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AAfterShip Mobile User
I’m currently a subscriber but only because I can’t find anything else to sync eBay. The software actually works great for me. I rarely have any issues and if I do, I’m able to fix it because it’s happened before. The worst part is the support. I’m shocked what they charge to completely ghost you on support. This last time I was given information that doesn’t seem to be correct. Literally 5 minutes later I mentioned this I was told the agent “left for the day” and would follow up “in the morning .” I received no follow up. It’s now 9pm and is going into the weekend so I’m sure I won’t hear anything until Monday. I’ve sent a couple messages and have revived no response for a follow up. In what universe is this acceptable service?
AAfterShip Mobile User
Umsatzsteuersatz wird nicht mit übertragen. Die App funktioniert ansonsten super aber das macht sie für mich gänzlich unbrauchbar. Support hat schnell geantwortet aber konnte nicht helfen.
AAfterShip Mobile User
This is the second time I've tried them. Sadly it didn't go any better than the first time. It pulled my Ebay listings into the app and I got them all linked but inventory wasn't syncing. I was told It was because they weren't listed from sellbrite??? Which makes no sense then why the ability to bring them in and link them? Support is a joke and basically rudely and curtly writes you off if you don't like their answer. It's no wonder their rating is going down down down!
AAfterShip Mobile User
Etsy variation images are not supported by them.
AAfterShip Mobile User
A very good app for inventory sync across the all channels. Very smooth and professional onboarding guide. The customer support it is very professional you just need to give them time and they will help. I am happy with this app.