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5 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Love this app so much, the developer(s) are very helpful and clear in communication. I love this app because we have so many blogs that relate to our products and now we have been able to upgrade our visual appearance with the inclusion of this app. Thank you so much, high recommend.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I have been in business 27 years and trading online since 1995. Its hard to find apps that really make a difference - I have exhausted most and have a healthy list of app developers who really stand out from the crowd. This app is very cost effective - but BRILLIANT. Blending blogs into collections gives instant "human connection" and shows the buyer your website has a real heart and soul. I am SO excited to have found this app but most importantly - The developer is fast to respond - seems incredibly "human" and super friendly - YEHHAA!!! So I not only have a brilliant new tool to my toolbox but a great developer to assist my business too. The app didnt work on first instal - due to the coding on my site - I contacted - he replies straight away - got it sorted - and gave me loads of great advice along the way. Works a treat now and cant wait to make full use of it for customers and for improved SEO
AAfterShip Mobile User
This app could be useful, although given that it costs I just found another way to do what I wanted. Just beware that when you uninstall it will not remove the blog articles from your collection. You have to do that manually, before you uninstall.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Great service and very easy to use. Thibault and Louis provided fantastic customer service with some questions we had at installation. Highly recommend for companies using their educational materials to help inform customers to make the right decisions, or stay in front of current trends.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I had trouble getting the App installed and working. The developers were super helpful and even made a few changes so that match my theme! They also provided helpful insights on the kinds of articles that convert. Excellent customer service and I love the way my collections look now!