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AAfterShip Mobile User
Still waiting for an update that will include sending of the order number to the OC app, or alternatively the option to send as a draft so that we don't have to cancel, copy, edit and resubmit to lower the price. I was completely ignored 4 times when I said that sending as a draft would be a good idea. Sending as a draft means we could enter the order number without having to cancel first but it means we could also check if the postage price is too expensive before submitting! The price varies wildly depending on location. Only base postage rates are provided in the seller manual. When I asked for a full price list I was told "It's complicated" and ignored over and over. The seller manual says full transparency on prices and no hidden fees... not the case in practice. On the point of the option of a draft sent through first, I was ignored 4 times in verbal communication on a 1 hour conversation with 4 people. 3 of the people said nothing for the whole hour and the whole hour was just me asking questions with limited reply and trying to keep my cool because responses were few and far between. The 3 most helpful people have left the job in just a couple of months since I started and I've only dealt with probably 6 people excluding the ghosts in the verbal chat. With a full postage price list I could continue to use OC because I can automate. Otherwise, the double entries are too messy due to having to cancel every single order, it is too time consuming and can lead to human error and the prices are all over the place. I have a lot of stock still at the warehouse and I would love to have it back, even pick it up, but I think it will be too expensive. I think it is charged per single item as if they were picking them out one by one, when in practice you could just pour them all into a bag, subtract the stock and hand them over. Look, the main thing is just give us transparent pricing and I can deal with all the other headaches. Simply having a base rate depending on size and weight and listing a few locations that you don't post to is not good enough. At first I didn't notice the word "base" in the table heading, otherwise I don't think I would have sent my items. As an edit to the original post I'm also going to say that using the Fulfillment by eBay service is out of the question because of the unknown OC postage rates which will go through automatically, which by the way I've seen as high as $20 for a few different tiny and very light items which combined would measure under a litre in size and under a couple of hundred grams all up.