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Timo Subscriptions

1 ratings
AfterShip Mobile User
This app suddenly double charged my customers causing panic on our side and our customers side who kept calling in to ask what's going on. The 2nd charge came a day later than the 1st so it wasn't so obvious either. We caught it after more than 20 duplicate orders came in. Even as we tried refunding the 20 orders, another batch of orders came in, and on and on... Globosoft admitted the app was updated causing the billing error but refused to help refund the orders. So, we manually refunded all the orders on our side. Then, after reporting the problem to Shopify and requesting Globosoft to reimburse credit card fees associated with the orders, Globosoft replied by again acknowledging that it was their fault but could only promise to make the app perform better. They refuse to offer any assistance in the fees created by their malfunctioning app. Don't let this happen to you!