at $22 for a single application; however, they offer lower pricing through their subscription plans. Shipping costs vary based on location and chosen delivery speed. **How-to Guides and Support** eSalon features numerous how-to guides and video tutorials to assist customers with the application of their custom hair color at home. They also have a responsive customer support team that can answer questions about products and address any concerns users may have.Vanity Fair logoVanity FairVanity Fair is a magazine publication, both in print and online, which focuses on popular culture, fashion, and current affairs. It is published by Condé Nast, a prominent publishing company with numerous successful titles under their portfolio. Vanity Fair covers a wide range of topics, from film and television analysis to political commentaries and celebrity interviews. Known for their quality journalism and eye-catching visuals, Vanity Fair quickly became an influential platform for various readers. **Article Categories** The website contains several categories for easy navigation, including: - Hollywood & Entertainment: Film reviews, celebrity news, and industry insights. - Style: Latest fashion trends and style tips. - Politics: Commentaries on national and international affairs. - Business: News on economy, tech innovations, and markets. - Art & Culture: In-depth looks at art-related events, exhibitions, books and artists. - Video: Original videos featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes content, mini-documentaries and more. **Vanity Fair Hive** 'Vanity Fair Hive' is one of the most popular sections on the website. It features deep dives into major cultural happenings affecting politics, business, technology and media. Readers can find investigative stories as well as unique takes on current events here. **Subscription Options** The website offers digital or print subscriptions which grant unlimited access to all its online content as well as physical copies of the magazine. Subscription tiers include a choice between Basic Digital Access or The Complete Package (print + digital).Prevention logoPreventionPrevention is a health and wellness website focused on providing its audience with expert advice and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Content on the website covers various topics, like fitness, nutrition, weight loss, mental health, sleep, and age-related health issues. Prevention aims to help people make informed decisions about their diet, exercise routines, and **Content Categories** - **Fitness:** The website offers workout routines, exercise tips, and inspiration for staying active, targeting various goals such as strength training, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. - **Nutrition:** Prevention provides healthy recipes, meal plans, and evidence-based nutrition advice to promote a balanced diet. - **Weight Loss:** The site covers various approaches to weight loss through diet modifications, exercise plans, and habit changes in a healthy manner. - **Health Conditions:** Prevention educates readers about age-related health issues or conditions like diabetes or heart diseases and suggests preventive measures for maintaining good health. - **Mental Health:** The website addresses topics related to mental well-being by providing stress management techniques, self-care advice, and tips for improving emotional resilience. **Additional Features** Prevention also offers additional features like exclusive workout videos from certified trainers and access to expert advice. They have a print magazine option available with additional content not found on their website.Elie Tahari logoElie is the official website of Elie Tahari, a globally recognized fashion brand known for their sophisticated, modern, and luxurious clothing designs. Founded by Israeli fashion designer Elie Tahari in 1973, the brand has grown to become an influential force in the world of high-end fashion. **Product Categories** Elie Tahari offers a wide range of products for both women and men including clothing, accessories, and footwear. For women, the available categories are dresses, outerwear, tops, bottoms, suits and jumpsuits. Men's selections include jackets & coats, knits & tees, shirts, pants & shorts and sweaters. **Online Shopping** The website features an online store where customers can browse and purchase the latest collections from Elie Tahari. Users can filter their search by various options such as size, color, material and price range to find their desired items. The website also offers a size guide, helping customers find the right fit. **Store Locator** Customers wanting to visit an Elie Tahari brick and mortar store can use the store locator feature on the website. This allows users to find nearby boutiques or department stores that carry Elie Tahari merchandise. **Customer Support** Elie Tahari's customer service team can be reached via phone or email to assist shoppers with any inquiries or issues related to orders, shipping or returns/exchanges. The FAQ section on their website provides additional information about ordering policies and other common questions.Vogue Business logoVogue BusinessVogue Business is a digital publication that focuses on the global fashion industry, providing news, analysis, and insight for business professionals in the industry. Created by Condé Nast International, Vogue Business aims to be a resource for fashion decision makers and innovators. The platform covers a wide range of topics in fashion, including retail, tech, sustainability, culture, and more. **Content** The website offers a mix of news articles, in-depth reports, trend analysis, and expert opinion pieces. These are written by experienced journalists and industry insiders to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the world of fashion. **Newsletter** Vogue Business also offers a newsletter that provides subscribers with essential insights and updates about the global fashion industry. Interested users can sign up for the newsletter through the website. **Membership** To access premium content and exclusive features on Vogue Business, users can subscribe to a membership plan. Members enjoy benefits such as unlimited access to all content, access to Vogue Business intelligence reports, priority invitations to events, and personalized content recommendations. **Social Media Presence** Vogue Business maintains an active social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.MZ Wallace logoMZ WallaceMZ Wallace is a New York City-based designer brand that specializes in creating stylish, functional, and lightweight bags for women. The brand was founded by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice in 2000. Since its inception, MZ Wallace has been committed to designing versatile, high-quality products that combine fashion and functionality. **Product Range** The product range includes various styles of handbags such as crossbody bags, totes, backpacks, shoulder bags, travel bags, and accessories like wallets, pouches, and face masks. The bags are designed with durable materials such as water-resistant nylon and leather trims for longevity. **Design and Style Approach** MZ Wallace is known for their signature aesthetic that combines modern style with practical design elements. The brand uses distinctive patterns like camouflage or quilted designs to create statement pieces. Many items feature detachable straps or stroller attachments, making them adaptable to different activities. **Awards and Recognition** MZ Wallace has gained recognition for its commitment to quality design and social impact. In 2015, the company was awarded the U.S. Small Business Administration's New York District Office "Women-Owned Business of the Year." **Social Initiatives** The company supports numerous charitable causes such as education for children in need, women's empowerment initiatives, and disaster relief efforts through collaborations with various organizations like Every Mother Counts and Free Arts NYC.Caskers logoCaskersCaskers is an online spirits retailer specializing in premium and craft spirits from around the world. They offer a variety of liquors, including whiskey, tequila, gin, rum, vodka, and more. By curating a selection of high-quality and unique spirits, Caskers aims to help customers discover new and exciting products that may not be readily available in traditional liquor stores. **Membership Options** Caskers offers two membership options: Caskers Club and Caskers Choice. The Caskers Club membership provides subscribers with personalized recommendations based on their preferences, exclusive access to new products and limited-release spirits, as well as member-only pricing on select items. The Caskers Choice membership is an invite-only club that offers members access to even rarer and more exclusive spirits. **Shipping Information** Caskers is committed to delivering your order safely and on time. Shipping is currently available in the United States (with some restrictions), and shipping rates depend on the destination and the number of bottles purchased. Customers can typically expect delivery within 3 to 7 business days after placing their order. **Customer Support** To ensure customer satisfaction, Caskers offers responsive customer support services. Customers can contact their support team via email or phone with any questions or concerns regarding orders or products. **Payment Methods** Caskers accepts a variety of payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, and PayPal for a secure and convenient checkout experience.British GQ logoBritish GQGQ Magazine UK, also known as British GQ, is a popular men's lifestyle brand providing insights and information related to fashion, style, grooming, technology, travel, fitness, culture, politics and entertainment. The online platform showcases latest trends, reviews, advice from industry experts and interviews with influential personalities. **Content and Features** The website offers a variety of categories such as Fashion & Style, Grooming, Watches & Jewellery, Technology & Gear, Cars & Bikes, News & Politics, Sports & Fitness, Culture & Entertainment and Travel & Food. 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