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Imperva's Customers

There are 100 ecommerce online stores in our database currently using Imperva to grow their business. Read on to discover how these stores are leveraging Imperva to achieve success.

Safeway logoSafewaySafeway is a popular American supermarket chain owned by Albertsons Companies. It primarily operates in the western and central United States, with some stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. The Safeway website allows customers to conveniently order groceries online for pickup or delivery, helping them save time and effort. **Shopping Options** On the Safeway site, users can browse a wide variety of products, including fresh produce, meats, dairy products, frozen foods, and personal care items. The website features a user-friendly design that allows customers to easily pick their preferred shopping method—pickup in-store or home delivery—then shop for items and add them to their virtual cart. **Weekly Ads and Promotions** Safeway offers weekly ads with discounted products and promotions that are available on their website. Users can view these exclusive deals and apply them to their purchases to save money on their groceries. **Loyalty Program** The site features the Just For U loyalty program that provides personalized deals based on users' shopping habits. By creating a free Just For U account, customers can benefit from cumulative rewards like coupons and discounted gas rewards tied to Safeway's partner gas stations. **Pharmacy Services** Safeway also offers an online pharmacy where customers can manage their prescriptions, find vaccinations or health screenings, and access educational resources about medications and staying healthy.Hobby Lobby logoHobby LobbyHobby Lobby is a popular American retail company that specializes in arts and crafts supplies, home decor, and seasonal decorations. Established in 1972 by David Green, the company has grown rapidly and currently operates over 900 stores across the United States. Their online platform offers an extensive range of products, making it easy for customers to find everything they need for their creative projects. **Products and Categories** The website offers various product categories such as art supplies, crafts & hobbies, home decor, seasonal items, fabric & sewing, party & baking, and more. The diverse selection includes scrapbooking essentials, painting and drawing tools, beads and jewelry supplies, floral arrangements, frames and wall accents, textiles for sewing projects, baking accessories, and holiday decorations. **Weekly Ad** Hobby Lobby features a Weekly Ad showcasing discounts on a variety of items from different categories. These deals are updated regularly, allowing customers to benefit from substantial savings on selected products throughout the year. **Store Locator** The website provides a user-friendly store locator feature that helps customers find their nearest Hobby Lobby outlet. Visitors can search by zip code or city to locate stores within their vicinity. **Shipping and Returns** Hobby Lobby ships within the continental United States via standard or expedited delivery options. International shipping is not available at this time. Customers can return items within 90 days of purchase for a refund or exchange if they are not satisfied. **Crafting Inspiration** The website also shares project ideas and tutorials through its DIY Projects & Videos section. This resource provides inspiration and guidance for various crafting disciplines such as painting, scrapbooking, sewing, jewelry making, and others to help users explore their creativity.Eyebuydirect logoEyebuydirectEyeBuyDirect is an online retailer that specializes in prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Founded in 2005, their mission is to offer a wide selection of high-quality eyewear at affordable prices. The brand has become popular due to its extensive range of styles, materials, and lenses to suit different individual needs. **Product Offerings** EyeBuyDirect offers various eyewear types, including: - Prescription eyeglasses - Sunglasses - Non-prescription glasses for fashion purposes - Blue-light blocking glasses to protect against digital eye strain The brand caters to men, women, and children offering frames in various materials like metal, plastic, or wood. Frame styles range from designer to classic, covering all preferences. **Virtual Try-On Feature** EyeBuyDirect's website features a virtual try-on tool that allows customers to select a frame and then upload a picture of themselves (or use their device's camera) to try the frames virtually. This feature ensures a better shopping experience by helping customers visualize how the frames look on their face before purchasing. **Returns and Exchanges** The company provides a 14-day "Fit & Style guarantee", allowing customers to return or exchange items if they are not satisfied with their purchase. Additionally, EyeBuyDirect also offers a 365-day product guarantee if the products have any defects or issues concerning quality. **Shipping** EyeBuyDirect ships internationally with delivery time ranging from 7 - 14 business days for standard shipping within the United States. They also offer expedited shipping options for faster delivery.Albertsons logoAlbertsonsAlbertsons is a major American supermarket chain with a primary focus on groceries, health and wellness products, and household essentials. It operates under various banners including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, and others. The company was founded in 1939 by Joe Albertson and has since grown to become one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States. **Online Shopping** Albertsons offers customers the convenience of shopping online for groceries, pharmacy products, and wellness items. Users can create an account, shop from a wide range of products, and choose either home delivery or store pickup options. Various digital coupons and weekly specials are available to save money on popular items. **Mobile App** Albertsons mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices, enabling users to shop on the go or manage prescriptions through their smartphones. The app also allows users to view weekly ads, redeem digital coupons, create shopping lists, and locate nearby stores. **Pharmacy Services** Albertsons provides pharmacy services both in-store and online. Customers can fill prescriptions, manage their medication profiles, utilize medication therapy management (MTM), get vaccinations at selected locations or even book private consultations with pharmacists. **Own Brands** The company offers a range of products under its own brands including Signature Select™ for everyday essentials, Lucerne Dairy Farms™ for dairy products, O Organics™ for certified organic options & Open Nature™ for minimally processed products. **Community Involvement** Albertsons has a strong commitment to giving back to the communities it serves by supporting hunger relief programs, education initiatives, veterans assistance programs, disaster relief efforts & much more.Jewel logoJewelJewel-Osco is a popular supermarket chain located primarily in the Midwestern United States, with stores in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. The company offers a wide range of products, including groceries, fresh produce, meat and seafood, bakery items, health and beauty products, and other household essentials. **History and Ownership** The company was founded in 1899 by Frank Vernon Skiff as a door-to-door coffee delivery service. It has since grown into one of the largest grocery chains in the region. Jewel-Osco is owned by Albertsons Companies, a leading American food and drug retailer, headquartered in Boise, Idaho. **Online Shopping and Delivery** The brand allows customers to shop online for a variety of products through their website as well as their mobile app. They offer home delivery and curbside pickup options for added convenience. Additionally, customers can use the Just for U loyalty program to access exclusive deals and personalized savings. **Pharmacy Services** Jewel-Osco also operates in-store pharmacies where customers can pick up prescriptions or receive various health services—these might include vaccinations like flu shots or COVID-19 vaccines (as recommended by local health authorities). **Community Involvement** The supermarket chain supports various causes and charitable activities within local communities through their "Good Neighbor" program. They have established partnerships with organizations like Feeding America to address issues like hunger relief.StudentUniverse logoStudentUniverseStudent Universe is a leading travel booking platform that specifically caters to students and young adults. The platform provides exclusive discounts on flights, hotels, tours, and more to help students and youth travelers enjoy budget-friendly options while exploring the world. Partnering with various airlines, accommodation providers, and popular travel service companies, Student Universe has the outlined mission of making global experiences possible for students and young travelers with limited budgets. **Membership and Deals** To access its exclusive deals, users must sign up for a free membership on their platform. After validating their student status or age (typically 18-25 years old), users can access a wide range of discounts and special offers. **Flight Bookings** Student Universe is known for offering cheap airfare and discounted flights for domestic and international travel. They partner with major airlines like American Airlines, Delta, United, and more to provide special fares for students. **Hotel Bookings** In addition to flights, Student Universe also offers discounted hotel bookings with options ranging from budget accommodations to luxurious stays. **Tours & Activities** The platform also features discounted tours and activities in various destinations worldwide. Partnering with reputable tour operators, Student Universe aims to provide affordable experiences tailored to young travelers. **Travel Insurance & Support** Student Universe offers travel insurance options through its partner company as well as providing 24/7 customer support to ensure that its members have assistance while planning their trips or during emergencies while traveling.Waterpik® Official Site logoWaterpik® Official SiteWaterpik is a brand that specializes in oral health care products and innovative showerheads. The brand is known for developing high-quality water flossers, portable dental equipment, and advanced shower technology. Their products are designed to improve oral hygiene, gum health, and **Product Categories** Waterpik offers a diverse range of products in the following categories: 1. **Water Flossers:** Water flossers are the flagship product of the brand. They offer countertop, cordless and combo models that efficiently remove plaque and debris from teeth using water pressure. 2. **Sonic-Fusion:** The Sonic-Fusion flossing toothbrush combines the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush and water flosser in one convenient device. 3. **Showerheads:** Waterpik also manufactures a variety of innovative showerheads that provide powerful water streams with massage and eco-friendly settings. 4. **Replacement Parts & Accessories:** The website offers replacement parts like tips, brushes, hoses, and various accessories for its products. **Support & Resources** Customers can find support through various resources on the website, including: 1. **Instruction Manuals:** Downloadable instruction manuals for all products. 2. **Online Registration:** Product registration for warranty purposes and updates. 3. **FAQs:** Frequently asked questions related to product maintenance and troubleshooting. 4. **Video Resources:** Instructional videos demonstrating how to use their products effectively. **Where to Buy** Waterpik products can be purchased directly from the website or through other authorized retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and various pharmacies worldwide.Valley Vet Supply logoValley Vet SupplyValley Vet Supply is an online retail store offering a wide range of veterinary supplies, pet products, and farm and ranch equipment. Founded in 1985, Valley Vet Supply has become a trusted source for quality products at competitive prices. **Product Categories:** - Pet: Offers various pet supplies, including dog and cat products, small animal supplies, pet pharmacy items, grooming products, and pet toys. - Equine: Provides horse care items such as supplements, health care products, stable equipment, saddles & tack, and wormers. - Livestock: Includes cattle supplies, swine and goat equipment, fencing supplies, and livestock pharmaceuticals. - Apparel & Footwear: Offers a variety of footwear, western apparel, workwear, gloves, and hats. - Exclusives: Some items unique to Valley Vet Supply or limited edition offers. **Services:** Valley Vet Supply has a full-service pharmacy that can fill prescriptions for both animals and humans. They are licensed to dispense prescription medicines in all 50 states. **Shipping & Returns:** Valley Vet Supply offers free shipping on qualifying orders over a specific amount within the contiguous United States. They also provide an easy returns process within 60 days of purchase. **Customer Support:** Their customer service team is available via phone or email to address any questions or concerns regarding orders or product information. Additionally, their website features a comprehensive Help Center with frequently asked questions and resources.Vons logoVonsVons is a popular grocery store chain owned by Albertsons Companies. The brand offers an extensive range of fresh produce, dairy products, meats, bakery items, and other household essentials. They operate primarily in Southern California and Nevada. **Online Shopping and Delivery** Vons provides customers with the convenience of online shopping through their website and the Vons mobile app. Users can create an account, browse through the available products, and add items to their cart for either delivery or pickup. Vons offers same-day delivery for most locations and often features promotional discounts on delivery fees. **Vons Club Card** The Vons Club Card is a loyalty program that offers exclusive discounts and rewards to its members. By signing up for a Club Card, customers can access personalized deals, earn points on purchases, and receive digital coupons directly via email or the mobile app. **Pharmacy Services** In addition to grocery items, Vons also has in-store pharmacies that offer prescription medication services as well as immunizations, health screenings, and medication consultations. Customers can manage their prescriptions online or via the mobile app by creating a pharmacy account. **Gift Card Services** Vons offers various gift card options for customers to purchase as presents for friends or family. Their gift card selection includes Vons-branded cards as well as gift cards from popular brands in various sectors such as dining, shopping, and entertainment.ACME Markets logoACME MarketsAcme Markets is a grocery store chain operating primarily in the northeastern United States. Established in 1891, the company has grown to include numerous locations, offering a variety of food products and household items at competitive prices. Acme Markets is committed to providing its customers with an enjoyable shopping experience by offering exceptional customer service and convenient online shopping options. **Services and Products** Acme Markets offers a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, deli items, bakery goods, seafood, dairy products, and general grocery items. Apart from the regular groceries, they also provide organic and natural products. In addition to food items, they offer household essentials, health and beauty products, and pharmacy services. **Online Shopping and Delivery** Acme Markets has an online platform that allows customers to shop for their groceries online and have them delivered directly to their doorstep or scheduled for pickup at a nearby store location. The online platform features weekly ads and digital coupons that can provide added savings for shoppers. **Pharmacy Services** Many Acme Markets locations have on-site pharmacies offering prescription medications as well as immunizations and wellness services. Customers can also use the website to manage their prescriptions by creating an online account. **Acme for U™ Loyalty Program** Acme Markets operates a loyalty program called Acme for U™, which allows customers to earn points on their purchases that can be redeemed for savings on future orders. Members of the program can also receive personalized deals and offers through targeted digital coupons. Membership is free and easy to sign up for through their website.Summit Racing logoSummit RacingSummit Racing is a popular online retailer that specializes in automotive parts and accessories. With a vast selection catering to various vehicle brands, models, and years, they aim to fulfill the diverse needs of car enthusiasts, professional racers, and general consumers alike. **History** Established in 1968, Summit Racing began as a small retail shop in Akron, Ohio. Its founder's passion for cars and racing drove them to create a business that has since evolved into one of the leading names in the auto parts industry. **Product Categories** Summit Racing offers an extensive range of products divided into various categories such as engine components, exhaust systems, brakes and suspension upgrades, driveline components, wheels and tires, air and fuel delivery systems, ignition systems, gaskets, and more. **Tools & Garage Equipment** In addition to automotive parts and accessories, Summit Racing also provides tools and equipment for garage use. They have essential items like hand tools, power tools, diagnostic tools, engine building tools, shop equipment, storage solutions, and safety gear. **Customer Service** Summit Racing has a reputation for its excellent customer service. They offer multiple avenues for customers to access assistance including phone support lines and email support for both technical inquiries and ordering help. **Shipping Information** They provide fast processing times on orders as well as shipping options within the United States and internationally. During special events or promotions, customers can even take advantage of free shipping deals.My Pet Chicken logoMy Pet ChickenMy Pet Chicken is a popular online destination for those interested in owning, caring for, and raising chickens. The company aims to provide customers with an extensive range of products, services, and information related to keeping their own flock of backyard chickens. **Offerings** My Pet Chicken offers a wide variety of products and services to cater to both seasoned chicken owners and novices alike. Some of these include the sale of baby chicks, adult chickens, and rare breed chickens, as well as necessary supplies such as coops, feeders, bedding, and other accessories. **Education and Resources** The website also serves as a comprehensive resource for those looking to learn more about raising and taking care of their chickens. It features helpful articles, blog posts, FAQs, a learning center, and even an online community where fellow chicken enthusiasts can share advice and experiences. **Customer Support** My Pet Chicken prides itself on its dedicated customer support team. They provide personalized advice and assistance through phone or email for any questions or concerns related to chicken care, product selection, or the ordering process. **Shipping** For live poultry purchases such as baby chicks, My Pet Chicken ships across the contiguous United States. However, customers should check their local laws and regulations regarding backyard chickens before making any purchases.Shaw's logoShaw'sShaw's is a well-known supermarket chain in the United States, primarily operating in the New England region. The Shaw's website provides customers with various services and information related to its grocery stores. **Online Shopping and Delivery** Shaw's offers online shopping through its website and mobile application. Customers can easily create an account, browse products, add items to their cart, and make a purchase. The website allows you to choose between grocery pickup at the store or schedule home delivery according to your convenience. **Weekly Ad and Special Offers** The website features a section where customers can access the current weekly ad showcasing their promotions, discounts, and exclusive deals on a wide range of products. Users can view and save these deals to their account for more convenience while shopping. **Pharmacy Services** Shaw's Pharmacy offers services such as prescription refills, transfers, and medication management tools. Customers can manage their prescriptions on the website by linking their accounts with the pharmacy system. **Rewards Program** Shaw's also has a rewards program called "just for U" that offers personalized deals based on your preferred products. When you sign up for an account, you can access digital coupons, personalized offers, and even earn rewards for future savings. **Recipes and Tips** The website includes a dedicated section for recipes, meal planning tips, and healthier eating solutions. Users can discover new recipes or learn about different food products to improve their cooking logowww.viviscal.comViviscal is a brand that focuses on hair growth and hair care products, specifically targeting hair thinning and hair loss issues. Their products aim to improve the health and appearance of hair while providing essential nutrients to maintain optimum hair growth. The brand offers various products, including supplements, shampoos, conditioners, and elixirs. **Product Range** The primary product offered by Viviscal is their Hair Growth Supplements, which claim to promote existing hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles. These supplements are available for both men and women and contain a proprietary blend of marine complex called AminoMar™. In addition to supplements, Viviscal also offers a range of hair care products such as: - Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo - Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner - Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir These products are designed to support the effectiveness of their hair growth supplements by creating optimal scalp conditions for healthy hair growth. **Clinical Studies** Viviscal's effectiveness has been researched in several clinical studies, which are accessible through their website under the 'Research' section. These studies have reported positive results in terms of increased hair growth and reduced shedding when using Viviscal products. **Shopping Experience** Customers can purchase Viviscal products directly from their website and can often find special offers or promotions. They also offer a subscription service called "AutoShip," which allows customers to have their ordered products automatically delivered at regular intervals with free shipping and exclusive discounts. **Customer Support** Viviscal provides customer support through email or phone, and they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on their products if customers are not satisfied with the results.TOPPIK Products logoTOPPIK ProductsToppik is a well-known brand that specializes in hair care and hair building products. Their main product focus is on cosmetic solutions that can instantly create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair for both men and women experiencing hair loss or thinning. Some of their popular product categories include: **Hair Building Fibers** Toppik's hair building fibers are made from natural keratin protein, which binds statically to your existing hair strands, creating a fuller and thicker appearance. These fibers are available in various colors to match the user's unique hair color. **Starter Kits and Value Sets** The brand offers Starter Kits and Value Sets that come with a variety of products, such as Hair Building Fibers, FiberHold Spray, Hairline Optimizer, and more. These kits are perfect for those who want to try Toppik products or for regular users looking for package deals. **Accessories and Tools** Along with their core products, Toppik also offers accessories and tools to assist in the application process. Some of these include the Hairline Optimizer, Spray Applicator, and Travel Size FiberHold Spray. **Men's and Women's Products** Toppik caters to both men and women experiencing hair-related concerns by offering different sets of products tailored to specific conditions, such as male or female pattern baldness. **Expert Advice** The website provides expert advice on topics like hair loss and hair care tips through their blog section. Users can benefit from expert opinions on different hair care related issues.dōTERRA Essential Oils logodōTERRA Essential OilsdoTERRA is a leading wellness company that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality essential oils, aromatherapy products, and personal care items. It was founded in 2008, with a mission to share the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils with the world. **Essential Oils and Products** doTERRA offers a wide range of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils sourced from carefully selected plants. They provide single oils as well as blends for various uses, including emotional support, relaxation, immunity support, and skincare. Their product line also includes supplements, skin and hair care items, weight management products, household cleaning supplies, and essential oil diffusers. **Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)** doTERRA's essential oils undergo rigorous testing to ensure their purity and potency. The company uses the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) quality protocol to ensure that their products are free from fillers or synthetic ingredients. **Educational Resources** doTERRA is committed to educating its customers about the benefits and safe usage of essential oils. They provide a wealth of information on their website including usage tips, recipes for DIY products, and oil-specific information. **doTERRA Wellness Advocates** In addition to selling products through their website, doTERRA offers a business opportunity for customers to become Wellness Advocates. These independent distributors promote and sell doTERRA products while earning commissions based on sales volume. The company also hosts events worldwide to help educate and motivate Wellness Advocates in their journey. **Co-Impact Sourcing** doTERRA adheres to ethical practices in sourcing their essential oils through the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative. This program ensures fair wages and working conditions for farmers while supporting local communities through developmental projects like building schools and providing clean water sources.Rockler logoRocklerRockler is a leading woodworking and hardware retailer that primarily focuses on providing tools, supplies, and expert advice to woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. Established in 1954, Rockler has grown to become one of the most reputable and well-respected companies in the industry. **Products and Services** Rockler offers a wide range of products, including power tools, hand tools, lumber, wood finishing supplies, hardware, and project kits. You can find products from top brands like Bosch, Dewalt, and Festool as well as Rockler's own line of woodworking tools and accessories. They also offer various woodworking plans and instructional videos to help with your project's success. **Online Shopping** The Rockler website provides an easy-to-use platform for customers to browse and purchase their products online. They offer shipping services to the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and other countries. The website also includes an extensive knowledge base, how-to guides, blogs, and videos to aid woodworkers. **Physical Stores** Rockler operates a retail store network with over 30 locations across the United States. These brick-and-mortar stores feature knowledgeable staff members who can provide expert advice and hands-on experience for customers who prefer an in-person shopping experience. **Customer Support** Rockler offers excellent customer support through telephone, email, or live chat. In addition to this personalized assistance, their website has a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses many common questions and concerns.Tom Thumb logoTom ThumbTom Thumb is a regional grocery store chain primarily located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with select stores also situated in the Houston region. The chain is a subsidiary of Albertsons and operates under the umbrella of the Albertsons Companies. **History** The first Tom Thumb store was founded in 1948 by J.R. Bost and Robert B. Cullum as an addition to their existing supermarket business, before eventually being acquired by Randalls Food Markets, Inc., a Houston-based retailer. In 1999, Albertsons Companies took over operations and continues to manage the brand. **Products and Services** Tom Thumb offers a comprehensive range of products that includes fresh produce, meat, bakery items, frozen foods, household essentials, and more. The stores strive to meet customers' everyday shopping needs while also providing various additional services such as online shopping, pickup, and delivery options through their partnership with providers like Instacart. **Rewards Program** Tom Thumb has a rewards program that allows customers to earn points for every purchase made at eligible stores or online. You can then use these points to unlock savings on groceries or fuel discounts at participating gas stations. **Pharmacy** Many Tom Thumb locations have an in-store pharmacy where customers can fill prescriptions, access vaccination services, and consult with pharmacists about medications and healthcare needs.National Notary Association logoNational Notary AssociationNational Notary Association (NNA) is a leading organization that provides essential services, support, and training for notaries in the United States. Established in 1957, their mission is to enhance the professionalism and integrity of the notary public office. **Services** NNA provides various services for notaries, such as notary supplies (stamps, seals, journals), errors and omissions insurance, and background screening. They also offer comprehensive assistance with notary renewals and applications. **Membership** NNA members receive numerous benefits including access to expert advice, free notary law knowledge base, discounts on notary supplies and educational courses, a complimentary subscription to the "National Notary" magazine, and professional networking opportunities. **Education and Training** The organization offers a wide range of educational resources and training programs for new and experienced notaries. These include online courses, seminars, webinars, and state-specific certification courses. NNA's training materials focus on complying with state laws and best practices for reducing liability while performing notarial acts. **Notary Signing Agent Program** NNA also offers a Notary Signing Agent (NSA) certification program that trains notaries to facilitate loan signings for title companies, lenders, and signing services. The NSA certification includes completing comprehensive training, passing an exam, undergoing background screening, and complying with industry-recognized standards.Bravissimo logoBravissimoBravissimo is a UK-based retailer specializing in lingerie, swimwear, and clothing for women with larger bust sizes. The brand was founded in 1995 by Sarah Tremellen and focuses on providing stylish and comfortable options for women who wear D cup bras or larger, up to an L cup. Bravissimo aims to make women feel confident and supported by offering a variety of styles and designs. **Product Offerings** Bravissimo offers a wide range of product types, including bras, sports bras, nightwear, swimwear, tops, dresses, and accessories. The brand features well-known designer brands such as Freya, Panache, Fantasie as well as their own label. **Size Range** The company caters to women with larger bust sizes specifically, with band sizes ranging from 28 to 40 and cup sizes from D to L. Clothing is sized from 8 to 24 in UK measurements. **Customer Support** Bravissimo is known for its exceptional customer support, with expert fitters available both in-store and over the phone to assist customers in finding the perfect fit. Free virtual bra fitting consultations are also offered through video calls. **Physical Stores** In addition to its online presence, Bravissimo operates multiple locations across the UK where customers can shop in person or receive expert bra fitting advice. **Delivery Options** The brand offers worldwide shipping with various shipping options depending on the destination.Randalls logoRandallsRandalls is a supermarket chain with a strong presence in Texas, particularly in the Houston and Austin areas. The company was founded in 1966 by Robert Randall Onstead, R.C. Barclay, and Norman N. Frewin. Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with quality products and exceptional customer service. **Store Offerings** Randalls offers a wide variety of products, including fresh produce, bakery items, meat and seafood, dairy products, frozen food selections, and pantry staples. They also have a broad assortment of beer and wine selections, catering to various tastes. The stores provide additional services such as floral arrangements for events or special occasions, pharmacies with knowledgeable staff for prescriptions and over-the-counter medication needs, and access to fuel stations in select locations. **Online Shopping** To make shopping more convenient for customers, Randalls offers online shopping through their official website or mobile app. Users can shop for groceries online and either pick up their order from a nearby store or schedule delivery to their homes. This service is particularly useful for those with tight schedules or limited mobility. **Loyalty Program** Randalls also has a loyalty program called Just for U®, which provides registered users with personalized deals based on their shopping habits. Members can receive digital coupons tailored to their preferences and earn points on qualifying purchases redeemable for discounts on future transactions. **Community Involvement** The brand takes pride in its commitment to supporting local communities through charitable donations focused on hunger relief, youth education programs, environmental initiatives, and other important causes.MMinnetonkaMinnetonka Moccasin is an online store specializing in handcrafted moccasins, boots, slippers, and sandals for men, women, and children. The brand has been in business since 1946 and is known for its focus on comfort, quality, and traditional craftsmanship. **Product offerings** The store offers a wide variety of footwear styles like moccasins, boots, slippers, sandals, and accessories such as hats and socks. These products are made from high-quality materials like genuine leather and suede. There are options for various occasions and seasons, including casual wear or outdoor adventures. **Quality and Craftsmanship** Minnetonka Moccasin takes pride in its heritage of producing handmade footwear with exceptional quality. Their skilled artisans use time-tested techniques to create durable and comfortable shoes with a timeless design. Each product is backed by their commitment to customer satisfaction. **Shipping Information** Minnetonka Moccasin ships its products within the United States as well as internationally to countries like Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Shipping options include standard ground shipping (3-7 business days) and expedited shipping (2nd Day Air or Priority Mail). Free shipping is offered on orders over $75 for customers within the contiguous United States. **Returns & Exchanges** The brand accepts returns or exchanges within 60 days of the original purchase date. Items must be in new, unworn condition with the original packaging to be eligible for a refund. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer. **Customer Service** Customers can reach out to Minnetonka Moccasin via phone or email with any questions or concerns regarding products, orders or returns. Their customer service representatives are dedicated to providing friendly assistance to ensure a satisfying shopping experience.7 For All Mankind logo7 For All Mankind7 For All Mankind is a high-end, luxury denim brand that offers a wide range of fashionable clothing and accessories for both men and women. The brand was established in Los Angeles, California in 2000, and has since made a global impact in the world of denim fashion. **Products Offered** 7 For All Mankind primarily focuses on denim products, including jeans in various fits, styles, and washes. Additionally, they also carry other clothing items such as tops, jackets, dresses, and shorts. Accessories like belts, bags, and face masks are also available on the website. The brand caters to a diverse audience by offering sizes ranging from petite to plus size options. **Collaborations and Exclusive Collections** The brand is known for its collaborations with famous designers and limited-edition collections. These collaborations often result in unique pieces with distinctive designs or custom fabrics that are exclusive to 7 For All Mankind. **Shipping and Returns** 7 For All Mankind offers free shipping on all orders within the United States. They accept returns within 30 days of the purchase date as long as items are in their original condition with tags attached. Customers can easily initiate a return or exchange process online through their account. **Reward Program** The company has a reward program called 7 Points which allows users to earn points when making purchases, sharing on social media or referring friends. Members can redeem these points for rewards such as discounts on future purchases or exclusive access to sales events.OOnlineFabricStoreShop OnlineFabricStore for fabric & sewing supplies. Find everything from home décor, apparel, & craft fabric to basics like burlap, muslin, & foam. Everyday low prices & fast shipping.Big Bear Mountain Resort logoBig Bear Mountain ResortBig Bear Mountain Resort is a popular destination in Southern California known for its skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking activities. The resort consists of two separate ski areas: Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. **Location and Access** Big Bear Mountain Resort is situated in the San Bernardino National Forest, approximately 100 miles from Los Angeles. The resort can be accessed by car, and there are also shuttle services available from select locations. **Winter Activities** During the winter season, the resort offers skiing and snowboarding with a combined total of over 55 runs across both Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. The resort accommodates all skill levels, from beginner to advanced skiers and snowboarders. In addition, there are multiple terrain parks, a halfpipe, and snow tubing available for guests to enjoy. **Summer Activities** In the summer months, Big Bear Mountain Resort transforms into a mountain biking paradise with over 60 miles of single-track trails. They also offer a Scenic Sky Chair which provides stunning views of Big Bear Lake and the surrounding mountains. **Lodging** Various lodging options are available near the resort to suit different preferences and budgets. These options include hotels, cabins, vacation rentals, and camping sites. **Season Passes & Tickets** Big Bear Mountain Resort offers various season passes, daily lift tickets, and group rates for both winter and summer activities. Pricing and availability can be found on their website. **Events & Dining** The resort hosts numerous events throughout the year such as races, festivals, live music performances, and holiday celebrations. Guests can also enjoy dining options at multiple on-site restaurants and bars.DECATHLON logoDECATHLONDecathlon is a French sporting goods retailer and one of the largest in the world. The company offers a wide range of products, including shoes, clothing, and accessories for various sports and outdoor activities. Their goal is to make sports accessible to everyone by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. **History and Expansion** Decathlon was founded in 1976 by Michel Leclercq in Lille, France. The company quickly grew in popularity and expanded nationally and internationally. Today, Decathlon operates more than 1,500 stores across 57 countries, with a significant online presence as well. **Innovation** The company is known for its innovation in product design and has its research and development facilities. They create and market their products under several brand names dedicated to specific sports or activities. Some of their well-known brands include Quechua for hiking/trekking gear, B'Twin for cycling products, and Kipsta for team sports equipment. **Sustainability** Decathlon is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by prioritizing sustainable development throughout its supply chain. They focus on product eco-design, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and ensuring social responsibility with their suppliers. **Delivery and Returns** For online customers in France, Decathlon offers a click-and-collect service, home delivery with various shipping options, gift cards functionality, and user-friendly return system that ensures customer satisfaction. Detailed product information along with customer reviews can be found on their website to guide users in making informed purchasing decisions.Star Market logoStar MarketStar Market is a popular supermarket chain primarily operating in the New England region of the United States. Established in 1915, the company has grown over the years to become a trusted one-stop shopping destination for customers seeking fresh produce, meat, seafood, bakery items, and other groceries. **Ownership and Affiliation** Star Market is a subsidiary of Albertsons Companies, one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States. Being a part of such a prominent retail network further strengthens its position in the market. **Shop Online** To facilitate customer convenience, Star Market offers an online shopping experience complete with delivery and curbside pickup options. Customers can browse through their range of products, create shopping lists, and easily place orders while receiving promotional offers and personalized deals. **Star Market Rewards program** Customers can benefit from Star Market's Reward program by earning points on their purchases. The points can be redeemed for gas and grocery rewards or be used to take advantage of exclusive deals and offers. The more you shop at Star Market, the more points you accumulate for future savings. **Mobile App** Star Market makes shopping easier with its mobile app. The app allows customers to view weekly ads, access digital coupons, create personalized shopping lists, manage their rewards account, locate stores in their area, and even refill pharmacy prescriptions directly from their devices.Radio Flyer logoRadio FlyerRadio Flyer is a popular American brand that specializes in producing and selling premium quality red wagons, tricycles, bicycles, scooters, and other ride-on toys for children. Founded in 1917 by Antonio Pasin, the brand has become a classic choice for parents and children alike due to its iconic design and high-quality products. **Product Categories** The main product categories offered by Radio Flyer include: 1. Wagons: Classic and versatile pull wagons that come in various designs, sizes, and functionalities. 2. Tricycles: Durable and safe tricycles for different age groups and skill levels. 3. Scooters: Balance scooters for young children to improve motor skills and coordination. 4. Bicycles: Stylish and sturdy bicycles designed for a smooth and comfortable ride. 5. Ride-Ons: A variety of creative ride-on toys that stimulate imagination and playtime. **Customization Options** Radio Flyer also offers customers the ability to customize their products, such as wagons or tricycles, by selecting different frame materials, colors, accessories, or personalized nameplates. **Community Initiatives** The brand is actively involved in giving back to the community by donating products to schools and non-profit organizations through their "Wagons for Good" program. **Customer Support** For any inquiries or support regarding their products or services, customers can reach out to the customer service team through contact information provided on their website.SScentsyScentsy is a popular direct selling company that specializes in fragrance products, including scented waxes, warmers, diffusers, essential oils, and more. Founded in 2004 by Orville and Heidi Thompson, the brand has gained a reputation for its high-quality products and unique business model. **Product Offerings** Scentsy's most well-known products are their Wax Bars and Warmers, which use low-watt light bulbs or heating elements to melt the wax gently. This allows the fragrances to be released into the air without using an open flame or producing soot. Their product lineup also includes Essential Oils and Diffusers, designed for a more natural scent experience. Other product categories offered by Scentsy include personal care items such as body lotions and hand creams, scented cleaning products, pet care items, scented plush toys called Buddies, and car air fresheners. **Business Model** Scentsy operates as a direct selling company and relies on independent consultants who sell their products to friends, family members, and coworkers via home parties or online channels. Independent consultants earn commissions based on their sales volume and team building efforts. This offers individuals an opportunity to build their own business while promoting the Scentsy brand. **Joining Scentsy** To become an independent consultant for Scentsy, individuals can purchase a Starter Kit that contains various products, marketing materials, and personal online store access. Once enrolled as a consultant, they can start earning commissions by selling Scentsy products and recruiting new team members. **Community Involvement** Scentsy is committed to giving back through its Charitable Cause Program. The company partners with various nonprofit organizations to raise funds by offering limited edition products in support of specific causes.Red Aspen logoRed AspenRed Aspen Love is a beauty and lifestyle brand that focuses on providing high-quality, affordable products such as nail dashes, lashes, and makeup. The brand's mission is to inspire confidence in women and encourage them to express their individuality through their products. **Product Range** Red Aspen Love offers a variety of beauty products, including: 1. *Nail Dashes*: Reusable and customizable press-on nails that come in various colors, designs, and lengths for an effortless, salon-worthy manicure. 2. *Lashes*: Faux eyelashes from natural-looking to dramatic styles designed for comfortable wear and easy application. 3. *Makeup*: A selection of makeup essentials such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and brow pencils. **Purchasing Options** Customers can purchase Red Aspen Love products through their website. There are also options for purchasing bundles or sets at discounted rates. Additionally, you can join their subscription program for exclusive product launches and offers. **Affiliate Program** Red Aspen Love offers an affiliate program known as the "Brand Ambassador Program." Individuals who join this program can earn commissions by promoting the brand and its products through personal websites or social media platforms. **Giving Back** The brand showcases its commitment to uplifting communities by partnering with nonprofit organizations and donating a percentage of sales to support a variety of causes, such as education programs and disaster relief efforts.Cookies by Design logoCookies by DesignCookies by Design is a well-known brand in the United States that specializes in designing and creating customized cookie bouquet arrangements, gourmet cookies, and other edible gifts. They offer a wide variety of cookies, including hand-decorated cookies, which are arranged in stunning bouquets for different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special events. **Products and Services** Their primary products are cookie bouquets, which come in different sizes and can be customized according to the customer's preference. They also offer various gift options like gourmet cookie gift baskets, cookie tins, cookie trays, and party favors. Additionally, they provide corporate gifts for businesses looking to send unique edible gifts to clients or employees. **Customization Options** Cookies by Design allows customers to personalize their cookie arrangements with images, text messages, or logos. Their website also offers an online tool to design unique cookies with an image or custom text for special occasions. **Shipping and Delivery** The brand ships its products nationwide within the United States. They also offer same-day delivery service on selected items if orders are placed before the cut-off time. However, it is essential to note that shipping rates and delivery times vary depending on the destination and chosen shipping method. **Allergen Information** Cookies by Design products may contain common allergens like dairy, wheat, soy, and nuts. Products' ingredient information is available on the website for customers with allergies or dietary restrictions to make informed decisions while ordering.BigBadToyStore logoBigBadToyStoreBig Bad Toy Store (BBTS) is a well-established online retailer that specializes in the sale of action figures, collectibles, and other toys from various popular franchises. They offer a wide variety of products, ranging from current releases to hard-to-find vintage items. The BBTS website features an easy-to-navigate layout, allowing users to effortlessly browse through categories such as action figures, statues, graphic novels, and more. **Product Selection** BBTS offers a diverse selection of merchandise related to pop culture, including products from franchises like Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Transformers, and many others. They carry both mainstream and niche items catering to collectors and casual fans alike. **Pre-order System** One of the unique features of BBTS is their pre-order system, which allows customers to reserve highly sought-after items before their release. This ensures that they don't miss out on limited edition or popular items that may quickly sell out. **Pile of Loot** BBTS also provides a service called "Pile of Loot," which is designed to help customers save on shipping costs. Users can accumulate their ordered items in the Pile of Loot for up to 90 days and have them shipped together in one package when they're ready. **Customer Support** Customers can expect reliable customer support at BBTS. They can be reached through email or phone for any queries or concerns related to orders or product information.DX Engineering logoDX EngineeringDX Engineering is a leading retailer and manufacturer of amateur radio equipment, antennas, and related accessories for radio enthusiasts. 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Radio Equipment: Transceivers, amplifiers, receivers, tuners along with various brands of radio gear. **Educational Resources** DX Engineering offers various educational resources like tutorials, blogs, webinars, and YouTube videos to help customers learn more about amateur radio equipment usage and installation. **Customer Support** Their customer support team is available through phone and email to assist with product inquiries and technical support. They are known for their knowledgeable staff members who can provide advice on selecting the right products.WARN Industries logoWARN IndustriesStraight Talk Wireless logoStraight Talk WirelessStraight Talk is a wireless service provider offering affordable, no-contract cell phone plans and devices. The brand is operated by TracFone Wireless and is available exclusively at Walmart stores and online. **Plans and Pricing** Straight Talk provides various plans to suit different user needs. These include unlimited talk, text, and data plans, along with international calling options. The plans come with 3G/4G LTE high-speed data and some even offer hotspot capability. **Phone Selection** Straight Talk offers a wide range of phones from top brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG. Customers can choose from basic flip phones to advanced smartphones, such as the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models. **Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)** Straight Talk allows customers to use their existing compatible phone through its BYOD program. After purchasing a Straight Talk SIM card or Activation Kit, users can easily switch their unlocked GSM or CDMA device to Straight Talk's network. **Coverage** Straight Talk utilizes networks from four major carriers in the United States (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint) to provide extensive coverage for its customers. The specific network a customer will be on depends on their device and location. **Customer Support** Straight Talk offers customer support through various channels, including phone support, online chat, and an online help center with frequently asked questions (FAQs) and self-help articles.Mor Furniture for Less logoMor Furniture for LessMorfurniture is an online furniture store that specializes in providing high-quality, stylish, and affordable home furnishings. The brand offers a wide range of products including sofas, sectionals, beds, dining sets, office furniture, and outdoor furniture. Their collections cater to various styles such as contemporary, traditional, rustic, and mid-century modern. **Product Categories** Morfurniture has organized its website into several key product categories: living room, bedroom, dining room, kids & teens, mattresses, entertainment centers, home office, and outdoor furniture. This easy-to-navigate layout allows customers to find exactly what they need to create their ideal living spaces. **Affordable Financing Options** To make their products more accessible to customers with varying budgets, Morfurniture provides financing options. They offer multiple financing plans that may include no interest for a specified period or low monthly payments. To apply for financing options or make payments on an existing account, customers can visit the website's financing section. **Delivery & Return Policy** Morfurniture offers delivery services to help customers receive their orders conveniently. Delivery fees depend on factors such as location and the items being delivered. They also offer a return policy which allows customers to return qualifying items within 7 days of delivery for store credit or an exchange. Detailed delivery and return policy information can be found on the website. **Customer Support** Customers seeking assistance with their orders or questions about products can contact Morfurniture's customer support by phone or through the contact form provided on their website. Their team is committed to resolving any issues and ensuring customer satisfaction.DiscountMugs logoDiscountMugsDiscountMugs is a leading online retailer specializing in promotional and personalized products. They offer a wide range of customizable items such as drinkware, apparel, bags, office supplies, and more. Their goal is to provide high-quality, affordable products that help businesses and individuals promote their brand, event, or cause. **Product Categories** DiscountMugs offers a diverse selection of products across multiple categories. These include drinkware (mugs, tumblers, water bottles), apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, hats), bags (tote bags, backpacks, duffel bags), office supplies (pens, notebooks), and more. They cater to businesses, organizations, event planners, and individual customers looking for custom-printed merchandise. **Customization Options** Customers can choose from various customization options like screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, and laser engraving. The website's user-friendly design tool allows users to upload their artwork or logo and see how it would look on the selected product before placing an order. **Pricing and Shipping** DiscountMugs offers competitive pricing on their products with the additional benefit of bulk discounts for larger orders. They also provide occasional deals and promotions that can be accessed through their website or by subscribing to their newsletter. Shipping rates vary depending on the destination and order size; however, expedited shipping options are available for customers who need their orders urgently. **Customer Support** Customer support is available via phone or email to assist users with their questions related to products or account issues. They strive for customer satisfaction by offering refunds or replacements if there are any issues with the order quality or if it doesn't meet the expectations laid out during the ordering process.Arc'teryx logoArc'teryxArc'teryx is a globally renowned high-performance outerwear and equipment brand, primarily specializing in outdoor gear, clothing, and accessories. Founded in 1989, the Canadian brand is headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and is committed to exceptional design, quality craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. **Product Range** Arc'teryx offers a wide variety of products to cater to different outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, and trail running. Their product lineup includes jackets, pants, footwear, backpacks, harnesses, gloves, hats, and various other outdoor accessories. The brand is particularly known for its GORE-TEX materials and thoughtful designs that focus on performance in extreme weather conditions. **Design Philosophy** The design philosophy of Arc'teryx revolves around functional minimalism and attention to detail. Built on the idea of creating durable products that protect users from harsh environments while maximizing comfort and mobility, the brand incorporates carefully selected materials and innovative construction techniques. **Environmental Commitment** Arc'teryx takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. They work to minimize their environmental impact through responsible manufacturing processes and by using eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester. The company also supports numerous environmental initiatives including The Bird's Nest Project – a product donation program that helps build local communities. **Retail Stores & Online Shopping** Arc'teryx products can be found at various retail stores worldwide or purchased directly from their online store. The website provides detailed information about product features, sizing charts to help customers select the best size for their needs, and multilingual customer support for a seamless shopping experience.Oboz Footwear logoOboz FootwearOboz Footwear is an outdoor footwear brand that specializes in producing quality hiking boots, hiking shoes, and trail footwear for men and women. The brand is based in Bozeman, Montana, which has a rich history in outdoor recreation, and it designs its products with durability and comfort in mind to provide the best experience for outdoor enthusiasts. **Product Categories** The main product offerings on the Oboz Footwear website are divided into: - Hiking Boots - Hiking Shoes - Trail Shoes - Sandals These categories cater to different outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, trail running, and casual wear. **O Fit Insole™ Technology** A standout feature of Oboz Footwear is the O Fit Insole™ technology, which focuses on proper support and cushioning while maintaining a low weight profile. This technology allows for a custom-fit feel and improved stability during various terrains and activities. **True To The Trail® Philosophy** Oboz Footwear follows the "True To The Trail®" philosophy. This implies that their products are designed to help people experience outdoor adventures without any concerns regarding fit or durability. The company prides itself on using environmentally sustainable practices whenever possible. **One More Tree™ Initiative** In alignment with its environmental focus, Oboz Footwear runs the One More Tree™ initiative. For every pair of shoes sold, Oboz plants a tree in partnership with Trees for the Future. This initiative not only highlights the company's commitment to environmental responsibility but also benefits communities in need around the world. To sum up, Oboz Footwear provides high-quality hiking boots, hiking shoes, trail shoes, and sandals designed with an emphasis on comfort and durability that cater specifically to meet the needs of outdoor adventurers.GiftsForYouNow logoGiftsForYouNowGiftsForYouNow is an online retailer specializing in personalized gifts and custom products for various occasions like birthdays, weddings, holidays, and more. Their goal is to provide unique, high-quality gifts that can be customized to make your purchase special for the recipient. **Product Categories** GiftsForYouNow offers a wide range of categories to choose from, including home decor, clothing items, office supplies, and outdoor products. Some popular categories are: - Personalized shirts, hoodies & apparel - Customized blankets & pillows - Engraved picture frames & photo albums - Monogrammed tote bags & accessories - Personalized ornaments & holiday decorations **Customization Options** One of the key features of GiftsForYouNow is the ability to personalize almost any item on the website. You can add custom text, names, monograms, dates, or even uploaded photos to create a one-of-a-kind gift. This allows customers to tailor their purchases to specific events or people. **Shipping and Returns** GiftsForYouNow ships both domestically and internationally. Shipping rates depend on the destination and In case customers are not satisfied with their purchase, GiftsForYouNow does accept returns within 30 days of delivery. However, personalized items may only be returned if there is an error on the company's part or if the product is defective. **Payment Methods** GiftsForYouNow accepts major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, and Amazon Payments as secure methods for processing online transactions.Serenata Flowers logoSerenata FlowersSerenata Flowers is an online flower delivery service based in the United Kingdom that offers a vast selection of flower arrangements and bouquets at competitive prices. As one of the leading online florists, Serenata Flowers provides customers with quality flowers suitable for various occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and sympathy arrangements. **Range of Products** In addition to flowers, Serenata Flowers also offers a variety of other products to complement your chosen bouquet. These include plants, gift hampers, chocolates, wine, and balloons. 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