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PO (Pre‑Order Manager)


1 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
First, the app itself is good. It does the job, however be ready to wait, wait, wait :) You have to wait to save, then you have to wait to activate. As user interface is not super friendly, are going to make mistakes at the beginning. So you have to wait to deactivate, then you can adjust the settings, then you wait to save, then you wait to activate. Very unusual for a shopify app (I am using more then 80 apps and it is a first).They need to fix that or at leats excplain why. If you compare to PRE-ORDER NOW, this app is below in term of features and speed for a similar price. Price. Real price is $29.90 if you want full support and not $19,90 as mention on the app page. On top of that support is reactive but limited. I know app dev do not have to perform extra such as customising buttons but, guys, when you upload a new app on the store you must build your reputation and do some extra to gain trust and loyalty of your clients. On top of that, they implement their own button so it should be part of the package to make sure their 'vison' match their clients' 'vision'. In my case, I am an early adopter of the app so have it 'free for life'. Yeah, free but even I helped to debug the app months ago, they make me feel that I am no paying = 'check the FAQ and sorry we cannot help you to adjust the design of your button to match your theme'. I assume it is because I am not paying, at least I hope, because PREORDER NOW adjusted the button on my other websites. Fair enough but let's be clear : I NEVER ASKED to have the app for free for life and they should have warned that support will be limited. A shame because we have 5 shopify stores, all offering pre orders but the value of this app and support, at this stage, does not motivate me to replace PRE ORDER NOW. I do not want to take the risk and then face multiple 'sorry we cannot help you'. I am still putting 4 stars as the app is good and I do not want to undermine their work (it is more a 3 stars), but the support is limited so I cannot really recommended it as I do not know if they will help you if you pay $29.90/month (a shame in that case). I think it is mostly a lack of commercial strategy this stage it is at 200 miles in term of support of apps such as and Vital who understood the importance of managing the implementation from scratch to lock the clients to make sure everything is working fine from day one. Conclusion for the dev : 5 min of extra work, and an offer aligned with your direct competitors, can help you to gain more clients very quickly. An immediate NO...leads to stagnation.