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AfterShip Mobile User
We are using this app for almost 2 months and it's amazing. There is no any problem. It works well! Thank you! This is an amazing app with a great costumer service. This helps our fulfillment team to fulfill orders within 15 minutes which it was taking almost 1 hour. We can fulfill the orders in one page and we can add the shipping carriers as much as we want. I request for a feature and they did it within 15 minutes. The app is very simple and very fast. I've added this application to my 3 stores. Thanks to the Phil from costumer service. Make sure to take a look at this great app. UPDATE: We've been using this app for almost 2 years and it's so helpful. Support team extremely helpful and try to solve the problem as soon as possible. The app helps us send shipping confirmations with the name and link of costumer's country's postal service. For example, if costumer is living in Russia, you can send you shipping confirmation with the name and link of Russia Post. This helps costumers see who will deliver their package. You can't do this on Shopify's fulfillment page.