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M.i.A merch: Print on Demand

1 ratings
AfterShip Mobile User
Installed this app at the beginning of October as it had a fantastic and really unique product range. As one reviewer said below, “it takes a little time to get authorised” however after installing the app and adding all my details, and waiting 1 week after the app still did not work. I contacted support and was told "The app is unfortunately on hold for new clients at the moment due to some technical issues." (On hold, but still available in app store?) I still receive newsletter emails from the App developer that say “Our Shopify App allows you to upload artwork, design and start selling in one place, so you can spend time on the important stuff” ….sadly, this is not the case. The most recent update I have received was on November 8th and was advised “the time scale is expected to be two to three months.” So, I it looks like I won’t be able to use this app until Jan/Feb 2023. Am I disappointed? Very much so as like I said, they do appear to have a great selection of products. If an app is not ready to be deployed – which appears to be the case here, the developer should not release it in the app store. It just creates a bad experience from the start. Happy to review this review when/if the app works but until then, it’s been quite the disappointment. Mar 10th - still waiting to use this app. Was told at the STart of Nov 2022 that it would be ready Jan/Feb but still nothing. I get nice emails from them showing all the 100+ products they have and telling me to "get started" but it is simply still not possible. I have reached out numerous times for an update and no replies.