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There are 4 ecommerce online stores in our database currently using LiveRamp PCM to grow their business. Read on to discover how these stores are leveraging LiveRamp PCM to achieve success.

PepperScale logoPepperScalePepperScale is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to providing information about various types of hot peppers, their Scoville heat units (SHU), and related products. The website is an excellent source for chili enthusiasts, home cooks, and gardeners who are interested in learning more about the world of spicy peppers. **Content on PepperScale** The website offers in-depth articles on numerous pepper varieties, along with their history, heat levels, uses, and culinary applications. Besides discussing the nature and characteristics of different peppers, PepperScale also shares cooking tips, recipes, and recommendations for commercially available hot sauces. **Spiciness Guide** One valuable aspect of PepperScale is its detailed guide to the Scoville scale - a universal rating system that measures the heat or spiciness of chili peppers. With information ranging from mild to extremely hot peppers, visitors can understand what to expect when trying out new varieties or recipes. **Growing Tips** For gardening enthusiasts, PepperScale offers a wealth of knowledge on planting and caring for different types of pepper plants. The website includes guides on germination, transplantation, maintenance, and helpful tips to ensure a successful harvest. **Other Features** PepperScale goes beyond just being an informational site by offering user-submitted content that enhances community involvement. Users can submit their own recipes or seek advice from fellow members through the site's blog or participation in social media conversations.BBritain MagazineWelcome to BRITAIN – The Official Magazine of VisitBritain, bringing you the best of British travel, heritage, culture and styleAArtists & IllustratorsArtists & Illustrators is the UK's number 1 magazine for original art. Buy original artwork direct from the artists.wwww.housemixblog.comIdeas on decor, organizing and family on a budget