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Storista: Instagram Reels/Feed


18 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Had problems uploading some of the reels from instagram on the app. Was starting to get frustrated but then asked Irek for help. He went above and beyond and changed codes to have my requested content on my shop. If there's anthing that keeps me coming back to a service/ product, it's definitely great customer support! and ofcourse the product/ service itself is what I needed.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I highly recommend this app. It is simple to install, and works exactly as intended. Irek (from Storista) is very helpful, quick to respond, and answer all my questions. He is really keen to make sure everything works perfectly. It's also very good value for money. I use the widget on every page of my site, playing dozens of Instagram reels. You should try it! Linda Rossiter
AAfterShip Mobile User
There are many reasons to give Irek and storista app 5 stars review. First and the most important, SUPPORT, every day Irek its ready to help you with any situation, he is very kind and undertand what do you need. The app its great, working as it should since almost a year. Im using 3 widgets (Reels, Stories and Post slider). For the cost its a bargain.
AAfterShip Mobile User
このアプリはインスタでやりたいこと、思いつく施策がほぼすべてが可能です。 リールを任意の順番に並べ替えてトップページに加えたり、ハイライトの順番を並び替えて見せたいものだけ見せたり、お客様によって作られたUGCをインポートしたり、、 夢のようなアプリです、サポートは英語のみですがチャットで素早く対応してくれます。 インスタを使っているショップでは必須です。
AAfterShip Mobile User
support is good, they are very helpful. but only 1 thing i would suggest is auto play mode of reels before even tapping on reel. that is trend and would be more engaging than. But app is good overall.