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Netlify's Customers

There are 29 ecommerce online stores in our database currently using Netlify to grow their business. Read on to discover how these stores are leveraging Netlify to achieve success. is a highly popular online platform primarily focused on fitness and bodybuilding resources. It offers a wide range of services, including workout plans, nutrition guidance, supplement reviews, and comprehensive forums for users to discuss their fitness journeys. **Products and Services** The website provides numerous digital products and services catering to fitness enthusiasts. These include workout plans tailored to individual goals, nutrition tracking tools, and an extensive exercise database with instructional videos. The site also sells supplements, athletic apparel, and gym accessories. **Supplement Store** carries a vast selection of nutritional supplements from various brands. This includes protein powders, pre-workout supplements, vitamins, performance enhancers, and more. Users can find detailed product descriptions, reviews, and recommended usage to make informed decisions. **Content and Community** The platform offers high-quality content from industry professionals in the form of articles, videos, and podcasts on topics like training techniques, nutrition advice, personal development, and motivation. Additionally, it has a robust community forum where users can share their experiences, ask questions or support others in their fitness journey. **Mobile App** offers a mobile app called BodyFit which provides an all-in-one solution for users to access workout plans, track progress and learn from experts. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.MANSCAPED US logoMANSCAPED USManscaped is a leading men's grooming brand that specializes in below-the-belt grooming and hygiene products. They offer a range of high-quality and innovative personal care products such as trimmers, razors, skincare, and other grooming accessories. Their mission is to promote proper grooming habits, elevate personal hygiene, and create a more confident and attractive male presence. **Products** Manscaped's product lineup includes their signature Lawn Mower trimmer, which is designed specifically for safe and precise grooming of sensitive areas. It features adjustable trimming guards, skin-safe technology, and a waterproof design for use in the shower. In addition to trimmers, they offer razors like The Plow safety razor for a close, clean shave. **Skincare and Deodorants** The brand also provides a variety of skincare products such as Crop Cleanser body wash, Crop Preserver deodorant for the groin area, Crop Reviver toner spray, and other anti-chafing lotions. These products are formulated to help maintain good hygiene and skin health. **Accessories and Apparel** Manscaped offers various grooming accessories like the Magic Mat disposable shaving mats or the Shed travel bag. They also provide branded apparel like T-shirts, boxers, and socks. **Education and Grooming Tips** The company aims to educate men on proper grooming habits through their blog, which features articles on male grooming tips and trends. They also engage with their audience through social media platforms to share information about their products and promotions.CandleScience logoCandleScienceCandleScience is a leading supplier of candle-making and soap-making supplies, providing high-quality products and supplies for both hobbyists and small businesses. They offer a wide range of items, including various types of wax, wicks, fragrance oils, essential oils, soap bases, dyes, containers, and other related accessories. Their website also features helpful resources such as educational articles, instructional videos, and guides to help customers make informed decisions and create quality products. **Products** CandleScience primarily focuses on providing materials for making candles and soap. Their product categories include: 1. Wax: Paraffin, soy, palm, and beeswax 2. Wicks: Various sizes and types 3. Fragrance Oils: Over 250 scented oil options 4. Essential Oils 5. Dyes: Liquid and dye chips 6. Containers: Glass jars, aluminum tins, and other mold options 7. Soap Bases: Melt & pour glycerin soap bases 8. Other Accessories: Wick stickers, warning labels, thermometers **Learning Resources** CandleScience emphasizes customer education by offering various articles, videos, troubleshooting guides, and other content to assist users in creating quality candles and soaps. These resources cover topics such as candle-making techniques, equipment setup, fragrance blending tips, choosing the right wax or wick, safety precautions, and more. **Customer Service & Support** The website features an FAQs section that answers commonly asked questions. For further assistance or inquiries, CandleScience provides support through email or phone during business hours Monday-Friday. They also offer wholesale pricing for larger quantities or businesses looking to reduce costs without compromising quality or service.Rough Guides logoRough GuidesRough Guides is a popular travel guidebook and reference website that provides comprehensive travel advice, tips, and information for travelers exploring various destinations worldwide. They offer guidebooks, eBooks, and mobile applications that feature detailed maps, historical backgrounds, cultural insights, and itineraries for an enhanced travel experience. **Content** The content on Rough Guides covers a variety of topics related to traveling, including destination guides, travel essentials, accommodation recommendations, and sightseeing suggestions. The website also features articles on responsible travel, eco-tourism initiatives, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and interviews with travelers. **Destinations** Rough Guides has an extensive coverage of destinations across the globe. Their website showcases guides for countries, cities, and regions throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania and Antarctica. **Travel products** Apart from online content, Rough Guides offers a range of travel-related products including print guidebooks for specific locations or themes such as budget traveling or family trips. They also offer mobile applications that allow travelers to access guide content on their smartphones or tablets while on the go. **Inspiration** Rough Guides provides inspiration and ideas for travelers through their blog and feature articles. These showcase personal stories of travels and unique experiences that can provide inspiration to other travelers planning trips.Anker logoAnkerAnker is a multinational technology brand that specializes in creating quality electronic products such as chargers, cables, portable power banks, computer peripherals, and more. Founded in 2011 by Steven Yang, the company's mission is to create a world where mobile devices can be easily charged and connected at all times. **Product Range** Anker offers a wide range of products that cater to different customer needs. These include power banks, wireless chargers, car chargers, wall chargers, cables for various devices (iPhones,Androids, etc.), audio accessories like Bluetooth speakers and earbuds, computer peripherals like hubs and adapters, and even home security devices. **Quality Assurance** The brand prides itself on developing high-quality products backed by reliable customer support. Anker products undergo rigorous testing to ensure performance and durability. Many of their electronic products also come with an 18-month warranty as a testament to their commitment to quality. **Innovations** Anker has been known for introducing innovative technologies in their products. One example is their PowerIQ technology that intelligently identifies connected devices to deliver optimized charging according to the device's requirements. **Customer Support** Anker provides comprehensive customer support through their website's FAQ section, email support, and phone support. This helps customers get swift assistance with any product-related queries or concerns they may have.Clif Bar logoClif BarClif Bar & Company is a brand that focuses on providing nutritious and organic energy bars, snacks, and food supplements, aiming to support active lifestyles and promote a healthy diet. Their products cater to various tastes and dietary preferences, such as vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free options. **Product Categories** The main product lines of Clif Bar include: 1. Clif Bars: Classic energy bars with various flavors that provide sustained energy for outdoor activities or workouts. 2. Luna Bars: Nutrition bars specifically crafted for women, featuring a range of flavors and nutrients tailored to female needs. 3. Clif Kid ZBar: Snack bars designed for children, offering proper nutrition in kid-friendly flavors. 4. Builder's Protein: Protein bars formulated to aid muscle recovery and growth after exercise. 5. Nut Butter Filled Bars: Energy bars filled with nut butter, combining plant-based protein and carbohydrates for sustained energy. **Sustainability Initiatives** Clif Bar is dedicated to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. They operate using green energy, sourcing responsibly from organic farmers, and maintain eco-friendly manufacturing practices. The company also advocates for local farming communities' welfare. **Community Involvement** Clif Bar supports various community initiatives like athletic events sponsorship and local community projects that align with the company's vision of promoting physical activity, healthy eating habits, and environmental awareness. **Purchase Options** Customers can purchase Clif Bar products through their website or locate nearby authorized retailers using the store locator tool available on the website. The online shop offers options to buy individual products, mixed packs with multiple flavors, or bulk orders.Peloton® logoPeloton®OnePeloton is an American company that specializes in home exercise equipment and online fitness classes. They are best known for their Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread, which are stationary bikes and treadmills equipped with touchscreen displays. **Products and Services** OnePeloton offers a variety of home workout equipment, including the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread+, and a range of accessories like exercise mats, weights, and resistance bands. These devices stream live and on-demand fitness classes through their touchscreens, enabling users to enjoy a wide array of workouts without leaving home. **Membership** To access the full range of OnePeloton's classes, users need to subscribe to the Peloton All-Access Membership. It offers unlimited access to thousands of live and on-demand classes, top instructors, real-time metrics tracking, and personalized programming. The membership can be shared with multiple users within a household. **Peloton App** OnePeloton also offers a standalone app called the Peloton App that can be used without any of their hardware products. It provides users mobile access to thousands of on-demand classes covering various disciplines such as cycling, strength training, yoga, Pilates, running, and meditation. **Community** OnePeloton has built a large community of fitness enthusiasts who can interact with one another through social media platforms and in-app features like leaderboards, hashtags, and virtual high-fives. This strong community aspect adds to users' motivation and enjoyment while pursuing their fitness goals with OnePeloton products and services.SSuitShopSuitShop is an online retail platform specializing in affordable, high-quality suits and tuxedos for various formal events, such as weddings, proms, and business functions. Their mission is to provide stylish, comfortable, and well-fitted suits for everyone without breaking the bank. **Product offerings** Their product line includes suits, tuxedos, vests, dress shirts, ties, pocket squares, and other accessories. They offer numerous designs, colors, and sizes to fit various body types and style preferences. Additionally, they provide a range of fabrics like 100% Merino Wool or Polyester-Rayon blend. **Sizing and fit** To help customers find the perfect fit, SuitShop offers a unique sizing algorithm that accurately measures body dimensions. They also provide guidance on how to measure yourself and select the appropriate size for their products. **Pricing** The brand aims to provide affordable suit options for customers by offering bundle pricing for wedding parties or group orders. SuitShop also has sales promotions and offers free standard shipping on all orders within the United States. **Returns and exchanges** SuitShop offers a flexible return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund or exchange. **Customer service** Customer service is available through live chat on their website or via email at [email protected] to assist with enquiries about sizing, returns, or general questions about their products.Main Event logoMain EventThe perfect place for birthday parties, team building, corporate events & parties, meetings & happy hour! FUN & entertainment with family & friends.ecobee logoecobeeecobee designs intelligent thermostats, cameras, and sensors that work better together to improve everyday life.Bojangles logoBojanglesGet famous chicken and biscuits however you want it. Drive-thru, delivery, order ahead, or dine-in.Cards Against Humanity logoCards Against HumanityCards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.Backdrop logoBackdropWelcome to Backdrop online paint store. We offer easy color sampling and all the painting supplies you need sent directly to you with fast, free shipping.Podium logoPodiumPodium helps local businesses get more customers and give them better experiences with easy-to-use growth, communication, and payment tools.Impossible Foods logoImpossible FoodsImpossible Burger is made from simple, plant-based ingredients. For the health of people and the planet.L&L Hawaiian Barbecue logoL&L Hawaiian BarbecueThe Original Hawaiian Barbecue®. The Comfort Food of Hawaii.CCatalogs.comOrder the world's best catalogs, for FREE! SAVE MONEY with our exclusive catalog Savings Certificates!LLift FoilsLift Foils is the original creator of the #1 selling eFoil on the market, shipping worldwide. Shop online or try at our 100+ demo logowww.urbanarmorgear.comUrban Armor Gear produces the most rugged, lightweight, cases that are drop tested to US Military Specs. Made for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Galaxy, & Surface.Public Rec logoPublic RecNow comfort looks good.TTEKTON Hand ToolsLocated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our focus is on making the best hand tool systems for mechanical and assembly work. We're known for our complete tool sets that don't skip sizes, and our innovative USA-made wrench and screwdriver product lines.SSomething NavySomething New is here. Something Navy is your go-to resource for everyday clothing essentials, fashion-forward classics, timeless accessories, beauty must-haves, and relatable lifestyle content curated by Arielle Charnas and the SN Team. Shop the collection now and discover Something More.OOwl LabsOrder your Meeting Owl and give your remote employees the video conferencing experience they need to truly contribute with your team.BBAGGUBAGGU makes simple, intentional things for everyday use.GGDITWe are experienced critical thinkers and proven innovators that advance cutting-edge technologies to solve our clients' biggest challenges. We partner with civilian, defense, homeland security, and intelligence agencies to take control of change and adapt to adversity in an uncertain world.PPetLab Co.At PetLab Co, we specialize in cat and dog treats, supplements, and chews. Click here to discover a new range of products that your pet is going to love.PPaddleB2B and B2C software companies around the globe use Paddle to offload operational complexities so they can focus on growth. Paddle provides more than just the plumbing for your revenue. As a merchant of record, we take care of fraud, sales tax compliance, billing support and more.CCousins Maine LobsterNationally known and locally owned, Cousins Maine Lobster brings Maine lobster to your neighborhood by way of our famous Food Trucks, Brick & Mortar Restaurants, and Food Hall locations.OOlivelaDiscover the designer destination for women’s clothes, accessories, skincare and more, where 20% of proceeds on every purchase go to causes you care about.