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17 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
WORST APP EVER WE EVER ADDED LOSED OVER 10 SPEED PTS INSTEAD OF EARNED SOME FELT LIKE CARELESS SUPPORT TOO BAD WE CANT ADD ATTACHED PIC WOULD AS BEEN FASTER TO SHOW SO WILL QUOTE " Hello I think the application does not really work. The application has not improved our speed. If I don't see its usefulness, I will remove it. Can you help me? Br, " ANSWER MADE " Hi , Thank you for reaching out! I just want to clarify that the Minify Me File Optimizer is only designed to minify your theme files. Minification is typically only a small part of site speed, and while it can influence the score, there are usually deeper issues embedded. To help increase your Google PSI score, I would recommend that you check out our Google PSI Optimization service ($499). With this service, our developer will focus on overall site speed optimization for both desktop and mobile, help increase your Shopify score, and address issues concerning Core Web Vitals. We also guarantee a score of 65+ on mobile and 90+ on desktop for this service or we issue a full refund back to you. If you're interested, you may purchase the order here: " AS U CAN SEE WE ASKED WHY IT WAS NOT WORKING AND WE PROPOSED US AN UPGRADED AT 499 DOLLARS UP TO YOU
AAfterShip Mobile User
According to Page Insights & Lighthouse its speeded up mobile browsing by quite a lot & a little on desktop speed. Tested before & after and I can see the difference on CLS. It'll take time to see if its made any difference on search rankings. Made no difference to the shopify speed though.
AAfterShip Mobile User
This app did just improve mobile speed slightly but not that we could say the score is really good (from 20 to 30 google pagespeed insights) and in fact decreased pagespeed on desktop even more (from 85 to 68). There was only option for optimizing css and no option for js or liquids.
AAfterShip Mobile User
We purchased the app and I followed the steps to duplicate the theme etc. When we went to view the duplicated theme, we got a 404 error. I've emailed three times without any response. I'm hoping I'll get a response here, if so I'll amend the review accordingly if it works as described.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Great app that's easy to use. Took me no more than 15min to minify my code and my page speed score went up by 10 points! Thanks guys! And the fact that it's only a once-off payment makes it 10 times greater. Would highly recommend it!