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Ordersify: PDF Order Printer


83 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
This is a disturbing app, please save your time and money. The app cannot add basic numbers, and you must use Word to redo the invoice. When contacting support they tell you they will fix it then do nothing. Ordersify will refuse to publish reviews but we have approached Shopify to remove this unscrupulous app. Ordersify reviews are fabricated I have spoke to several business's with the same issue.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Thanks guys for the quick support. It was nice how helped with the correct code snippets to set up. Big hug from us all.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I have been using Ordersify for quite some time now, It's easy to edit the templates and we have had great success utilizing the help feature to chat with the team behind ordersify to address any app crossover issues that have come up. occasionally we have had some items not want to show up on our invoices/pick sheets and it was causing errors with fulfullment. I reached out to ordersify and they were able to not only fix it, but fix it FAST. I was impressed at the ability to get this done in an efficient, helpful, and correct way. It really lifted a huge burden off my shoulders and eliminated the risk of continued errors fulfilling orders. Thank you Ordersify team!
AAfterShip Mobile User
very useful app. Worked absolutely fine. The best thing, team in very supportive. Resolved my query in minutes. Thankyou
AAfterShip Mobile User
Best Order Printer on Shopify! ( i tried almost every Order printer here) The Support is amazing. They do all the changes for you exactly as you want them and even more. Super fast communication! I also work with their Back in Stock Alert App!