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AAfterShip Mobile User
The first couple of weeks were OK. After this, the integration began sporadically failing to pull through orders at random - all orders missing from one date, two or three missing from others but with no pattern and completely at random resulting in missed orders, customer complaints and alot of admin to rectify. I attempted to use the CSV function to work around it after getting no support from Parcel2Go only to find endless issues resulting in data still not being transferred as the Shopify CSV and Parcel2Go mapping would simply not work together no matter how many edits I made. Prices shown for certain couriers became totally inaccurate to the point that once I had applied shipping showing at around £4 per package and reached checkout, the cost skyrocketed to between £30-£50 per package, resulting in having to start the process over again with alternative options. Set parcel sizes would not apply as they should have, order addresses that were accurate and correct would show faults that had to be manually edited despite being completely fine. All of this meant that a supposedly simple and timesaving process that should have taken minutes ended up taking hours. Live chat offer no solutions, they just tell you to email the help address - emails went totally ignored, literally no response at all, for almost two months now. Filed a refund request to withdraw my balance from prepay to go elsewhere, also ignored. Chased it up and received confirmation of the refund request and the money was removed from prepay but not refunded. Chased up again, was told it had been processed just fine and that it would be another 2-3 business days to receive to refund- this came an went and still no refund, money still not accounted for. Several interactions to chase this up and still just being endlessly told it's been referred to the refunds department. I hugely regret using this integration, it has caused so many problems which have taken significant time and admin to resolve with absolutely with no care or help from Parcel2Go. Having spent the better part of £1k through them and being invited to the 'VIP' program (which promises alot but in practice is essentially the same as a.regular account), I had hoped the support would atleast be decent at a basic level and that issues would be raised and resolved. As soon as I actually get my money back, firmly secure in my PayPal, I will be deleting it.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Great platform - imports all sales quickly and easily from Shopify for efficient service, creating shipping labels, arranging courier details, and providing tracking links with ease. Great customer service and support lines. Would recommend.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Fabulous app - Been using this App for a while and it does everything i need to run my business! Imports orders automatically adds tracking information, saves me so much time!
AAfterShip Mobile User
Very easy to use and with the Rule Manager you can set rules so certain weights of products are auto set to certain carriers - so literally you just refresh smart send on their site and it creates all the shipping labels for you from your shopify orders - print them and ship them out - easy!
AAfterShip Mobile User
Good interface and easy to use. Also quite a simple process for opening investigations for missing parcels.