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Square Sync


113 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Painless. Quick. Any questions and the support reps were able to help FAST. Thank you all so much. Great app
AAfterShip Mobile User
Square sync is the best option if you're trying to sync your products especially with variants to square. super fast, great customer service and most important budget friendly.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I was very pleased and happy with the service. "Charisse" not only helped me with the issues I was having. She stay there until the issues was fixed. And the products that were not able to be synced, she gave me the list of those items and what to do to correct it. I would give 6 stars if there was another one. VERY VERY HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE AND THE AGENT THAT ASSISTED ME!!!
AAfterShip Mobile User
very helpful thank you, i was having trouble syncing products from shopify to sauare app and they were willing to help me with everything i needed
AAfterShip Mobile User
A+ customer service. There is always someone live to assist, and walk you through any and all processes. Super impressed with their level of care and follow through. The system is working seamlessly so far and has made our daily operations run so much smoother. We use Square for our POS and Shopify for our online store, which meant managing two inventories. Now - everything syncs from one platform to the other and we don't have to worry about updating systems twice. The set up process was complex due to our pre-existing databases on each platform, plus working with over 5,000 skus - but with their help we had everything synced and ready to go within 48 hours.