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Coming Soon Product‑ Notify me


52 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Very easy to setup and list products under the coming soon category. The app is very intuitive and even beginners can start using the app straightaway.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I think they didn´t research well how our business model work. We had big issues during our drops. Customers couldn´t pay as soon as the product went live. You can imagine how much money we lost during first minutes. After a couple of tries they couldn´t fix that. As a conclusion we disabled this app and will never use it again :(
AAfterShip Mobile User
The app support was extremely active and the app worked wonders for my store. Thank you so much for developing such an amazing app.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I installed this app and at first loved it... I emailed a couple of times to try to get assistance with a feature and never heard back. A few days later, the app BROKE my store. Every item in my store was showing "out of stock". I had to reach out to my tech guy for emergency services (250.00) and the issue was this apps code. It even had links to other stores in it. He deleted it and repaired my store. When he deleted it, he left "broke my store" as the comment for why we were deleting. Still no answer to my other emails, but what do you know I received a pretty fast response to this. I explained everything and they asked me to INSTALL IT AGAIN so they can see what is going wrong and fix their code. No thanks.
AAfterShip Mobile User
App stopped functioning. Incredibly sluggish reply by the developer. I said the app is down to look into it ASAP, they replied three days later asking for permission to access my site. They said they would look into the matter but I can see they only logged in once from Ahmedabad, India after which they didn't bother logging in again nor updating me. I'm paying monthly for an app that doesn't function so had to delete it - such a shame.