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Explore the comprehensive list of eCommerce websites, find out their monthly traffic, revenue, domain ranking, and social media following. Learn about the software and eCommerce platforms they use to achieve their accomplishments. Take inspiration from their latest email campaigns that help them drive growth.

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  1. OLAY® Official SiteBigCommerce
    Olay is a well-known skincare brand that offers a wide range of products for various skin types and concerns. Their website serves as an online platform for customers to explore, learn about, and purchase their products. **Products** The brand offers a comprehensive selection of skincare products, including cleansers, moisturizers, serums, eye creams, and treatments. They cater to various skin concerns such as aging, dryness, acne, sensitivity, and uneven skin tone. Olay also provides targeted collections like Regenerist, Total Effects, Luminous, and Age-Defying. **Skincare Advice** The Olay website features a skincare advice section that offers valuable tips and information on maintaining healthy skin. This includes articles on specific skin concerns, trends in skincare, and guides on creating the perfect skincare routine. **Skin Advisor Tool** To help customers find the most suitable products for their skin type and concerns, Olay provides a personalized Skin Advisor tool. Once users answer a series of questions about their skin and preferences, they receive tailor-made product recommendations. **Promotions and Offers** The website frequently features promotions and limited-time offers to provide customers with savings on their favorite Olay products. Users can also sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and updates on new product launches. **Customer Support** Olay's website provides various customer support options such as live chat, email support form and phone number. They also have a detailed FAQ section to assist with common questions related to product usage or order inquiries.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 501M-1B
  2. DKOldiesBigCommerce
    DKOldies is an online store that specializes in the sale of retro video games, consoles, and accessories. The company was founded in 2003, and its primary focus is to provide customers with nostalgic gaming experiences from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. Their inventory includes products from popular gaming platforms such as Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and Sony's PlayStation. **Product categories** DKOldies offers a wide range of products for various gaming systems. These include: 1. Classic consoles: NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Sega Genesis, and more. 2. Video games: A massive collection of titles, with a focus on retro systems. 3. Accessories: Controllers, AV cables, power supplies, and other necessary hardware. 4. Collectibles: Rare games, promotional items, and other memorabilia related to retro gaming. **Customer service and support** DKOldies prides itself on delivering excellent customer service. They offer a 120-day warranty on all products purchased from their store to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, their customer support team is available through phone or email to address any concerns or issues that may arise during transactions. **Shipping and international orders** The company ships orders both domestically within the United States and internationally to select countries around the world. Prices for shipping vary depending on the destination and the weight of the items being shipped. For international customers, any customs fees or import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 501M-1B
  3. Z GallerieBigCommerce
    Z Gallerie is an online furniture and home decor retailer known for its unique, high-quality, and stylish products. With a focus on offering a blend of contemporary and traditional designs, Z Gallerie caters to the tastes of modern and sophisticated home decorators alike. **Products** Z Gallerie offers a wide range of products in categories such as furniture, bedding, art, lighting, rugs, tabletop accessories, and outdoor decor. The brand carefully curates its collections to provide customers with a visually stunning and inspiring selection of home furnishings. **Style** The style of Z Gallerie is inspired by fashion trends and seeks to provide affordable luxury for contemporary living spaces. Their products feature bold colors, innovative designs, and premium materials to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful. **Sales & Discounts** Throughout the year, Z Gallerie offers various sales and discounts on select items or site-wide promotions. These deals provide opportunities for customers to purchase their favorite designs at an affordable price. **Gift Registry** Z Gallerie offers a gift registry service that allows individuals to create a wishlist of their favorite products for friends or family members to purchase as gifts for special occasions such as weddings or housewarmings. **Customer Support & Shipping** Z Gallerie provides customer support through phone or email, assisting with any inquiries related to product information or order status. The company ships its products nationwide within the United States using standard shipping practices.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 501M-1B
  4. One Kings LaneBigCommerce
    One Kings Lane is an online platform specializing in unique and upscale home décor, furniture, and accessories. Launched in 2009, this website offers a curated collection of items for indoor and outdoor spaces, including rugs, lighting, bedding, and kitchen essentials. **Product Categories** The site features various product categories such as furniture, bed & bath, rugs, lighting, home accessories, outdoor, art & mirrors, tabletop & kitchen items, and gifts. Customers can easily explore these categories to find the perfect items that match their design aesthetic. **Brands** One Kings Lane offers products from well-known brands such as Aerin, Ralph Lauren Home, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Alexa Hampton Lighting, Nate Berkus for Kravet Textiles, and many other notable names in the world of design and décor. **Customization Options** The platform also provides customization options for certain products such as upholstered furniture. Customers can choose from various materials and finishes to create pieces that best suit their taste and space. **Sales and Promotions** In addition to regular pricing on items, One Kings Lane frequently runs limited-time sales events and promotions allowing customers to purchase high-quality products at discounted prices. Although the website primarily caters to those with upscale home décor interests, it also appeals to individuals seeking unique pieces that elevate their living space. With its wide range of products and customization options, One Kings Lane continues to be a popular destination for those passionate about home design.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  5. First Aid BeautyBigCommerce
    First Aid Beauty (FAB) is a skincare company founded by Lilli Gordon in 2009. It focuses on providing effective, high-quality, and cruelty-free skin care products that cater to various skin types and concerns. The brand aims to create skincare solutions that are both safe and successful, and are free from harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, and synthetic fragrances. **Product Range** FAB offers a wide range of products for face, body, and even makeup. Their product portfolio includes cleansers, exfoliators, serums, moisturizers, masks, treatments, sun protection creams, and more. They also have a specially formulated line called FAB Pharma which focuses on targeted solutions for specific skin issues. **Sensitive Skin Friendly** One of the distinguishing factors of FAB's products is that they prioritize formulating their products to be suitable for sensitive skin. They carefully select ingredients and conduct rigorous tests to ensure their products are hypoallergenic and non-irritating. **Cruelty-Free and Vegan Products** First Aid Beauty is committed to being cruelty-free and does not conduct animal testing for their product testing process. Many of their products are also vegan-friendly. **Cleanse with FAB Points** FAB offers a loyalty program called Cleanse with FAB Points, where customers can accumulate points as they shop on the website. These points can then be redeemed for rewards such as discounts or free products. **Shipping and Returns** The brand provides free shipping for orders over $50 within the United States. They also offer a 30-day return policy in case customers are not satisfied with their purchase.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 201M-300M
  6. GE AppliancesBigCommerce
    GE Appliances is a well-established home appliances brand that offers a wide range of products such as refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners. The website serves as a comprehensive platform for customers to explore and purchase appliances while providing support and resources related to the products. **Product Catalog** The website features an extensive catalog of GE Appliances' product offerings, organized by categories and subcategories. Users can browse through various collections and models to find an appliance that suits their needs. Additionally, the website provides detailed specifications, user manuals, and installation guides for each product. **Buying Guides** GE Appliances provides buying guides for different types of appliances that assist customers in making informed decisions when purchasing new products. These guides offer useful insights into key features, comparison charts, and tips on selecting the best appliance for one's home. **Support and Service** The support section on the website offers help with product registration, scheduling service appointments, and finding authorized parts distributors. Users can also access troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and how-to videos to address common issues with their appliances. **Appliance Rebate Center** This section provides information about rebates available on various GE Appliances products. Users can check for available rebates by entering their zip code or browsing rebate programs for specific product categories. **Blog** GE Appliances also features a blog with helpful articles on topics such as appliance maintenance tips, recipes, kitchen design ideas, and lifestyle content to help users make the most of their home appliances.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1B-10B
    Estimated monthly visitors: 1M-10M
  7. Mrs. Meyer'sBigCommerce
    Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day is a brand that offers household cleaning products, laundry care, and personal care items made with natural ingredients. The brand was inspired by the founder's Iowa mother, Thelma A. Meyer, who was known for her impeccable cleanliness and eco-friendly approach. **Product Categories** Mrs. Meyer's product categories include: 1. **Household Cleaners**: Multi-surface cleaners, dish soap, hand soap, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. 2. **Laundry Care**: Laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and scent boosters. 3. **Personal Care**: Body wash, body lotion, hand balm, and bar soap. 4. **Air Fresheners & Candles**: Room fresheners and candles to create pleasant fragrances in living or working spaces. 5. **Hand Sanitizers**: Formulated with essential oils and skin-friendly ingredients for clean and soft hands. **Eco-friendly & Cruelty-free** Mrs. Meyer's is dedicated to upholding sustainable practices in their products' manufacturing process alongside using recyclable packaging materials. Besides, their products are cruelty-free as they don't test on animals. **Aromatherapeutic Scents** One of the brand's distinguishing factors is its aromatherapeutic scents made from essential oils sourced from plant derivatives. These fragrances not only provide a pleasant aroma but also offer relaxation and wellness benefits. **Where to Buy** Mrs. Meyer's products can be purchased on their official website or from various retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other grocery stores both online and offline.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  8. VikingbagsBigCommerce
    Viking Bags is an online retailer specializing in motorcycle luggage and accessories. The company offers a wide range of products, including motorcycle saddlebags, tail bags, swing arm bags, tank bags, handlebar bags, backrest bags, and sissy bar bags. They cater to different motorcycle models such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, and more. **High-quality materials** Viking Bags products are crafted using high-quality materials like leather and Viking's proprietary Viking Armor exteriortocomplete with durable stitching and hardware. This combination ensures that the products maintain their integrity while resisting the elements. **Easy to mount** The company offers various mounting systems to make it easy for riders to attach and remove their luggage. Popular options include quick disconnect systems and throw-over mounting methods. **Warranty and customer service** Viking Bags stands behind the quality of its products by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee for any damages or defects. Additionally, they provide a limited one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Their customer service team is available to assist customers with any issues or concerns they may have about their products. **Price range** Viking Bags offers a variety of price points to fit different budgets. The prices vary depending on factors such as material, size, style, and mounting options. **International shipping** The company ships its products globally, making it accessible for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. Shipping fees depend on the destination country and weight of the package.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  9. Dippin' DotsBigCommerce
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  10. Curology Custom SkincareBigCommerce
    Powerful, personalized skincare formulas prescribed by real dermatology providers. Start the skin quiz to try it for 30 days.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  11. Crest USBigCommerce
    At Crest, we offer a variety of toothpaste, 3D whitestrips, mouthwash, teeth whitening and other oral care products. Browse our coupons and purchase today!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  12. francesca’s®BigCommerce
    Shop francesca's curated collection of boutique clothing, dresses, sweaters, jewelry, shoes, & unique gifts! FREE Standard Shipping on order $65+!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 21M-30M
  13. WiltonBigCommerce
    Explore for top-quality baking essentials and vibrant icing colors. Let your creative side shine with expert tutorials and innovative tools. Your dessert creations begin here!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
    Estimated monthly visitors: 501K-1M
  14. Gillette®BigCommerce
    Experience an exceptional shave with Gillette men's razors, engineered to give you a comfortably smooth shave every time. Shop shaving products & more!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  15. Big Green EggBigCommerce
    Big Green Egg, the Ultimate Cooking Experience. It's the best kamado grill, ceramic grill & charcoal smoker on the planet, with 7 convenient sizes!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  16. Red Apple FireworksBigCommerce
    Red Apple Fireworks is an online retailer specializing in the sale of various consumer fireworks, which are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring top quality and safety for their customers. The brand strives to bring unique and innovative products to the market and offers both wholesale and retail purchase options. **Product Categories** Their extensive product catalog includes a wide selection of firework types, such as aerials, fountains, sparklers, assortments, novelties, and more. They cater to various occasions like New Year's Eve, Fourth of July, Diwali, birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. **Online Shopping Experience** Red Apple Fireworks' user-friendly website enables customers to conveniently browse through their products and place orders online. The site offers detailed descriptions for each item and provides video previews showcasing the fireworks' effects. **Shipping Policy** The company ships its products within the continental United States. They offer several shipping options depending on the customer's location and provide free shipping on orders exceeding a certain value threshold. **Customer Support** Red Apple Fireworks places great importance on customer satisfaction. They provide dedicated customer support via phone and email to assist with inquiries related to product information, shipping policies, returns, or any general questions or concerns. **Rewards Program** They also offer a rewards program called "Pyro Points," which allows registered customers to earn points with every purchase. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future orders or exclusive offers.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M
  17. AmerisleepBigCommerce
    Mattresses, adjustable beds, bedding, and platform beds by Amerisleep with a risk-free trial. Enjoy free shipping and no-contact delivery!
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  18. Spicy LingerieBigCommerce
    Spicy Lingerie is an online store specializing in a wide variety of lingerie, costumes, swimwear, and intimate apparel. It was founded in 2003 and has been catering to customers around the world ever since. The brand focuses on providing high-quality products at affordable prices. **Product Categories** Spicy Lingerie offers a diverse range of products for both women and men. Categories include bras, panties, sexy lingerie sets, sleepwear, plus-size lingerie, bridal lingerie, hosiery, men's underwear, and swimwear. In addition to these core offerings, the brand also features costumes for events like Halloween and themed party occasions. **Sizes and Styles** The store caters to all body shapes and sizes by offering a substantial selection of plus-size options. They are committed to making their customers feel sexy and confident in their lingerie selections by providing options for various style preferences and body types. **Shipping** Spicy Lingerie ships nationwide within the United States as well as internationally. Shipping services include standard shipping with UPS or USPS, expedited options including 3-day or overnight shipping, and international shipping through various carriers. **Return Policy** The brand has a 30-day return policy from the date the order was delivered. This allows customers to return or exchange products if they are not satisfied with their purchase for any reason. There are certain conditions that must be met; such as items must be unworn and have all original tags attached. **Special Offers** Spicy Lingerie frequently runs special promotions and offers limited-time discounts on select items. In addition, they have a clearance section featuring discounted items from past seasons or overstocked inventory.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 301M-500M
  19. Mountain Rose HerbsBigCommerce
    Shop bulk herbs and spices at Mountain Rose Herbs. Our herbs are trusted for their unmatched quality and freshness and are hand-selected from the finest harvests each year.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 1M-10M
  20. White StuffBigCommerce
    New season collections are here! Find your perfect look at White Stuff with free UK delivery on orders over £50, or Click & Collect from your local shop.
    Estimated monthly revenue: 101M-200M