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MRPeasy Manufacturing ERP


3 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
The MRPEasy system itself is very thoughtfully designed and implemented. It offers all the tools necessary to stay on top of your production demands while accounting for all inbound and outbound materials. My only complaints are with the Shopify integration itself, which are fairly limited. For instance, once you install the app, it automatically starts adding long-winded notes to every incoming Shopify order, and there is no way to toggle this feature. We actually use the order notes prompt to display PO information to some of our larger clients on their invoices, so this has been a major roadblock to using the integration at all. As it stands, I'm still using MRPEasy, but skipping the Shopify integration until I can customize it to my companies needs.
AAfterShip Mobile User
If you are a manufacturing business with assembly work, the MRPeasy is a great app. It integrates easy with Shopify and orders are seamlessly synchronised between the systems. We have just migrated from another software and we are very happy we did the swap to a dedicated MRP system. The UI is modern and intuitive and the logic is relevant. It is however a steep learning curve if you have little or no previous experience with manufacturing software. The online material from MRPeasy is great so it's a good advice you watch the videos and get a proper onboarding before you become frustrated.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I am currently transitioning from Katana to MRPEasy. While there have been a few issues with setup, this is to be expected with a complex ERP system. The support team has been extremely helpful with solving issues I have and am confident I will get everything up and running very soon. The software also seems to be much more powerful than Katana which was missing a lot of features we needed. Thank you for the great support MRPEasy Team!