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Sticky Add To Cart Bar Pro


83 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Installed today, doing pretty well right here. The support was really fast, answered my questions and, of course, was very supportive.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Very fast response time. Customer support representatives are really helpful. This is a good add-on to try out. easily customizable.
AAfterShip Mobile User
CREDO CHE QUESTA sia una delle app per bottone piu efficienti in assoluto, praticamente consiglio perche serve molto
AAfterShip Mobile User
So far, I think this is a great app. It can help me improve the conversion rate of the product page. It is easy to modify it from the admin to what I want. It can also accurately define how many % of the page the customer sees then shows. It will only be displayed at a certain time, and will not occupy the space of the page all the time. I like this design very much, especially in the mobile version. If it always occupies the bottom of the page, the browsing experience of product content is not good. I have some questions to ask them, they also helped me rule it out, and so far I think it's the best option, if you need a similar functionality I recommend them
AAfterShip Mobile User
- The sticky cart has gaps between it and the screen's edges, and is not centered - It won't appear on your website if you reenable it (disable and enable it again). Even if it appears being enable it on your admin it won't work. You have to delete the app, and reinstall again, after you do this it will work, and it remembers your previous settings, sign that it does not delete itself when you uninstall it... - It does not remembers the user's previous session, so the countdown it resets itself after the user is leaving that page -> when it goes visiting another page he will find out that the countdown is fake - After the countdown is ending your sale price won't dissapear, so the user will find out that the countdown is also fake and probably won't visit your store again because of trust issues....