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NoFraud Fraud Protection


155 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
I do not recommend this application. I just got a bill for more that $3K. They lock you into a long term contact and the service is of low value, in our experience. It cost me $11K+ over a year’s time . I asked to cancel several times because I didn’t want to keep throwing my money away. And they refused. Bad customer support. Basically thieves.
AAfterShip Mobile User
We've been using NoFraud for a few years and would recommend it tremendously. Occasionally something will get flagged as fraudulent when it isn't, and they're very responsive and are often able to get it verified in a timely fashion.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Great solution for fraud protection. Easy to use. Great support. Haven't had any chargebacks yet and most orders are passed.
AAfterShip Mobile User
No Fraud are quite honestly the best Fraud prevention system we have ever come across in this marketplace, and we have been with a few different ones before coming to NF. They are EXCELLENT at stopping the massive amount of fraud we attract on our site. Due to the nature of both the product and the demographic of customer we have, we found that our fraud levels were so high, and the amount of admin and back end work we were having to do with previous fraud systems was both clunky and time consuming. Since moving to NF, we no longer get involved in the filing of chargebacks, and the AI system that runs automatically on our site means that as soon as orders come in, they are checked using their advanced technology and voided (if necessary) and the order is cancelled and never reaches our fulfilment centre. This has been a criteria that we were non negotiable on, and NF were the only company we found that could uphold this level of prevention. Their customer service and account management is second to none. We would heavily advocate them to anyone who is looking for a full spectrum solution to fraud. Our focus can now rest solely on our ecommerce business and we trust fully in the fact that NF are taking excellent care of our site and any potential attacks in the future.
AAfterShip Mobile User
This app has truly helped our warehouse filter out any fraudulent orders, as well as helped to alleviate any return/refund processing in the backend. It automatically scans the purchase location, credit card and IP address to discern the various ways the order is valid or invalid. We have a great success manager, Lisa W. who has always been super helpful and responsive along the setup process.