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AutoHide Soldout Products


5 ratings
AAfterShip Mobile User
Lichi was quick and responsive and was able to hide variants with a zero quantity on our website. All products that were missing images were also hidden. Thanks for your help Anglerfox :)
AAfterShip Mobile User
The app charges $70 set up fee to be able to use their 'hide variant' function. It's a bit duplicitous and a waste of time for users that they don't mention this on their App Store page.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Chandra Rekha you are the best, thanks for all help, all is working fine! Recomend. If i need something i will definitly go talk with you. Once again Thanks. Great Work.
AAfterShip Mobile User
Not really happy. Got charged during the seven day "free" period. Now the App tells me I have to login, but no login screen available. Tried clicking on help desk only to get the message that "session has expired" Contacted App developers by Email, no response after 3 days. Yes it works, but I am unable to control how it works, and how often. I get the feeling that some of the reviews on here have been written by the developers friends. Do Shopify verify reviews? After a phone call it appears that this App has been tested on all browsers, but does not work with Firefox, the solution seems to be for me to change browser. Ummm NO! I'm not changing my browser to suit your APP, make it work with Firefox, otherwise I'll be changing browsers all the time to suit Apps! So another update. I've been offered three months free, which is pointless if the app will not work with the browser I am using. It is easier for me to find an app that works with Firefox, than it is to open another browser, and remember which one works, when I want to use this app. For some reason the developers cannot comprehend this. I can now report that the issue with Firefox has been resolved, and the app is now working with the browser. ****Update 27/02/2022**** When this APP hides products, it hides the URL, which produces a 404 error on Google, 404 errors will stop Goggle crawling and indexing your pages. Google was refusing to index my pages, even when I submitted them manually for indexing. After disabling this APP the number of indexed pages on my site doubled in less than 12 hrs. If you install this APP, keep a close eye on your Google indexing via your search console. I have asked this question with the APP developers and this is the reply from them. "Hi There, ​​When a product hide from the store then Shopify removes that product URL. ​If someone loads that product then it will show a 404 page not found. Google indexing is not related to our app. That is related to SEO. ​So our app won't affect anything on your store. ​​Regards, ​Chandra Rekha." They admit that hiding the URL results in a 404, but then say it's an SEO problem, which is true. In other words, this APP is bad for SEO, and will affect your Google ranking. So I have had to down rank my rating once again to one star, if there were a 0 star rating it would get that, purely because it is not SEO compatible.
AAfterShip Mobile User
I have been using this app for several years now and overall I am extremely happy with it. I did have some issues recently where the auto hide function had stopped working on my website, but after contacting their customer service, the issue was resolved in a timely manner and is all working properly again now. I value customer service highly and was very happy with the resolution of my issues. I highly recommend this app for online stores that have many products that may come in and out of stock, as it saves the customer seeing products that they cannot purchase at the time.