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Avada Size Chart vs. Carro

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of Avada Size Chart and Carro.

Avada Size Chart

About Avada Size Chart

Avada Size Chart is a thoughtful app that helps online stores reduce return rates with useful size guides.


About Carro

Carro connects participating Shopify stores together to enable cross-store selling or the ability for like-minded partners to directly sell each other products without the need for inventory, managing returns, or minimum order quantities.

Avada Size Chart and Carro Customers

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Total Customer by Region

Top 1 Region of Avada Size Chart Customer

  1. India (1-10 Customer)
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Top 3 Regions of Carro Customers

  1. United States (1K-10K Customers)
  2. United Kingdom (101-200 Customers)
  3. Australia (51-100 Customers)
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Total Customer by Industry

Top 1 Category of Avada Size Chart Customer

  1. Apparel (1-10 Customer)
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Top 3 Categories of Carro Customers

  1. Apparel (301-500 Customers)
  2. Beauty & Fitness (201-300 Customers)
  3. Food & Drink (101-200 Customers)
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Customer Distributed by Monthly Sales

Top 1 Monthly Sales Distributed of Avada Size Chart Customer

  1. $100.00K to $1.00M (1-10 Customer)
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Top 3 Monthly Sales Distributed of Carro Customers

  1. $10.00K to $100.00K (1-10 Customers)
  2. $100.00K to $1.00M (101-200 Customers)
  3. $1.00M to $10.00M (501-1K Customers)
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