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Map My Customers


11 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Great app to visualize your sales. We now display our delivered projects in our office and it is a great motivation for the team.
AAfterShip Mobile User
The idea is good, but factually the results are clearly incorrect in our case. Not even the correct countries, let alone cities were displayed, let alone the correct values output. Apart from that, the differences between the displays were very different, depending on whether you used the billing or shipping address, these results are also not comprehensible.
AAfterShip Mobile User
It's a great piece of software - and lets you zoom right into locations, even in the UK. They're super responsive, and helpful.
AAfterShip Mobile User
We use this app on our homepage to showcase where orders have been placed from - great social proof to show that we successfully deliver across the US and Canada. The team have been great on setup and support questions and will work with you to make sure you're successful. Well done.
AAfterShip Mobile User
A really useful tool. We find it quite rewarding to see just how far our products have reached in such a short time. The added bonus of showing our customers just how far and where we can ship our products.