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AAfterShip Mobile User
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE TRYONIFY APP! I personally think that every online retail store should offer this check out option. It is so customer-centric and simply shows that you not only believe in your products, but that you trust your customers. This trust leads to your customer trusting you-your company. In the end you will have loyal customers who return again and again because they want to try more! TryOnify was easy to set up and launch. The TryOnify team was always very responsive. Every question I had was quickly and clearly answered and explained. I appreciated all the time they dedicated to us, and I know that I can continue to reach out to them if I have any questions or need help for any reason at all. To date our "Try Before You Buy" program has been a huge success. We are seeing more orders; but, even better we are also seeing larger orders! Plus, we have experienced a boost in customer satisfaction.