Everything You Need to Know About TrackingMore

Everything You Need to Know About TrackingMore

TrackingMore is a third-party shipment tracking tool for global eCommerce companies. It provides point-to-point package tracking services of 410 couriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and China Post. Since 2014, TrackingMore has specialized in offering reliable package tracking services to a diverse range of businesses.

TrackingMore Plan & Pricing

TrackingMore offers flexible and transparent pricing plans starting at $11/month for 200 shipments. Costs vary based on your feature selection and shipment volume. The platform offers a free trial for basic and pro features, including tracking API. You can save up to 20% by choosing the annual payment option. If you exceed your shipment quota, there is an additional charge of $0.04 per extra shipment for Basic and Pro plans. Enterprise users can discuss extra shipment fees with their sales team.

Plan Feature Monthly Order Limit Price
Free Integration with 1,199 carriers, shipment visibility dashboard, bulk import shipment data, auto-detect carrier, customizable tracking page and extensive eCommerce integrations Up to 50 orders Free
Basic All features in Free, plus: customizable notification, email & SMS notifications, notification report and custom labels. Up to 200 orders $11
Pro All features in Basic, plus: tracking API & Webhook, multiple & multilingual tracking pages, shipment report, remove TrackingMore branding and carrier auto-correction. Up to 2000 orders $74
Enterprise All features in Pro, plus: custom integration, custom API rate limit and dedicated account manager. 100,000+ orders per month Custom

TrackingMore Features

All-in-One Shipment Tracking

TrackingMore is a platform that’s deeply integrated with over 1000 global mainstream carriers. They also have the ability to onboard new carriers quickly and easily upon clients' requests. This makes it simple for clients to expand their regional presence globally, while also reducing post-purchase anxiety and lowering operational costs associated with increasing WISMO calls and customer complaints.

Feature Feature Description TrackingMore Shipment Tracking
Auto Sync Shipments synchronize latest order/order status between the tracking system and eCommerce platforms automatically. TrackingMore enables auto sync shipments and allows you to set auto sync time.
Sync Shipments from Multiple Platforms Connect stores from variant e-commerce platforms, to manage all your shipment at one place. Not Applicable
Sync Shipments from Multiple Stores Connect multiple stores to same account, so you can manage all your shipment at one place. Not Applicable
CSV Import & Export Importing and exporting shipment data in CSV or Excel format. Easily upload shipments for bulk order tracking via TrackingMore’s backend and CSV and download raw shipments data in seconds.
Tracking API Access the latest shipment and tracking information via. RESTful API, so developer can easily integrate with their own system, or build an application based on API. You can seamlessly manage tracking with TrackingMore's Tracking API and use TrackingMore's post-purchase services from the admin portal. (available in Pro or higher plan)
Carrier Integrations Integrated with various shipping carriers all over the world. Integrates with 1,100 carriers worldwide
Carrier Auto-Detection Automatically detects the shipping carrier based on tracking number, tracking ID, or detected carriers with AI based on tracking and order information. TrackingMore’s intelligent system can accurately recognize carriers based on the tracking number format and auto-correct wrong inputs.
Standardized Order Statuses Unified tracking statueses cross all carriers, ensuring uniformity in how order statuses are communicated and understood. Integrate different carrier data into unified tracking data format and marking them in 8 main statuses and 28 sub-statuses.
Shipment List View all your shipments in the dashboard and trace whether all your shipments are being delivered on time and identify any delays/exceptions. Using TrackingMore, you can track your shipments in one place and gain a bird’s view of all your parcel delivery data.
Search & filter shipments Filter shipments by dates, statuses, carriers, shipping providers, and destination. Or sort shipments by “Order Title”, “Last Event”, “Created”, “Order Date”, and “Pickup Date”. Filter and locate shipments by delivery status, carrier and other parameters.
Detailed Shipment Information Includes every single shipment's shipping status, tracking numbers, shipping address, weight, shipment tags, shipment method, EDD, etc View tracking details of single shipments available.
Add notes/comment to shipments Add notes to specific shipments to mark special items and reminders. Not Applicable
Custom Order Status Manually add or update a shipment status according to their specific workflow or business requirements. You can modify the shipment detail as you like with TrackingMore.
Send notification Send updated status of specific shipment to customers through email or SMS Not Applicable
Estimated Delivery Date Provides the estimated delivery date from variant source, includes carrier response, or calculated by your setting, or AI predirected. TrackingMore only provides the estimated delivery time that is auto calculated by the system from the last six month of their large amount of data.
Hide order status Allow merchants like dropshippers to hide or customize tracking information, like hide tracking checkpoint or addresses in China, hide specific carrier’s name. If you are using dropshipping method to ship your parcel, you can hide or replace keyword by using TrackingMore “hide keywords and keyword translation” feature.
Tracking SDK Shipment tracking SDK for developers in variant program languages, provides a clean way to access API endpoints. Applicable
Tracking Webhook Webhook can provide a real-time tracking updates, once the tracking is updated, the system can notify your system via. webhook, so developers no need to fetch data through API. You can store the tracking data through API and webhook, and customize the post-purchase services yourself. (available in Pro or higher plan)

Branded Tracking Page

A branded tracking page is a webpage specifically designed to display your customers' order delivery details. A well-designed tracking page from a reputable brand includes your brand logo, colors, and other visual elements to maintain a consistent look. TrackingMore offers a branded tracking page that can help you achieve this.

Feature Well-designed Tracking Page TrackingMore Tracking Page
Shipment Lookup The core features of branded tracking page, allow your customer tracking shipment status by tracking number and order number. Shoppers can directly check the parcels’ whereabouts on a custom tracking page.
Track Button A widget can placed in any webpage, allow your customer track shipment status by tracking number and order number. TrackingMore offers an effective package tracking widget for eCommerce sellers.
Estimated Delivery Date Provides estimated delivery dates either from carrier or calcualted by the tracking software. You can enable EDD when the EDD is provided by Carrier or custom on your tracking page.
Customize Tracking Detail Replace certain keywords in customers' order tracking information or hide certain carriers. Applicable
Localization Built-in multilingual support for your tracking page UI and shipment status, provided by the system. Applicable
Customized localization Personalize your tracking page language to match your branding by uploading or editing translations. You can choose the language(s) you want to activate and the default language will take effect in all the 10 sections on your tracking page.
Support Languages Number of languages supported by tracking page. Supports 32 multi-languages to activated & default. (Pro o higher plan users)
Themes Provides variant themes for your tracking page, allowing you to choose the one that best aligns with your branding and enhances the visual appeal. 1
Look and feel Customization Customize the color, font, logo, and more of your tracking page to create a personalized look. Some options even allow you to utilize custom CSS and JavaScript for advanced customization possibilities. Change font and color to add your brand feel to the tracking page in the Theme setting section of TrackingMore.
Product Recommendations Product recommendations on your tracking page, generated based on shoppers' behavior and order history from your store. You can put market or upsell new merchandise for extra revenue on your branded tracking page.
SEO Friendly SEO-friendly page title and description, helping to improve its visibility and discoverability online. Add website SEO title & description available.
Custom Domain Bring your own domain to your tracking page, allowing you to use a URL that aligns with your brand identity. Modify the built-in domain to enhance brand visibility and increase customer engagement.
Multiple Tracking Pages Create distinct tracking pages based on customer segmentation, enabling you to provide personalized experiences tailored to different customer groups. For user's plan lower than plus plan, 1 tracking page by default at most;
For users in plus plan, 4 tracking pages at most;
For users in enterprise-grade plan (premier plan), support 20 tracking pages at most.
Tracking Page in Shopify store Embedding a tracking page directly into your Shopify store, so your customers can track their order status directly on your site. Not Applicable
Shipment Reviews Ask your customer to leave a review once the shipment is delivered. TrackingMore allows you to collect the shipping review from your customers to optimize each shipping route.
Analytics Integration Integration with Google analytics or other 3rd-party data tracking system, so you can view the traffic and customer behavior in your tracking page. You can integrate your tracking page with social media and GA4 to track your customer behavior more accurately.

Shipment Notification

TrackingMore can improve the customer experience by offering five notification triggers. You can use pre-built email and SMS templates and the editor to personalize different types of notifications for your customers. This will help you engage with your customers more effectively and encourage them to make repeat purchases by providing them with personalized upsell resources that cater to their needs.

Shipping Notifications Feature Description TrackingMore Shipping Notification
Notification Types Typical notification types include email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other channels to send updates and messages to customers. Email & SMS
Notification Trigger Notifications are typically triggered in response to specific events or changes, such as order updates or shipment status changes. These triggers prompt the system to send out notifications to customers. Transit, Pickup, Delivered, Undelivered, Exception.
Advanced Notification Rules Some systems support advanced notification rules, include options to delay notifications between two messages or specify a specific time range for message delivery. Not Applicable
Pre-Built Email Templates Pre-built email templates are provided for each notification trigger, allowing you to quickly and easily set up professional and visually appealing emails. Applicable
Email Localization Sending email content tailored to the customer's preferred language or based on their address regions. Not Applicable
Personalized Email Sending targeted content based on customer segmentation or include recommended products in the email. Not Applicable
Visualized Email Editor The Visual Editor provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface for composing emails, allowing you to easily format text, insert images, and organize content without requiring technical knowledge. Not Applicable
HTML Email Editor This feature enables you to customize email content using HTML and CSS, allowing full control over layout, style, and design. Ideal for creating professional and visually appealing emails. Not Applicable
Built-in Email Sender A dedicated email sender provided by the system, allowing you to send emails effortlessly without setting up an email account or domain. Applicable
Customized Email Sender This feature allows you to send emails using your own or a customized email domain, reinforcing your brand identity. You can edit sender info for both sender email address & sender name.
Built-in SMS Sender Provides built-in SMS sender, easily send text messages directly from the platform, streamlining your communication process. Applicable
Dedicated SMS Sender Features a dedicated SMS sender that allows you to send messages with your own branding identity, offering a personalized touch to your customers. Not Applicable
Built-in SMS Templates Provides a variety of pre-written SMS templates for your SMS message, so you can directly send out SMS. Applicable
Customized SMS Templates Customize SMS templates to match your brand's voice and style. Edit existing templates or create new ones to ensure your messages resonate with your brand identity. Applicable

Shipment Analytics

TrackingMore offers a wide range of analytics service that provides insights into the performance of your order transit times and exception rates. This service can be particularly useful for identifying areas for improvement. In addition to this, TrackingMore also provides diverse notification and shipment review reports for pro plan users. These reports are designed to help merchants make better plans and attract a larger customer base.

Analytics Analytics Report Description TrackingMore Analytics Report
Shipment Report Provides report like total shipment by date range, total shipment by destination country, shipment delivery rate, etc. Applicable (only available for Pro or higher plan)
Order to delivery time report Provdes report like avg. time from order placed to delivery, pick up to delivery, order process time, etc. To monitoring your order fulfill and carrier performance. Applicable
On-Time Shipments Report Provides shipment on-time delivery rate, by date range, by carriers, etc. Applicable
Transit Times Report Reports like transit time by date range, by carrier services, etc. Applicable
Exceptions Report Monitor your shipment exception rate by date, by carriers, etc. Applicable
Tracking Page Report Built-in analytics for branded tracking page, you can directly view your tracking page traffic and page views data. Applicable
Product Recommendation Report Analytics for your product recommendation on branded tracking page, view clicks and conversion rate of product recommendation. Applicable
Notification Report Report like how many email/sms sent, email open rate and click rate, etc. Applicable (only available for Basic or higher plans)
Shipment Review Report Analytics for your customer reviews collected from branded tracking page. Applicable (only available for Pro or higher plans)
Export Report Export any report in PDF for variant document type. Not Applicable
Email Report Weekly/daily/monthly report send to your email inbox. Not Applicable

Data Security

Data security is the protection of sensitive information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction. It is crucial for organizations and individuals to ensure trust, regulatory compliance, and peace of mind in the digital age.

Standard Standard Description TrackingMore Standard
SOC 2 compliance High standards of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy as set by the Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2). Not Applicable
ISO 27001 certification ISO 27001 certification, a globally recognized framework for managing and protecting sensitive information. Applicable
GDPR Compliance A set of regulations that was implemented in the European Union (EU) to enhance data protection and privacy rights for individuals. Not Applicable
CCPA Compliance A data privacy law that was enacted in the state of California, United States. Not Applicable


The roles in TrackingMore dashboard determine the level of access for members based on their tasks. With TrackingMore, you can assign roles to members when you invite them, which helps you control their privileges.

Feature Feature Description TrackingMore Collaboration
Multiple seats This feature allows teams to access, manage, and communicate efficiently under one organization account, enhancing teamwork and productivity. You can invite up to 10 members in each master TrackingMore account.
Predefined roles Assign roles with specific permissions and access levels, ensuring efficient and secure collaboration within your organization's framework. TrackingMore’s predefined roles includes: admin, developer, editor and viewer.
Customized roles and permission Customize roles and permissions to align with your unique business processes. Create custom roles and define specific access rights, providing flexibility and control over how team members interact with your system. Not Applicable
SSO integration Login the system with your internal business account. Not Applicable
2FA Login Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your account. Not Applicable
Multiple organizations Manage multiple organization under your account to separate organization for different business area. Not Applicable
Sub-organizations This feature allows for distinct management of various scopes, organize and manage different teams or departments effectively by creating sub-organizations under your main organization. Not Applicable


TrackingMore can seamlessly integrate with Shopify and WooCommerce, but besides, it has few third-party integrations for customers to use multiple features.

Third-Party Integration TrackingMore Third-Party Integration
Shopify Integrated
WooCommerce Integrated
Shopify Flow Integration Not Integrated
Website Builder Integration Not Integrated
Email Marketing App Integration Klaviyo (pro feature)
Review App Integration Not Integrated
Live Chat App Integration Not Integrated
Loyalty App Integration Not Integrated
Product Sourcing Integration Not Integrated
Notification Integration Slack (pro feature)
Translation Integration Not Integrated

Customer Support

  1. Self-service Help Center: To support our clients' rapid development, TrackingMore offers a self-service help center on its official website.
  2. 24/7 Customer Support: TrackingMore provides an industry-leading global support team to help you seamlessly integrate with their platform. TrackingMore has specialized project teams composed of project managers, customer success personnel, and technical experts to provide targeted support.


TrackingMore is a platform for businesses to track packages across 1,199 global carriers, improving efficiency and reducing the need for multiple tracking systems.

If you want to learn more about shipment tracking software, talk to our experts now!

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