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GDPR Cookie Consent ‑ CMP


9 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
I didn't try this app at first because there wasn't very many reviews. But, I did as I tried EVERY app for GDPR and this was the finale app. I needed special customization for a vendor. Not only to be able to add a cookie which most apps allow you to do but I needed to add an extra layer of consent. This was the ONLY app that allowed that customization. I am a novice with CMP and the support team took the time and had a call with me and allowed me to explain the requirements I needed (as well as I could, being new to CMP/GDPR). He completely helped me set up all the variances, added the cookie and the extra layer of consent. It took a couple of days due to the time difference. I am so extremely grateful for his knowledge and patience with me trying to understand it all. This app is also much cheaper than the other apps I tried and yes, it is complex but it needs to be to be compliant. Their support makes it easy!