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Matcha Blog Creator


12 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
They fail to publish new articles. Each month, I look thru the database and there are no updates. All articles are just recycled. I do not recommend this app.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Very poor app. The editor didn't work, I reached out to support multiple times without any return over almost a week. But they continue to send totally non contextual and unrelated marketing mails. A total waste, avoid at any cost.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Beware this app. You'll still be charged after uninstalling it and they will not issue a refund. There is no cancellation policy on their website and you cannot cancel from your account. Do not install this app.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Looks good at first glance, but still needs a lot of work if you want to use it on a heavy-duty blog. The content archive is bland and uninteresting. Adding related products to your blog posts doesn't work well: If I add a collection, it adds EVERYTHING in that collection. So I might have 50 products at the end of my blog post, all with CTA buttons, as well as a dropdown for product variants. That's not great. I want to just add a handful of products, or display them in a carousel, and I definitely don't need a dropdown for product variants in my related products. Even if you're savvy enough to write custom CSS to edit your Shopify theme, you can't change the look and feel of the product variants, because the CSS of Matcha is so poorly written (!Important tags on Product support is rather slow. The whole product is just lacking the extra level of attention to detail that separates good products from great products
AAfterShip Mobile User
I cannot give Matcha enough stars. If you have a store, you need a blog; and if you have a blog you need to get Matcha. Matcha provides very valuable analytics on your blog content so you know which pieces of content are bringing you the most value. I signed up with Matcha because I was looking for ways to lock pieces of content and I found out, to my pleasant surprise, that they have a huge library of content that you can use to supplement your own written content. Also, the support they provide is stellar and the tons of free training they provide on advertising your content is priceless. I tested out their content to see how well it would convert and within 2 days of publishing an article from their library and advertising it on Facebook, I received over 100 reads on the article and more than 8 shares on Facebook for as low as 0.09c per click. It may not sound like a lot to many but I couldn't even achieve that much traffic (at that price) with advertising a product post on FB for a month. Content is key in eCommerce because you really need to engage with customers. Writing a blog is a start but Shopify does not have any method to help you track your hard efforts. I love the Insights that Matcha provides on each piece of content and you can also add products to your posts through Matcha and they can track the performance of that too. I could go on forever about what I love about Matcha but bottom line is I highly recommend this app. It's worth every penny!