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AfterShip Mobile User
2/15/2023 is by far the WORST dropship supplier you can ever found, I selected them to my store, their pre-sale team seems to be very professional which makes you believe you will be dealing with a serios company but that was just a façade, I’ve tried for three entire months their services, and this is what I’ve got: 1/ They don’t respect the merchant, their support team doesn’t really want to solve the problem, all they do is regurgitate template-based responses with no clear resolution. 2/ I’ve asked many times to speak with their management team, they don’t have one or the one they do it’s not professional enough to show off, all the requests were ignored and all you will get will be those template-based responses again. 3/ Their warehouse team operated disconnected form their own system, they constantly miss your order and/or they often deliver orders which had been cancelled 1-2 days before. 4/ They don’t process your refund on-time, we’ve got very close to 35% of our orders cancelled by the channel because they fail to deliver on time (another evidence they are not taking our business serious) and they still haven’t processed all the refunds, every time you send an email you will get that template-based response with no clear resolution. 5/ I have my online business for more than 2 years, over the past three months after I contracted my store was suspended over 3 channels due to the high number of auto cancelation either because they fail to deliver 7-8 days after the purchased or they deliver a very bad product/ pack damaged and products with past due date. My sincere and honest recommendation for you is to stay AWAY from this company as much as possible, they will get your money and make your store fail on every aspect of the service, they are not serious in doing business, the support staff is terrible, the management team is scared, no one will really put any effort to o their own job, please don’t let this documented lack of competency ruin your store!