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Parcel Tracking software

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What is parcel tracking software?

Parcel tracking software is a technological solution designed to streamline the tracking and management of shipments. It helps businesses consolidate tracking information from various carriers into one centralized system, providing accurate and timely updates to both businesses and their customers.

See how AfterShip helps generate more revenue from shipment notifications
Workload Reduction65%reduction in WISMO tickets
Cost Reduction21%reduction in returns and refunds
Enhance Brand Experience3.2Xviews on the branded tracking page
Incremental Revenue23%more revenue from shipment notifications
Seamless Integration
1,100+ carrier integrations
28 eCommerce platforms
40 technology partners
Work Collaboration
SSO integration
Multiple seats & predefined roles
Customized roles and permission

How to choose parcel tracking software?

Ensure Carrier & eCommerce Platform Integration
  • ✔️ Assess carriers and eCommerce platform integration. Check if the software provides API or Webhook access for customizations.
  • ✔️ AfterShip integrates with 1100+ carriers, 28 eCommerce platforms, and 40 tech partners for seamless integration.
Check Features and Functionality
  • ✔️ Check essential features for your business, including real-time tracking, delivery notifications, and inventory management.
  • ✔️ AfterShip is designed with powerful features for enterprises, including a shipment visibility dashboard, accurate real-time tracking, branded notifications & triggers.
Customization Options
  • ✔️ Look for software that can be customized to fit your business requirements. Customization options can include branding, personalized tracking pages, and tailor-made reports.
  • ✔️ AfterShip is committed to improving brand loyalty by providing features such as branded tracking page, on-time report, and product recommendations.
  • ✔️ The software should have a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. It should be intuitive for your team to use and require minimal training.
  • ✔️ AfterShip is recognized for exceptional service, which is evidenced by winning the Capterra 2023 awards for Best Value and Best Ease of Use.
Security and Data Privacy
  • ✔️ As shipment tracking involves sensitive business data, ensure that the software follows industry-standard security protocols and data privacy regulations.
  • ✔️ With ISO 27001 Certification, SOC2 compliance, GDPR Compliance and CCPA Compliance, you can get peace of mind at AfterShip.
Customer Support
  • ✔️ Ensure the software vendor offers responsive customer support, including technical assistance and training resources.
  • ✔️ AfterShip is always available to resolve your inquiries by offering 24X7 chat & email, dedicated account manager and 99.9% uptime SLA.
Find your optimal software solution
This chart displays the market share of the top 10 Parcel Tracking software in 2024, highlighting the most popular tools used by online merchants.1. Aftership Tracking leads with a notable 34.75% share.2. In second place, 17TRACK at 18.31% share.3. Meanwhile, Parcel Panel at 17.46% share.