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RewardReach:Social Coupon

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AfterShip Mobile User
Hi, So it states free, but I had a question about fees for influencers and emailed. I decided to install it and see if anything shows up. The video on here and the post says free, yet when you install it it says after 3 charges would be 9.98. I am very happy that i received a response regarding your system. It wasn't clear. So basically you install it and are allowed 3 ambassadors (people who can promote your site, i don't know how the coupons work exactly and how it connects to the promotions, but I do hope the coupons only apply once the advertising has been done by the 3 persons). After 3 they charge, yes i do understand now what you are saying, but it would be nice to make 1 request. First, if there is a free install, the give us the option to continue with the 9.98 charge, if not to stop using it. It wasn't clear to me. I understand now, but it would be great if that would have been explained. the second thing i don't understand but given your direct answers, i am sure you will. It says after the 9.98 there will be other 9.98 charges. Can you elaborate on how these charges occur. is it simply 9.98 per month, or per a certain use. Clarity is always helpful.. I have updated my rating because of your frankness and appreciate your explanation. Best Regards, Michael