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BrandsGateway App


17 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
As a satisfied customer of Brandsgateway for almost four years, I am happy to share my positive experience with their drop-shipping service. What's even better is that they now offer their service on a Shopify App platform, making it even more convenient for their users. Over the years, I’ve noticed Brandsgateway's commitment to continuously evolving and improving its services based on its users' needs. I have witnessed their impressive expansion of famous fashion brands and an increase in their product offerings - from 5,000 products four years ago to 12,000 products today. While the quantity of their product range might seem overwhelming, I appreciate the option to select the designer collections I want to focus on. The product variants are often limited in sizes and colors, as well as limited inventory, but I view that to be similar to an outlet store. By acknowledging this, I am able to position my store accordingly in the marketplace. Brandsgateway's customer service is exceptional. The representatives are human, genuine, helpful, and responsive, which is essential for me. Whenever I encountered an issue or need guidance, they have always been available and willing to assist me.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I have to say that things were not easy in the beginning, being a first time store owner and navigating an alien (to me) Dropshipping App. However, during my onboarding process, Michael, the owner, not only took time (split over 2 separate meetings) to speak with me Via Google Meet, while simultaneously actually SHOWING me (in MY OWN STORE) how to properly, seamlessly and effectively import products, categorize them in Collections, and even give feedback/suggestions on how to best set my store up for success, by changing the layout of my store to attract buyers, keep them engaged, as well and making their shopping experiences easy and enjoyable. DO NOT skip the Onboarding process, I repeat, DO NOT SKIP THE ONBOARDING PROCESS, thinking that you know what to do! I very much enjoyed the one on one assistance that I received and I look forward to taking advantage of their Brain Storming session, to help make my store EVEN BETTER.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I've been working with BrandsGateway for almost a month now and I can testify that their app is working great. It's super user friendly and it offers everything you need to integrate your Shopify store with theirs.
AAfterShip Mobile User
It was not what I expected. You cannot choose individual products to load. You have to import an entire category to then realize that the products may not be what you want, or there is not enough of the items. Then to top it off the cost of the product plus shipping charges may be a bit too much compared to other retailers in your area. Really review the page and DONT sign up for a yearly subscription unless you are absolutely sure because they will NOT refund the money on subscriptions. Make sure it is what you want and need.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Fantastic app, and the team at Brands Gateway offer a phenomenal level of service compared to what you normally find in the sector. The brands and product selection they have in their inventory is 2nd to none, and their logistical support so far as meeting customer service quotas from the marketplaces is excellent. Quality, peace of mind and superb value.