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Local Delivery Routes


11 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
We've used Shopify's local delivery app for several years now and were forced to look for an alternative once their app became no longer available. This app got the job done in the short term for us but unfortunately is lacking in some key areas. Areas needing improvement: 1. The delivery instructions are not included in the route, only the order notes are. 2. The deliveries within each route are not numbered. We number our deliveries to help with efficiency so for optimization this is vital. 3. When creating a delivery route, addresses that have been added to a route are not removed from the queue so you have to continue to sort through them when making alternate routes. 4. The "Mark All Out For Delivery" feature did not work a single time for us so customers were only notified when they were next in the route. Actually, the "Start Fulfillment" created an error message that said: "Failed please contact admin" more than half the time. 5. Unfortunately this app is not worth the steep price especially considering you only get 25 deliveries per route.