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creativehub: Sell Art Prints


73 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
I am very frustrated with Creativehub. The new shipping prices are exorbitant. I find it an impertinence to charge almost 30.00 € for a delivery of less than 500gr within Europe and then tip you to offer free delivery in your store. How can you make money with it, especially if you are not yet so well known and can not charge high prices for your art? I have never experienced such high shipping costs for anything I've ordered within Europe. In addition, certificates for limited editions come without authentication holograms although this is described on the certificates. After contacting customer service, they said that there are none available at the moment. I would expect at least to be informed about that or that the text on the certificates will be corrected, so that customers do not complain when getting their artworks.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Die App zeigt meine Produkte nicht an!!! Ich habe ein neues Produkt erstellt kann es aber in der App nicht hochladen, weil ABSOLUT NICHTS angezeigt wird, außer den zwei Worten 'PRODUCT LIST'. Meine anderen Produkte sind in meinem Shop aber wie gesagt, die Liste ist leer!
AAfterShip Mobile User
Nice idea. We'd dearly love it to work. But it doesn't work properly. The print quality is very good and people in shipping are great. And they always respond to queries. But the app can be very frustrating and very very very time consuming. To make it work we need three tabs open and to flick to and fro. We'd welcome any suggestions for reliable, high quality alternatives...
AAfterShip Mobile User
I have set up my print sales site using this app and I am really pleased with it. The printing quality and fulfilment is top notch. The system is very hands-off once it is up and running. The customer places an order and it goes straight to Printspace who generally turn it around and get it shipped within a few days and sometimes within 24 hours. I have to then notify the customer that it is on it’s way but I don’t think that they could do this as they are dealing directly with me and not my customer. It is quick and easy to do this via Shopify admin anyway. The packaging is very good quality which greatly boosts confidence that your customer will get their order safely, without needing to deal with damage in transit. The printing costs and flat fee shipping costs are very reasonable. The back end is well thought through, offering the option of selling different editions as variants (Shopify speak) and you can even specify when uploading if prints have already sold within an edition which is useful as the edition will then pick up from that number going forwards. IMO the app and the print fulfilment definitely deserves 5 stars. However just for the record a couple of things: Sometimes a product gets imported into your store via the CreativeHub app but the preview pics don’t load for one or more variants. I have found that this is cured by simply re-importing those particular variants again. Is this a bug? Be careful when adding a border that you don’t jump up a print cost tariff level for the sake of a small white border as this is calculated on paper size not image size. I think the ‘room set’ photo is ok and helps with illustrating scale but it would be nice to have a bit more variety. Maybe it would be possible to add a few more options sometime? Lastly be aware that if you sell variants you have to upload the largest image size, which may require interpolation, and the smaller prints will be printed from the same file. Ideally I would prefer to scale the image sizes accordingly but in practice this has not proved a noticeable issue so far and smaller prints have looked fine.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I use this app to fulfill all my print orders on my website. Creative Hub have always produced great results in very fast print and dispatch timescales, both in the UK and Globally. My customers often remark on the high quality of the prints received. I'm delighted with the service I get from Creative Hub