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Slider Revolution


48 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
This APP is fabulous. I was able to create an Angel Card reading on my site! I didn't think it was possible but this Slider has been fabulous. I would love to see the ability to randomize the slides and Add a couple of images on a slide so that when you click one image it will fade to the next. I am so grateful for this App. Thank you
AAfterShip Mobile User
5 stars. The revolution slider has a lot of great options and slider styles and an active support team.
AAfterShip Mobile User
App that will leash your creativity and provide you newest and smartest ways to create sliders - Before and after slider - Mouse interactions and very nice animations It looks complicated but once you try all the buttons you will start get it and know that it's little complicated because it profissional I had few bugs but the support Sadikur Rahman Sajib Helped me to fix it it took time but at the end everything is working of course we understand detailed apps may have some bugs from time to time I'm using Turbo theme and it's working smoothly one one add on is not working in my theme but the promise to fix it
AAfterShip Mobile User
Es gab ein Problem mit dem Slider und der Transparent Background Option für das Hauptmenü. Mein Ticket beim Support wurde innerhalb von einer Stunde bearbeitet und Rückfragen gestellt um das Problem einzugrenzen. Das Problem wurde dann innerhalb von knapp 12h gelöst. Sehr guter Support!
AAfterShip Mobile User
Wow dont know where to start. I needed help creating a slider and this app is just awesome. You can do pretty much anything you want either from scratch or by using one of the great templates. Whats even better is that their support is AMAZING. They will help you above and beyond expectations and im very happy with the work they did. Great app, great support, what more can you ask for! 6 star rating!