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Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews


341 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
a great app that allows for social proof delivered from other platforms that can be trusted ( you cannot delete these reviews, edit them or fake them ). This allows customers to trust the app and in the long term build brand trust. The team also is very helpful for integration issues and we were up and running within one day.
AAfterShip Mobile User
if you have review etsy or any others e-commerce site , its good to start with this apps to your new site .
AAfterShip Mobile User
Just installed this and was confused about how to get the widget on my home page. Grace helped me right away and added the widget for me. Thank you, Grace! I'm using this app to publish customer reviews from Etsy onto my Shopify store. Pretty neat app!
AAfterShip Mobile User
love the app, excellent customer service :) Recommended if you are trying to import reviews, like in my case from Etsy . Thanks
AAfterShip Mobile User
Quick response time from customer service and quick fix when we had issues with the app (reviews not loading or slow load time). Keeping this app for the emailing features mostly, as this app will send automated emails to your customers asking for a review after 3 weeks post purchase (you can set up your time frame). It also sends an email with a discount code for customers who left a review. Originally got this app to have reviews from Etsy populating on the website but changes that occurred at Etsy made this feature unavailable from an automation perspective. I will still strongly recommend this app to increase the number of reviews on your website!