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Pfand ‑ Deposit & Cart Fee

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AfterShip Mobile User
I have researched ad nauseam for an app that could create a specific fee and NOT conflict with my custom-built Delivery Date selection app. I FINALLY FOUND IT! I created a manual fee that calculates 2.7% of the cart total. I named this fee "Credit Card Processing Fee." I followed the detailed instructions for adding this code to my cart page. We are a wholesale website only, so I instructed all of my customers that IF they pay by credit card, they MUST select this credit card fee on the cart page. Any orders that come through as credit card payments and that fee is not selected will be immediately canceled and refunded. I am not 100% certain HOW you would convey this message on a retail site, but for me and my application, it is the PERFECT resolution to getting reimbursed for Shopify's 2.7% credit card fee.