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AAfterShip Mobile User
We were lucky to get early access to this app and are really content with the value it has had on our business ever since the beginning. Kiri has remarkably lightened the load of the emails that were once operated manually. It does so by providing efficient automation features like identifying the ticket types (order status, returns, change details) and generates replies according to the customer’s order details. This app has also enabled us to create our own general email structures and use them as an automation in compliance with the emails received. For example, if a customer requires a shipping update, the system can generate a response using the tracking link and other order data automatically. We have automated many of our inquiries in that fashion. The time savings really add up. All along with the reply automation, Kiri has to offer many more relevant features, which have made operating our business easier. This includes creating custom views to automatically sort our tickets, which means that we don’t need someone to manually assign the customer service and sales tickets anymore. Setting up everything is super simple and less time-consuming than with other helpdesks that we've used.