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Amai Local Pickup & Delivery


326 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Does not work with Shopify's Order Printer and can only use their Email Confirmation Template (no customizations). Also had repeated issues with service outages -- delivery option would disappear and reappear randomly. Also had order that were completed without any date selection at all (which is supposedly required to move past cart page to checkout) and their support couldn't explain this or offer any solution and just told us to wait for it to happen again...which it did. Also experienced the date and month switching assignments (so customers who chose January 4 at checkout would get email confirmation reading April 1...ditto Order Printer printouts). We "band-aid-ed" these ongoing issues for months...sometimes contacting their support and sometimes fixing it ourselves with custom code in Email Confirmation template and Order Printer template. We also shared screenshots and snippets of code with Customer Support to demonstrate these issues and prove they were isolated to this app, but Customer Support's responses were of no help. After months of issues, this app's Customer Support finally admitted that their app does not work with Order Printer and that Email Confirmation must exclusively be their template without any changes or customization. If they had admitted this from the start, it would have saved us lots of time and months of subscription fees. This--along with replies from customer service that were not complete sentences and very difficult to understand in English--plus the service outages we experienced and inconsistencies of submitted orders led us uninstall the app.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Since December 2020, we used this app to help us with managing Store/Porch pickup during the COVID pandemic. Its great because it allows the customer to pick a date/time within a range that we can accommodate - practically eliminates negotiating a date/time that works for us both. Block out dates when we want to have a break from visitors etc. Update: December 2022 - we changed a couple of our products to use custom attributes instead of variants to help us manage our inventory levels (one part is an easy last touch customization, but doesn't affect actual quantity available to our customers) This change of information wasn't initially being brought through to the orders for store-pickup. With a bit of dialogue and requirements sharing between their team and ours, they were able to update the store pickup app to work with the custom attributes (in a short amount of time too)! Amazing service! We highly recommend them!
AAfterShip Mobile User
Really great service, needed extra help and they went above and beyond to help get it working for us. Really great job and will help us with out Local pickup!
AAfterShip Mobile User
Support hat super geklappt! Ich hatte ein Problem mit der Einrichtung und habe über den Chat schnell Hilfe bekommen.
AAfterShip Mobile User
The app breaks every other month, you will need to reach out to support for them to update which will take time (which affects your business). It is as if they push updates to their app without testing end to end. We always request their customer service to update our calendar so the store is open on certain dates, however they never do (even tho they should be able to do on the backend).