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Twik Analytics


4 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
In most cases, before opening my Google Analytics account I'm opening my Shopify admin pannel to watch my performance. Although Shopify has some graphs I'd rather see my performance in a more visual way. Thanks to Twik analytics I can understand my product performance better, get faster decisions and see more information that isn't in the Shopify dashboard and... it's free! Thanks Twik
AAfterShip Mobile User
I'm not an analyst to be very honest... My budget is low so I'm reading my reports myself and try to learn as much as I can. I'm a visual person so I'll understand better through infographics and concentrate the relevant info for me. There came Twik analytics and change my world (in a good way). Thanks guys! Now I know what I should be focus on
AAfterShip Mobile User
Great Experience! I get analytics of clients, From which device they browse. Where they are from and how they came to my website Highly recommend
AAfterShip Mobile User
A true game changer. I can now see exactly what's going on in my store! The integration was seamless and the results have been spot-on. The insights I've gained from using twik analytics are invaluable and help me make smarter business decisions. I'm so glad I gave it a try!