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Facebook Ads Integrations

There are 0 eCommerce online stores in our database currently using Facebook Ads to grow their business. Read on to discover how these stores are leveraging Facebook Ads to achieve success.

GAI: Analytics in Slackmarketing analytics
GA Insights enables automated reporting and alerts to be sent to Slack, Teams or Email
Everstoresstore activity
Securely connect to the Everstores Analytics Engine to receive a data-driven valuation.
Supermetricsmarketing analytics
Supermetrics moves data from popular marketing and sales platforms into destinations of your choice. export datastore data - other
Automate the export of your store data to a spreadsheet, workbook, or table on a set schedule.
Create and optimize paid ads. Use our pixel to recapture lost audiences can increase product sales.
Connect your data, track your metrics, and create dashboards to see your full business funnel.
Bonzanappmarketing analytics
Bonzanapp helps you to forecast. Decide to work on your weak points or to increase your budget.
Nautilus Analyticsmarketing analytics
Nautilus provides you actionable insights and analytics to help optimize your ecommerce business.
Lexercustomer analytics
Lexer collects, connects & enriches your customer data. Deliver marketing campaigns to drive sales.
Spur: Marketing via WA, IG, FBworkflow automation
Increase Sales & Reduce Avg. Response Time via Spur's Automation for WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook
Amigo: Export to Google Sheetsoperations - other
Automate data exports to Google Sheets. Get sales & marketing reports for e-commerce in seconds
WebMedicmarketing analytics
Increase your ROAS without all the manual work
heybooster Insights & Reportsmarketing analytics
heybooster Insights & Reports
1PDmarketing analytics
Business decision system: marketing analytics, business insights for more revenue with less budget.
AdCreative AI | Ad Bannerssocial media ads
AdCreative AI | Ad Banners ‑ Sales Radarsales analytics ‑ Sales Radar
Shopify Audiencesadvertising
Find relevant customers and lower ad costs with custom audience lists for your digital advertising
Airboxr: Sales Reportingdashboards
Automate your revenue and marketing decisions. Let your reports run on auto-pilot.