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Omniconvert's Customers

There are 6 ecommerce online stores in our database currently using Omniconvert to grow their business. Read on to discover how these stores are leveraging Omniconvert to achieve success.

Vessi logoVessiVessi is a footwear brand that specializes in creating waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable sneakers. Founded by three Vancouverites, the company's mission is to design sustainable footwear that combines style, comfort, and function. The Vessi brand is popular for its unique waterproof technology called "Dyma-tex," which keeps the sneakers breathable and fully waterproof. **Products** Vessi offers a range of unisex and gender-specific styles for men and women. Some popular styles include the Cityscape, Everyday, Weekend, and World's First Waterproof Knit shoes. They pride themselves on using environmentally-friendly materials in their shoe construction process. **Pricing** Prices for Vessi shoes typically range from $100 to $135 per pair, making them an affordable option for those seeking waterproof footwear without sacrificing style or comfort. **Returns and Exchanges** Vessi provides a 30-day guarantee for returns, exchanges, or store credit for unworn items in their original condition. They also offer easy return labels for customers within the United States and Canada. **Sustainability** Sustainability is an essential aspect of Vessi's philosophy. They aim to minimize waste, water usage, and carbon emissions during production. In addition to using eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester in their shoes' construction, they also participate in ocean cleanup initiatives to help protect the environment. **Shipping** Vessi ships products worldwide with varying shipping times based on the region. They offer free standard shipping within the United States and Canada on orders above a certain value. International shipping costs vary depending on the destination country.Big Life Journal logoBig Life JournalBig Life Journal is an online platform that focuses on providing personal development resources and products for children and teens. The main goal of the platform is to promote social-emotional growth, resilience, and a growth mindset among young individuals. **Products** Big Life Journal offers a range of products, including printed journals, educational printables, binders, digital downloads, online courses, and membership options. Their primary product is a guided journal designed to help children develop a positive mindset, set goals, practice gratitude, and learn about mindfulness. **Educational Resources** The site offers various educational resources such as weekly newsletters for parents and teachers with helpful tips and tools to support their children's growth. It also has a blog with articles covering topics like goal-setting, positive thinking, mindfulness for children, developing emotional intelligence, and cultivating perseverance. **Membership** Big Life Journal has a membership program called "The Big Life Kids Club." Members receive exclusive access to monthly bundles containing digital downloads that include printable activities and lesson plans based on personal development themes. **Shop** The Big Life Journal Shop is where you can purchase products like their popular guided journals in different editions (e.g., Daily Edition or special editions for Tweens & Teens), as well as the digital resources mentioned earlier.CLX Gaming logoCLX GamingCLX Gaming is a company specializing in creating custom gaming PCs and laptops for gamers and enthusiasts. Their goal is to provide high-performance systems tailored to the needs of their customers while ensuring optimal performance and reliability. They offer various customization options for their pre-built systems, including the ability to choose from a wide range of components such as graphics cards, processors, memory, storage options, and cooling solutions. **System Configurator and Customization Options** CLX Gaming offers a user-friendly online configurator that enables customers to build their dream gaming system from scratch or choose from one of the pre-configured systems. Users can select their preferred case, motherboard, graphics card, processor, RAM capacity, cooling options, and additional components according to their specific requirements. **Product Offerings** The company offers an extensive range of product offerings, including gaming desktops (including small form factors), gaming laptops of various sizes and specifications, gaming peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headsets. They also provide VR-ready systems optimized for virtual reality gaming. **Warranty and Support** CLX Gaming provides a standard 1-year warranty on parts and labor on all its products. In addition to this, customers can opt for extended warranty plans for additional coverage. The brand also offers technical support via email or phone for troubleshooting any issues with their systems. **Financing Options** To make the purchase process more convenient for customers with varying budgets, CLX Gaming offers financing options through designated financing partners. By availing these services, users can get flexible payment plans tailored to their individual finance preferences.Umbra logoUmbraUmbra offers original, modern, casual & functional home decor products with 5 year warranty, best price guarantee, no-hassle returns & free shipping!MMUD\WTRMUD\WTR is a coffee alternative filled with adaptogens & organic ingredients. With just a fraction of the caffeine of coffee, Mud provides natural energy & focus.AAquarium Co-OpWe focus on Live Aquarium Plants, selling both in our retail store and online. Live Aquatic Plants are essential to a healthy aquarium.