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Inventory Source


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AAfterShip Mobile User
UPDATE TO REVIEW BELOW: they claimed last October to have fixed the faulty feed issue that caused me to refund all orders I got through them. It’s now March 2023 and I get an order from Them and the SAME issue exists - the products are out of stock on my supplier yet Inventory source shows 150 items in stock for that product - when i reach out to them they respond they are aware of the issue?!?! For how long have you been taking my money and doing nothing?!?! ! And they still refuse to refund me. So I am just ending my relationship with this incompetent company that doesn’t care about customer service or care about giving accurate info, Oct 2022 review Inventory source was sending me a faulty and inaccurate feed for months. I was selling things that were actually out of stock from the supplier. I had to refund hundreds and HUNDREDS of dollars in orders. I reported it to inventory source and they fixed it after a few weeks. When I asked to be reimbursed for months of getting a faulty feed they said it’s not their fault. That’s what you will get with Inventory source; An in accurate faulty feed and when you ask them to make it right they’ll say it’s not their fault. This is what Mark from the Inventory Source Support Team said to me: "The issue is not from our end, the supplier Morris changed their SKU number from their feed. We are in the process of reintegrating the supplier and updating the correct SKU number in the feed." So apparently it is not Inventory Source's responsibility to ensure they are getting an accurate feed. But it is your responsibility to pay them for whatever feed they send to your store and cause you all kinds of headaches.