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Veeqo Shipping

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AfterShip Mobile User
UPDATE: More than a year has passed since our review, and Veeqo STILL does not support post-purchase checkout offers or 'on hold' fulfilment statuses, despite Shopify releasing this functionality in May 2021. We have requested this functionality countless times but the feedback has essentially been ignored by Veeqo. We don't understand how a "Shopify Plus Certified" app can still be lacking in compatibility with Shopify in this way. ---- Original Review --- Veeqo does a reasonably good job in organising the picking, packing and dispatching of orders as well as integrating directly with carriers. Unfortunately however, the app does not support order editing in Shopify, or post-purchase checkout extensions, therefore limiting opportunities to add or edit items after purchase which is a shame. The availability of customer service / support is good, with live chat available 24hr and quick response, however the live chat agents have limited knowledge and getting issues recognised and escalated to the development team can be difficult.