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Color Swatches Variant options


23 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Application does exactly what we were looking for. For some adjustments we had to contact their support and the support was very fast and competent.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Not only has this App made it seamless for me to get color swatches up to enhance the customer experience .... the service from Gravity has been amazing. Adam's communication is top notch. They are even helping me with some difficulties with my Theme. I highly recommend this APP and this team at Gravity Software really care about their products and service. The thing with buying Apps in the past that makes me uncomfortable is you don't know who is behind it, is their product good for your site and will they provide service. With this App I am confident that they are there for me and they have been very responsive. Try this App! It's also a good price.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I love this app, its simple and priced right for what it delivers, the team are excellent in fixing any issues promptly. Adam is great in responding fast and providing great service, simple and easy to use.
AAfterShip Mobile User
A very good application, super useful and very well done Your after-sales service is excellent, highly recommended
AAfterShip Mobile User
I was after a solution to allow our customers to see product variations that were accurate and having it use the image in swatches is far better than what text or a colour palette graphic could do. We have it displaying the swatches on the collection pages, as we had customers who said they weren't aware some products had variations and we didn't want to have to add text to the product titles to make it that clear. The swatches do that much better. This is app is a far better solution than the built-in options Shopify had or the other options I looked at. Two issues did come up, which might have been an issue with our theme but when I reached out to the developers of this app, they responded really fast and by the time of reading their response, the issues were fixed. If you want to use image swatches on your Shopify store, I highly recommend you install this app and give it a try. Any issues you have, emailing the support team does get a prompt reply, so I can't rate this app or the developers support anything less than 5-star!! Fantastic!! I just wanted to add, several months later, I'm still very impressed with this app and developer. Our store had an issue with our theme imposing a product page level swatch - so I'd previously had Gravity Software's only display on collection and search pages (not product pages), but the theme based version wasn't functioning correctly on certain products. The fantastic support team at Gravity Software fixed the solution within 24 hours, so their first response to my support request was to tell me it was fixed and yes it most certainly is fixed and we couldn't be happier. Out of all the various apps we have running for different tasks, this is my favourite because it works and if there is any issue, the developers fix it and fast.