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Boulder County Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office • 5717 Arapahoe Road Unit #213, Boulder CO, 80303 • Website Questions: [email protected].
Red Fern Farm
Customers proudly weigh out their harvest of pawpaws, chestnuts, hazels, heartnuts and Asian pears at Red Fern Farm the fall of 2019. COVID 19you-pick · Other ...Customers proudly weigh out their harvest of pawpaws, chestnuts, hazels, heartnuts and Asian pears at Red Fern Farm the fall of 2019. COVID 19you-pick · Other ...
Welcome to AA San Antonio, the home of Alcoholics Anonymous. Find a full list of meetings, big books, and more! Zoeken. Primair menu. Spring naar inhoud. Boeken · Hyper Sudoku · Hyper Sudoku X · Hyper Sudoku Speels · Sixy Sudoku · Sixy Sudoku Speels ...
Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit
Jun 8, 2015 — You can also text me for the login information. If you want to receive the LMJC Calendars, email me at [email protected] for instructions.
Quality Support Group
Quality Support Group - QSG, a training and consulting company, has been helping organizations reach their core objectives for 28 years.
exechange is an indispensable resource for personnel professionals and investors. Our coverage universe includes the 3,000 largest publicly held companies ...
Ford Fasteners
Ford Fasteners, Inc. has been distributing & selling quality fasteners for 38 years. Our commitment to quality and service is our #1 priority.
Glass House Supply
Here at Glass House Supply, we have an epic selection of glassblowing supplies! Check out our wide selection of glass, tools, and more. 🔥
The Aussiespeed brand of street and racing products & speed equipment was started in Adelaide South Australia in the year 2000. From 1 product the Aussiespeed range has grown to over 500 products.The range of Aussiespeed Performance Products include Aussiespeed Manifolds, Aussiespeed Tunnel Rams, Aussiespeed Valve Covers and Sideplates, Aussiespeed tubular and cast iron
Get Going NC!
Explore the outdoors, discover yourself. is about moving and staying fit, and the multitude of ways you can do that in North Carolina.
The Native Americans did it with little to no resources. Having known Aubrey Young for a few years and his wealth of tanning experience, I was excited to learn Jim ...The Native Americans did it with little to no resources. Having known Aubrey Young for a few years and his wealth of tanning experience, I was excited to learn Jim ...
City Red Bus
City Red Bus vi dà la possibilità di scoprire, da una nuova prospettiva, la bellezza della città di Bologna, la sua arte, i suoi monumenti ed i suoi segreti.
Brick Model Railroader
After two months of dedicated building, OcTRAINber 2022 saw a somewhat smaller but very high quality set of entries. This year’s challenge was quite a big one, and it’s safe to say that everyone who participated rose to the occasion quite well. Today, I’m quite proud to announce the winners of this year’s OcTRAINber: Rebuilds & Retrofits challenge. Last weekend, Cale Leiphart, Matt Csenge, and myself were joined in judging by a staple competitor and many-time OcTRAINber winner: Alexander, also known online as “narrow_gauge”. Together, the four of us reviewed these great entries and picked out the winners. Alexander’s got a keen eye for the LEGO train modeling hobby and his contributions, both to the judging and the hobby, are stellar. Many thanks, Alexander, for participating in the judging this year!Before I get to the winners, let’s take a quick review of what they’ve won this year, shall we?The PrizesBrickTracks has contributed several sets of switches for the winners. Each winner of the four main categories will receive one R104 Switch Track Set, while the Grand Prize winner will be getting three!BMR Gift CardEach of the four category winners will receive a $30 Gift Card for the BMR shop, and the Grand Prize winner will receive a BMR Gift Card worth $40!Without further ado, let’s get to the announcements!This Year's Winners:Winner: Buildings and StructuresGilles Lessard's Heavy Hauling Hearts Flatcar BridgeGilles Lessard has brought us the story of a flatcar that was eventually repurposed into a pedestrian bridge at a Golf Course, and has built both an excellent model of the flatcar in its rolling stock days as well as its later life 'photo stock' days after being converted into a bridge; including two seasons in his diorama to represent both the wintry weather in which he skied under it as well as a wedding photoshoot he found in his searches for more reference material.This is both an excellent pair of models, and a great fit into this year’s theme. Congratulations, Gilles!Winner: Steam LocomotiveTs__'s BR05-003Ts__ certainly seems to have been hit heavy with inspiration and drive this year, having built two physical models and digitally designing a third. This odd duck of a locomotive was initially built as a streamlined cab-forward steam locomotive that burned, of all things, coal dust, before later being rebuilt as a more traditional engine to make something useful out of it after its performance proved unsatisfactory.Ts__ has captured all three time periods of this locomotive in great detail, but furthermore has managed the impressive task of making them actually run; a feat I was quite honestly not expecting from the streamlined engine. It’s crazy to see just how big of a change this steam engine went through!Winner: Rolling StockDenis's Pontarlier Rotary Snow PloughDenis Garnier’s curious little snowplow started life as both a tender and an unrelated electric locomotive, before the railroad essentially kit-bashed them together into this 3-axle rotary snowplow. Denis has modeled both the tender that provided the frame as well as the snowplow created from it, both with an excellent level of detail and a system to motorize the snowplow’s blower. The shapes and textures of both models are exemplary, and do a great job of representing two pieces of rolling stock that look entirely different at a glance - but have their common components clearly represented to those who give it a closer look.Winner: Other LocomotiveScruffulous's Victorian Railways Rail TractorScruffulous’s Rail Tractor is an incredibly well-realized set of models depicting a very interesting transformation of its constituent parts. Apparently a fan of repurposing the frames of their I Wagons, the Victorian Railways solved a motive power need by installing a tractor onto one of these frames to power it via chain drive, and then built a cab around it.Scruffulous’ models are all amazingly detailed, the Rail Tractor is motorized, and the 3D printed parts he’s created for the handrails really feel like they add to the model. The detailing of the springs and the bearing boxes is inspired, and the shape of the tractor on the front of the locomotive is unmistakable. Fantastic work!Winner: Grand PrizeHod Carrier's Articulated RailcarThrough both his builds and the WIP story, Hod Carrier has shown an incredibly fine example of what serious LEGO model railroading is all about. Two trains, three units each, and an amazing amount of work to faithfully recreate a multitude of complex and subtle curves and shapes. Not content with that, the models are motorized and the passenger version includes an interior; in addition to the fantastic new method of close-coupled articulation he’s developed to keep the space between the cars to a minimum.The amount of design work and research put into this somewhat obscure bit of rail history is impressive, and the final product seems well-worth the time put into it. Great builds, Hod!Final WordsAs always, thanks to everybody who participated in OcTRAINber this year; be it competitors or those who took the time to encourage the participants. This year’s theme was perhaps a bit daunting, but you all met the challenge well and produced some great models with fascinating histories. I’d also like to once again thank Narrow_Gauge for joining us in judging these models. I’ve always loved seeing his amazing entries, and it was really cool to have his perspective involved in our review this year.And, finally, once more, congratulations to all the winners of OcTRAINber 2022!
Maplelag Resort
Maplelag — To provide a healthy atmosphere in a safe and welcoming outdoor environment. Offering family oriented outdoor themed experiences that give ...
Locksmith Eugene Oregon
Locksmith Eugene Oregon is a full service licensed mobile locksmith company satisfying your locksmith needs since 2008. We offer 24 hour emergency service, ...
Cosmoline For Sale
Schafco Packaging carries a variety of products to suit your needs for both home and industrial applications.
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