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POPSMASH Social Leads


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AAfterShip Mobile User
Ok, so his is the best thing I did for my business in the last year in terms of marketing. Why? Because getting your Instagram followers onto your email list just makes everything easier: tracking, upsells, nurturing and converting sales all gets easier. And instead of paying so much for IG ads that go up in smoke, I'm INVESTING in the ability to make consistent long-term sales by growing my email list, which is something I OWN and can't lose. So this app essentially works by using Instagram giveaways to get followers to subscribe to your email list. It works better than I expected because people love a chance to win stuff, even for small $50 prizes. I have a small gift shop with a relatively small Instagram following (3,000 followers). For my last campaign I got around 200 entries with a 50% conversion rate, which means 100 people ended up subscribing to my email list (yes, 100 new email subscribers from one campaign). Not bad for how small we are. Now, if you're serious about email marketing, you know what email subscribers are worth and how much sales you drive through email. And yes, this app pretty much paid for itself in the first 10 minutes of the first campaign I ran. It is very much worth it, especially compared with the ROI we get from ads. About using the app: To be honest this app was a little rough during the beta testing period, but it is VERY solid now. It is really polished and one of the better apps I use. The support is also great and responsive. Overall, it is easy to use and automates everything, because if you've ever run an Instagram giveaway before you know how much work it can be. My only gripe if I had one is that I wish it also worked with Facebook. But they are adding support for Facebook soon and other social networks along with SMS, so I will update this review then with how the new things work. So is this for you? If you don't really do email marketing well and don't drives sales through email, then probably not TBH. But if you do rely on email marketing to drive sales and have an Instagram following, then absolutely get this app because if you have Instagram followers that aren't on your email list you're just leaving a TON of money on the table.